USA – GlobalShock: Deaths following the taser discharges (1 Jan 2014 – 30 June 2014) (2014-07-01)

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Tasered, then died


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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: This is a list of known deaths in 2014 (up to 1 July) following taser discharges. Excluding the case in bold and italics, 15 deaths have been reported, all male, and all except one in the United States. This six-month total (the equivalent of a 30 year total) is certainly a substantial decline from previous years: 55 in 2013, 63 in 2012, 66 in 2011, 60 in 2010 – as reported on the TruthNotTasers web-site . ]]

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 Date of death  name                          age sex  location  summary of circumstances
2104-06-07 Daniel Best 34 M Gilbert, Arizona Nude and yelling, domestic violence call, unarmed, unclear how many times tasered, at least once; medical distress, died shortly after in hospital
2014-06-26 Dominic Graffeo 56 M Chelsea, Massachusetts Mentally disturbed, violent, died within minutes of two taser discharges
2014-06-04 Name not released M Burnaby, BC : CANADA Agitated; tasered following domestic dispute; taser “had no effect”; medical distress on arrest; died shortly after
2014-05-12 Ronald Hillstrom 44 M University Place, Washington State “out of control” with screwdriver, tasered, taken to hospital where he died
2014-05-07 Dominique Franklin Jr. 23 M Chicago, Illinois Running from police, tasered, hit pole, medical distress, died in hospital 5 hours later
2014-05-06 George King 19 M Baltimore, Maryland Unarmed and heavily medicated African-American foster-youth tasered in hospital 5 times in drive-stun mode, went into coma and died a week later in hospital
2014-04-29 Clayton Lockett 38 M Oklahoma TASER NOT CAUSE OF DEATH, BUT … Death-row inmate victim of 54-min botched execution by the State of Oklahoma, was tasered by prison staff 11 hours before he died  
2014-04-23 Tyrone Davis 43 M Natchez, Mississippi Police: “he failed to cooperate” and they were “forced to use taser”; died a few minutes later
2014-04-20 Randall Hatori 39 M Big Island, Hawaii Tasered multiple times and pinned down following car chase; initial cause of death: enlarged heart/cardiac arrest and methadone. 2nd medical examiner “found no evidence that being tased contributed to … death”
2014-04-13 Jose Maldonado 22 M East Hartford, Connecticut Arrested for acted violently, disruptive in police HQ, tasered, medical distress following taser discharge, died in hospital
2014-04-13 Edward Michael Caruth 38 M Phoenix, Arizona Acting strangely and mumbling, resisted arrest, tasered at least 4 times, medical distress, died on arrival at hospital
2014-04-11 Gregory Towns 24 M East Point, Georgia Domestic dispute call, mile police-chase, tasered once (Police), tasered up to six times (witnesses), medical stress, died on arrival at hospital. Medical examiner’s initial report:“probably died from yet to be determined natural cause(s) exacerbated by his physical exertion in fleeing the scene.”
2014-04-11 Treon “Tree” Johnson 27 M Hialeah, Florida Died in the custody of Hialeah police after they found him on a rooftop throwing coconuts at a dog that had bitten him. Police tasered him and transferred him to Hialeah Hospital where he went into cardiac arrest and died.  
2014-02-05 Willie Sams 21 M Miami-Dade, Florida Died after Miami-Dade Police used a Taser on him during an altercation.
2014-02-27 Maykel Antonio Barrera 39 M Miami-Dade, Florida Altercation with police following domestic dispute call; ran from police, who tasered him as he fought with them, injuring 2 officers, according to police, became unresponsive, died shortly after arriving in hospital.
2014-02-26 Name not released M Irving, Texas Man “appeared to be on drugs”, wrestled naked with police in a bar, was tasered and then hospitalized and died. “The Taser had no apparent effect” say police  


Explanatory Notes:

Sources: The principle source is media reporting, particularly local media, and omitting “politically-motivated charges”. These followed by cross-checking independent reports, police reports, official enquiries (rare) and a few personal contacts; this information (and sources, including URLs) can be found on posts on outstanding single reliable source, with which these data have been cross-checked, is, where a complete, regularly up-dated “list-of-the-dead” can be found on the front-page (totalling 851 as of July 1 2014).

Date of death: Cases are arranged in descending order. The date is sometimes approximate and accurate to within a few days, since referred to as “last week”, “died a week later in hospital”, etc. Cross-checked when possible.

Name: A few not released (in italics), such as children, or on family’s request, or otherwise unavailable in our database

Location: Municipality and State in USA; Countries outside the United States where deaths are reported are CAPITALIZED.

Summary of circumstances: This is to provide an initial handle on what happened and may be contested by police, etc. Summary autopsy results (and/or coroners’ reports, etc.) are added where available. For more details in each case, victim’s name in search-box (or in Google, etc.)

Italics and bold: Cases where taser discharge preceded death (our criterion), but taser as cause of death can be ruled out.

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