(2018-02-12) OHIO: Stow police officer acquitted in the fatal shooting of a 30-year-old homeless man [[homeless // tasered, then shot, then died // mental illness // tase4r ineffective]]

Published on February 12 2018 by admin

[DEATH: William Porubsky, 30, on 3 September 2017 in Stow, Ohio]


Published: 8:20 PM EST February 12, 2018

A Stow police officer has been acquitted of charges against him following a fatal shooting.

On Monday, Officer Robert Molody was found to use justifiable force in the fatal shooting of a 30-year-old man outside of an Akron homeless shelter last September.

According to reports, just before 11:30 PM on September 3, Officer Molody responded to a call for a man trespassing and banging on the door of a resident.

Upon arrival, a man matching the description of the caller was identified as William Porubsky.

Officer Molody offered Porubsky a ride to a homeless shelter. Throughout the ride, Molody describes Porubsky as ‘agitated paranoid and making strange statements.’

When they arrived, Porubsky refused to get out of the cruiser and ignored the officer’s commands.

Porubsky became aggressive, even attempting to swat Officers Molody’s taser.

Officer Molody first fired his taser; having no effect he was then tackled by Porubsky.

After a brief struggle, the officer fired two shots striking Porubsky in the chest.

He later died as a result of his injuries.




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