AUSTRALIA – TaserCam video shows how painful the stun gun can be when used by police (2010-12-22)

Published on December 22 2010 by admin

The Courier-Mail …

VIDEO ON DEMAND: The new TaserCam shoots footage as the device is deployed. Picture: Darren England Source: The Courier-Mail

NEW video footage has shown footage from “TaserCam”, which is being used by police, as an alleged offender is brought down.

The video, obtained by Channel 9 under Right to Information laws, shows the split-second reaction of the offender after he is hit by the Taser.

See the video. (Warning: foul language may offend)

As the alleged violent bag-snatcher lunges at an officer, he is hit with 50,000 volts, suffering five seconds of intense pain.

An officer can be heard saying: “Don’t keep moving mate, I don’t want to have to taser you again, do you understand?”

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