CANADA – British Columbia: Investigation finds RCMP officer did nothing wrong. Unarmed, broken-jawed man, struck & tasered three times (2014-02-06)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A broken-jawed man is tasered three times, then struck on the head and shoulders in an August 2013 incident. He didn’t drop to the ground until the third discharge of the taser. B.C.’s Independent Investigations Office (IIO) decided the police acted appropriately since the man , had allegedly produced a knife and menaced an employee at the hotel desk.]]

Chilliwack Times

A Chilliwack RCMP officer who struck an unarmed, broken-jawed man on the head and shoulders twice after the man had been tasered three times and was being held to the ground by two other officers will not be charged with wrongdoing.

The incident, on Aug. 14, 2013, is one of three cases recently investigated by B.C.’s Independent Investigations Office (IIO).

The other two, in Prince George and Vancouver, also ended with no charges being approved, according to a Criminal Justice Branch (CJB) press release. The Chilliwack incident arose in the early morning hours of Aug. 14, when RCMP responded to a complaint of a man wielding a knife at a local hotel.

The man, who still faces charges related to the incident, had allegedly produced a knife and menaced an employee at the hotel desk.

Hotel security footage then shows him in a confrontation with a hotel guest who tried to intervene.

By the time police arrived, he had left the hotel.

One of the first two police officers to arrive on the scene said he had seen the suspect, holding a knife down against his leg, approach and strike the driver side door and windshield of a truck stopped at a traffic signal.

When the first two officers got out of their vehicle, he advanced on them, still carrying the knife.

One officer then drew his Taser, and the suspect was repeatedly ordered to drop the knife but did not do so, according to the Criminal Justice Branch. He continued to advance on police, holding the knife in a threatening manner, and police fired the Taser three times.

He didn’t drop to the ground until the third discharge.

A civilian witness said the knife had flown out of the suspect’s hand when he was tasered the third time, but the two police officers said he continued to hold the knife in his hand while he was on the ground.

The officer who had discharged the Taser then dropped onto the suspect, secured the knife and threw it some distance away while the second officer dropped onto the suspect’s legs to help restrain him.

A third officer then approached quickly and struck the suspect in the head and shoulder area twice, yelling at him to drop the knife.

The officer who had thrown the knife then pointed to the knife on the road, and third office didn’t hit the suspect again. The officer said he had struck the suspect in order to help the first two officers restrain him before the effect of the Taser wore off.

The CJB press release concludes by noting the charge assessment was conducted by senior Crown Counsel who does not work in the same region as the Chilliwack officers.



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