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(2017-11-20) MISSOURI: Unfazed by Taser, suspect runs from Ferndale police, caught at Como’s [[taser ineffective]]

Posted on November 20 2017 by admin

“The officer used a Taser on the suspect but it didn’t take effect,” Brown said. “Sometimes if person is under the influence of a large amount of alcohol a Taser doesn’t work.”

(2017-11-18) MARYLAND: Salisbury Deputy uses Taser on student fleeing campus in drug arrest [[teenager tasered // tasers in schools]]

Posted on November 19 2017 by admin

In this case, the 15-yr-old was running away to avoid a marijuana-related offence – harfd to give any credence to the police report: “The Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office said the officer used the stun gun Friday because the student resisted arrest and because of concerns he might be armed.”

(2017-11-19) UK: Two Cornwall policemen left with career ending injuries after being attacked by suicidal man [[United Kingdom // taser ineffective // suicide]]

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Faced with a violent suspect … One of the officer’s lawyers said: ‘The defendant’s demeanour changed, he became angry and his eyes went wild. The taser was deployed and all three men briefly stood by to see what was going to happen. When it was clear it was unsuccessful the defendant said “you’re fucking getting it now” and after a second unsuccessful attempt to deploy the taser, Raynor punched PC Gooch in the head and kicked his ankle, knocking him over.”

(2017-11-17 retrieval date) (1998-09-30) FLORIDA-: Miami: Banking on brainpower [University of Miami “brain bank”]

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An early report on the “brain bank” at the Un iversity of Miami, set up in 1984 (?) by Dr Deborah Mash, that was to figure centrally in the “neuroscientific” debate on brain-caused in-custody deaths – particularly when tasers are implicated in the deaths. Dr Mash show the journalist a rack of sliding drawers stuffed with coded, sandwich-size plastic bags, each of the 400 containing a small section of light gray tissue: brain matter. The official aim: to study Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s, schizophrenia etc.; the actual use: to study brain defects associated with taser-related deaths – although this isn’t mentioned in this early article, published just as tasers were being launched.

(2017-11-17) MINNESOTA: Alexandria Police honored for work on mental illness cases [[mental illness // crisis intervention training – taser not mentioned]]

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No mention of taser here, just the need in a small police agency for serious police training for intervention with people suffering from psychiatric crises, even if more training is needed. “The police recognize that by ignoring the problem [of mental illness] or just bringing them (patients) to jail does nothing but create an escalating revolving door and does nothing to treat the person.” All staff members havegone through a weeklong Crisis Intervention Training. The 40-hour course is very intense and interactive. It gives an in-depth look at mental illness and its implications for law enforcement. During the training, participants learn about schizophrenia and psychotic disorders, mood disorders, cognitive disorders, personality and substance disorders, suicide assessment, adolescent and elderly issues, post traumatic stress disorder, excited delirium, suicide by cop and mental health courts.

(2017-11-16) PENNSYLVANIA: In roadside shooting, state troopers were justified, District Attorney says [tasered, then shot, then seriously injured // taser ineffective]]

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A traffic stop for serious speeding … “The roadside struggle escalated in seconds, authorities said Thursday, the motorist trying to grab one trooper’s handgun from its holster and continuing to fight even after he was twice shocked with a stun gun.” A police spokesman “does not know why the stun gun failed to subdue Clary. The video showed Clary reacting to it, but only “very, very” briefly, He was down for a short period of time, but he popped right up.”

(2017-11-16) WASHINGTON STATE: Seattle police board says fatal shooting was within policy [taser-training // excessive force]]

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“McNew, who carried a baton but didn’t have a Taser, said in his statement that he fired his handgun because he felt like he didn’t have any other options Anderson said he wasn’t carrying a Taser because the battery had died two weeks earlier, but he told investigators he wouldn’t have used it anyway because he was trained to use lethal force when attacked with a knife.”

(2017-11-16) CALIFORNIA: He was hit with a Taser and died. Now his family wants answers from the California Highway Patrol [[tasered, then died // excessive force // drive-stun mode]]

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A clear case of psychiatric crisis, althouth this isn’t mentioned. Note the lack of autopsy results 11 months after the death-inquiry: “The county coroner’s office said it was unable to release an autopsy report for Murphy because of the DA’s ongoing investigation — leaving Compher without even a cause of death.”

(2017-11-16) SOUTH CAROLINA: As video of Taser use emerges, 86-year-old man reaches $900,000 settlement with Kingstree police [[elderly tasered // settlement // excessive force // taser-training // minorities tasered]]

Posted on November 16 2017 by admin

This settlement is the fastest we have encountered – only 5 months after the altercation while it usually takes several years and before the legal defense had presented its case. Age doubtless counted (victim 86) and also that he was African-American but also the unwritten recognition of excessive and inappropriate force by the municipal police. Note: the town’s insurance agent negotiated for the town and footed the bill: “The settlement, announced Friday but reached a week earlier, was negotiated with Kingstree’s insurer at the Municipal Association of South Carolina”

(2017-11-16) CALIFORNIA: Court orders Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office to release autopsy video in death of Branch Wroth [[tasered, then died // autopsy: results unavailable]]

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What is of most interest here is the reluctance of the state medical examiners office to hand over autopsy results (where the taser appears clearly implicated in the fatality), even 6 months after the death: it takes a judge to require this.

(2017-11-16) GLOBAL: Scottsdale-Based Axon Cites International Customers As Strong Source Of Growth [[United Kingdom // TASR-AAXN // cost of taser // taser-training]]

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This post is notable for TASER CEO syaing: ““In the United Kingdom, significantly more cartridges (are) consumed in training than our typical U.S. customer. Taser 60 has also been helpful in helping them to drive growth in bundled cartridges into service plans”. If true – and why believe it? – this is 1) a major capital expense at $40 a cartridge and b) a sign that serious training is provided to taser-armed police in UK, more so than in America.

(2017-11-15 retrieval date) USA: AXON document: Critical Event CEW Checklist / Analysis and Evidence Collection Checklist [[TASER post-incident investigation // corporate spin]]

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This checklist provides TASER with key prioprietary – not public – information on all dubious taser incidents – and to advise local police agencies on how best to report events, particularly re- the media.- in other wods to give the “taser spin” and protect its own interests …

(2017-11-15 retrieval date) USA: AXON: Critical Event Assistance [[TASER post-incident investigation]]

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AXON Enterprise Inc. (for contacting poice involved in taser incidents) This contact form is for Critical Events involving a TASER Weapon or TASER related emergencies ONLY involving an injury or death, weapon malfunction, or controversial incident. This is not a general support form*. Once submitted (law enforcement only), you will be contacted as soon […]

(2017-11-14) UK: Investigation into death of Marc Cole [in Cornwall] after being tasered by police could take several more months [United Kingdom // Tasered, then died // watchdog]]

Posted on November 14 2017 by admin

This taser-related death is not close to being solved – what role did the yaser play? – even six months after the victim’s death

(2017-11-14) OREGON: Portland Plans To Give Away Its Old Tasers. Are They Safe? [[taser shelf-life // tasered, then died // corporate spin]]

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Is it ethical to give tarnished goods to other police units? Note also the highly questionable quote by TASER senior scientific & legal counsel ( and AXON board-member), presented as a university researcher, Mark Kroll: “Electricity is not like poison,” Kroll stressed. “It does not ‘build up’ in the human body by extended or repeated exposure, and it does not combine with other stressors to produce an enhanced effect. So a cumulative number of seconds of CEW exposure does not increase the risk of serious injury or death. If an electrical current is strong enough to electrocute it will do so in and of itself in one to five seconds,” he said. “Prolonged delivery of weaker currents has essentially no effect. The number of trigger pulls of a CEW may seem alarming to a judge or jury that doesn’t understand electricity but scientifically it’s irrelevant in terms of life-threatening danger.”

(2017-11-14) MICHIGAN: Attorney says state withholding info in [Detroit] ATV death suit [[tasered, then died // teenager tasered]]

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Death appears clearly the results of being tasered while riding the ATV. The police appear also to be obstructing justice in the court hearing in many ways.

(2017-11-14) LOUISIANA: Baton Rouge police officer involved in fatal shooting [multiple taser discharges // tasered, then shot, then died]]

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Not mentioned in this report (so not in the keywords), it appears that the multiple taser discharges were ineffective in this case.

(2017-11-13) CALIFORNIA: Jury awards $5.5M to parents of man [Michael Frederick Mears, died December 2014] tased multiple times by LAPD [tasered, then died // settlement // multiple taser discharges // excessive force // PTSD // taser-training ]]

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Note the large settlement, despite police claims that the victim was violent. Clearly the taser appears to be the principal cause of death, but no autopsy results are reported in this report

(2017-11-13) USA: 5 People Have Caught Fire and 5 Have Died After Being Tasered Near Flammable Materials [tasered, then died // fire danger // product warning // corporate spin]]

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— The maker of Tasers have admitted that at least 15 people have caught fire, and five have died, after being stunned while near flammable materials, similar to an Oklahoma man who was burned beyond recognition after he was shocked and reportedly got into his gasoline-soaked van.

(2017-11-12) USA: Here’s Where Things Went Wrong For Axon Enterprise in 2017 (TASR-AAXN // taser> // axon body-cameras // history of taser // axon competitors // taser competitors // recurring-revenue stream]]

Posted on November 12 2017 by admin (investment advisors/TomFool]   It’s tempting to say things began going downhill for Axon Enterprise (NASDAQ: AAXN) in 2017 when it decided to change its name from TASER International. It took what was a widely known and well-respected brand and demoted it to secondary status while elevating a niche product to center stage. Of course, […]