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(2018-02-16) CANADA: Taser can have calming effect: Sudbury police [[de-escalation]]

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Police chief says: “While it’s always been part of our use-of-force model, over the last few years de-escalation has really been emphasized and our training branch here has been a leader in it…. Our officers are getting used to using them and one of the things you’ll see from this report is that simply displaying the CEW has an effect,” said Pedersen. Pedersen said officers always approach a situation involving a distraught or armed individual with the goal of avoiding injury to both themselves and the subject. If we can display a CEW and get compliance, then that means we don’t have to use oleoresin capsicum spray (otherwise known as OC or pepper spray) or batons or even hand techniques,” he said. A Taser was by far the most common tool used in situations requiring force last year.

(2018-02-15) CANADA: Special Investigations Unit won’t lay charges in case of Toronto man who died after he was Tasered 3 times [[tasered, then died // autopsy: taser excluded// multiple taser discharges // police vindicated // watchdog]]

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Rui Nabico would’ve died even if police hadn’t deployed a conducted energy weapon, the Special Investigations Unit said in a detailed report. Ontario’s police watchdog says it has no reasonable grounds to charge a Toronto police officer involved in the death of Rui Nabico, who was Tasered and later pronounced dead in November 2016. The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) concluded that the deployment of the conducted energy weapon, better known as a Taser, was not a factor in the 31-year-old’s death. In June 2017, an autopsy report determined that Nabico, who had cocaine in his system and was suffering from a heart muscle disease called cardiomyopathy, died a “sudden arrhythmic death” after the deployment of a Taser. Two months later, the SIU says they sent a letter to the pathologist to ask whether or not Nabico could have died due to the combination of cocaine in his system and his heart disease, even if the Taser was not used, and the pathologist said that he would have died “irrespective” of the Taser.

(2018-02-14) CONNECTICUT: West Hartford To Offer Settlement In Lawsuit Alleging Excessive Force On Deaf Student [[settlement // excessive force // child tasered // deaf tasered]]

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West Hartford town councilors this week voted on an offer of judgement or a settlement offer of $150,000 to a student at the American School for the Deaf who was tasered twice by West Hartford Police in 2013. Thisd involved a 5-year-old federal lawsuit that accused two police officers of using excessive force against a 12-year-old deaf student with disabilities at the American School for the Deaf when they shot the boy in the back with a stun gun.

(2018-02-14) FLORIDA: Orlando officer uses Taser, pepper-spray to break up school fight, police say [[tasers in schools // women tasered]]

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11 & 13 year-old girls are pepper-sprayed and tasered to break up a fight in Middle School. When the spray did not work, the officer used a Taser, according to police department officials. The girls were arrested and charged with resisting law enforcement officers without violence and disorderly conduct, according to their parents. A boy suffering from asthma was also pepper-sprayed in the incident.

(2018-02-12) GEORGIA: ‘Father help me!’ – Police video shows man being tased before death

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“Charlie” Williams was being moved from one facility to the Barrow County Detention Center The GBI said Williams “became combative before making it into the jail. He fought with deputies for several moments and did damage to the patrol car he was transported in.” Deputies tased Williams once as they opened one of the vehicle’s doors. As Williams continued to struggle out of the vehicle, the video showed five deputies attempting to restrain him.Williams is heard yelling, “Help me father. Father help me!” as he’s taken out of the vehicle…. Deputies reportedly attempted to revive him with emergency medical treatment but he never regained consciousness

(2018-02-12) OHIO: Stow police officer acquitted in the fatal shooting of a 30-year-old homeless man [[homeless // tasered, then shot, then died // mental illness // tase4r ineffective]]

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Police responded to a call for a man trespassing and banging on the door of a resident. Officer Molody offered Porubsky a ride to a homeless shelter. Throughout the ride, Molody describes Porubsky as ‘agitated paranoid and making strange statements.’ Porubsky became aggressive, even attempting to swat Officers Molody’s taser. Officer Molody first fired his taser; having no effect he was then tackled by Porubsky. After a brief struggle, the officer fired two shots striking Porubsky in the chest. He later died as a result of his injuries.

(2018-02-09) FLORIDA: Suicidal Man Shot By Brevard County Deputies In Grant-Valkaria On Thursday Dies, Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Says [[tasered, then shot, then died // taer ineffective // suicide]]

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Ricardo EnriqueColon was shot by two deputies after he tried to commit suicide and charged at the deputies, despite being tasered, according to BCSO investigators. Subsequently, one of the deputies used deadly force with a gun by shooting Colon after the taser didn’t slow him down.

(2018-02-06) CANADA: Montreal: Families say Quebec police watchdog leaving them out of deadly shooting probes [[Canada // tasered, then shot, then died // watchdog //

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A deadly incident between Montreal police and Pierre Coriolan was caught on an iPhone. Eight months after their 27-year-old son Noam was fatally shot by Montreal police following a car chase, his parets still have more questions than answers about why he died. we cannot tell you today whether it was two bullets, three bullets, two shots of Taser, three shots,” their lawyer said. Police first used a Taser and rubber bullets on Coriolan, the watchdog reported, but eventually drew their service weapons when those methods failed to subdue him.

(2018-02-07) AUSTRALIA: Northern Territory Police should ‘carefully consider’ use of tasers on children, Ombudsman recommends [[Australia // children tasered // guidelines // watchdog]]

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The NT Ombudsman has recommended police “carefully consider” the use of tasers on children, but has stopped short of backing a ban, in the wake of an officer using one on an unarmed 12-year-old boy, a passenger in a stolen car when it pulled into a petrol station in November 2016. He tried to run away and he was tasered by an officer from a distance of three metres. Thje ombudsman said “I conclude that a rigorous and cautionary approach to taser use must prevail,” “Although I have noted contrary views, I have not formed the view that taser use on children (even ‘young’ children) should be banned, so long as appropriate restrictions are maintained that limit the circumstances of use.”

(2018-02-05 – retrieval date) (2015-03-24) GLOBAL: Terminal Delirium and the Last Hours of Living: Practical Advice for Clinicians [[excited delirium // independent scientific research]]

Posted on February 5 2018 by admin

This article, which makes no mention of “Excited Delirium” examines Terminal delirium. An agitated delirium may be the first sign to herald the “difficult road to death.” It frequently presents as confusion, restlessness, and/or agitation, with or without day-night reversal. Evaluation of the medications available for treating terminal delirium.

(2018-02-04) CALIFORNIA: Suspect dies during struggle with L.A. County sheriff’s deputies attempting to arrest him [[tasered, then died]]

Posted on February 4 2018 by admin

A man, whose name has not been released, lost consciousness after he was shocked with a Taser and handcuffed by deputies outside of his home in northern Los Angeles County on Saturday afternoon, according to a sheriff’s department news release. A sheriff’s spokesman said that although the man was initially cooperative, he suddenly turned and punched a deputy, sending him to the ground. The man then jumped onto the fallen deputy and continued to attack him, the spokesman said. A second deputy used a Taser on the man. But according to a spokesman, the shock had no effect. The man was ultimately placed in handcuffs. Soon after, deputies reportedly noticed the man’s breathing was labored and that he was unresponsive The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

(2018-02-04) UK: Taser training for police as levels of violence increase [[United Kingdom // taser-training // rollout]]

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A rise in violence has seen more than 350 Avon and Somerset police officers trained to use a Taser in the past year. Chief Constable Andy Marsh said: “In the past week alone, there have been 19 assaults on our police officers. Often just the sight of a Taser is enough to calm down an individual, quell their violence and diffuse a dangerous situation.”

(2018-02-03) CANADA: Ontario Special Investigations Unit investigating after man dies in Timmins [[tasered, then shot, then died // watchdog]]

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Ontario’s special investigations unit (SIU) is investigating the death of a man in Timmins. The SIU is a civilian agency, which investigates death, serious injury or allegations of sexual assault in incidents involving police, James Mongrain told The Daily Press he saw someone running across Gillies Lake around 10:15 a.m. this morning. The witness claims he heard three shots being fired. Mongrain said the officer used a taser on a suspect, then fired the shots when the suspect began moving towards the officer.

(2018-02-03) NEW YORK: Buffalo police considering tasers for officers [[rollout]]

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Buffalo is one of the few large police jurisdictios that don’t yet have tasers. Buffalo police could be getting a new tool — tasers. The department says it’s the very early stages of researching the devices. Captain Jeff Rinaldo says the SWAT team is the only part of the department that has and uses tasers. This isn’t the first-time Buffalo police has considered getting tasers. Captain Jeff Rinaldo says he researched the tool for the department 5 years ago. “At the time Commissioner Derenda was not overly comfortable with it and it was his decision to only make a small purchase of the weapons to be utilized by our SWAT team,” said Capt. Jeff Rinaldo.

(2018-02-02) MINNESOTA: Police: Man killed after high-speed chase in St. James had knife [[tasered, then shot, then died]]

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The man shot and killed by police in south-central Minnesota was identified Thursday as 20-year-old Gilberto Salas of Gaylord. Salas was killed Wednesday afternoon in St. James, after he allegedly stole a vehicle and led police on a high-speed chase, then hid in a store where he was shot. Several officers used a Taser on him, and later an officer shot him. He was pronounced dead at a St. James hospital.

(2018-02-01) AUSTRALIA: Erratic naked Canadian attacks Australian police vehicle with his head [[Australia // taser ineffective]]

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Police are called for a naked man acting eratically. The man immediately attacked their vehicle. Before officers had a chance to exit the vehicle, the man launched himself headfirst into the car’s windshield, shattering it on impact. He then began punching and head butting the passenger side window. Police hit the man with a taser, although it had no effect. Ultimately, he had to be subdued in what officers described to local media as a “considerable struggle.”

(2018-02-01) UK: Tasers used 58 times in mental health settings [[United Kingdom // mental illness // protesting tasers]]

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Police drew, aimed or fired Tasers in mental health hospitals, wards, and clinics 58 times in the first six months of figures being recorded. The government says a Taser should be a last resort – but campaigners say they should never be used in such settings. The data, from 43 UK area forces, covers the six months to September 2017, when Tasers were fired 22 times. Three used Tasers on people under 17. On two of those occasions the Taser was fired, once at a 15-year-old girl.

(2018-02-01) NETHERLANDS: Dutch police to be equipped with tasers [[Netherlands // rollout // taser-training ]]

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The taser is being trialled in various po0lice units in the Netherlands. According to the police, officers need a weapon that is more powerful than pepper spray or a baton, but less severe than a gun or police dog. Police say: “International research that there is basically no risk with a taser, even if you have heart problems or have a pacemaker. You never have 100 percent guarantee with violence, but we think that the risk is acceptable, especially when you consider the alternative: the firearm.” The experiment will run for one year in Rotterdam, Amersfoort and Zwolle, after which it will be evaluated. If it is successful, more police officers will be equipped with tasers. Each taser costs about 1,500 euros.

(2018-02-01) UK: Tasers used 58 times in mental health settings (United Kingdom // mental illness // taser-use statistics]]

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Police drew, aimed or fired Tasers in mental health hospitals, wards, and clinics 58 times in the first six months of figures being recorded. The data, from 43 UK area forces, covers the six months to September 2017, when Tasers were fired 22 times. Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb said: “It’s not appropriate to use this technology in a mental health setting… particularly when it’s used against young people. “Before they were designed and invented we got by without them, so is it not possible to get by without them in this day and age?”

(2018-01-31) MINNESOTA: Deadly officer-involved shooting in St. James under investigation [[tasered, then shot, then died // multiple taser discharges // taser ineffective]]

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Deputies started following a vehicle in LaFayette because the vehicle had been reported stolen. The driver jumped out and hid I n a business office. Several officers discharged multiple Taser rounds and then an officer shot the suspect. Crews took the suspect to Mayo Clinic Health System hospital, where the suspect was pronounced dead.