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(2017-09-20) Reuters: The garage science behind the stun gun that changed policing [TAGS: history of TASER // animal research // human volunteers // cardiac risks // TASER-sponsored research // safety warnings // tasered, then died]

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By Lisa Girion SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, Sept 20 (Reuters) – When Rick Smith launched his supercharged stun gun in 1999, his startup had produced two failed products, several years of losses and a load of debt. He had thrown everything into a weapon he believed police would buy. His challenge was two-fold. He needed something strong […]

(2017-09-20) OKLAHOMA City: The Latest: Neighbor says man shot by cop didn’t speak [TAGS: tasered, then shot, then died // mentally-challenged tasered]

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[ DEATH : Magdiel Sanchez, 35 – tasered and shot almost simultaneously ] The Latest on a man holding a stick who was shot and killed by an Oklahoma City police officer (all times local): 4:15 p.m. A man who saw Oklahoma City police officers open fire on his deaf neighbor says the neighbor was […]

(2017-09-20) OKLAHOMA: Witnesses yell ‘he can’t hear you’ as Oklahoma City cops fatally shoot deaf man (TAGS: deaf tasered // tasers vs. guns // split-second decision -making // tasered, then shot, then died]

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[ DEATH:  Magdiel Sanchez, 35 ] Oklahoma City police officers who opened fire on a man in front of his home as he approached them holding a metal pipe didn’t hear witnesses yelling that he was deaf, a department official said Wednesday. Magdiel Sanchez, 35, wasn’t obeying the officers’ commands before one shot him with […]

(2017-09-19) SOUTH DAKOTA: Yankton Sioux Tribe decries ‘excessive force’ against elder by Wagner Police Department [TAGS: indigenous person tasered // elderly targeted]

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The Attorney General’s Office is investigating an incident outside a Wagner nursing home after an excessive force claim from the family of a Yankton Sioux Tribal member who had rushed there to see his dying mother. The tribe’s elected government released a statement Tuesday condemning the use of physical force and a Taser to subdue 64-year-old Ray […]

(2017-09-19) MICHIGAN State Police Curb Detroit Patrols After Boy’s ATV Death [TAGS: youth tasered // tasered, then died]

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[ DEATH : Damon Grimes, 15 (August 2017) ] DETROIT (AP) — State police have temporarily stopped patrolling part of Detroit after a trooper last month fired his Taser at a teenager before the 15-year-old crashed an all-terrain vehicle and died. State police Lt. Mike Shaw tells The Detroit News officials decided about a week […]

(2017-09-19) FLORIDA: Naples Man Arrested For Violating Irma Curfew Dies After Suffering ‘Medical Episode’ In Custody [TAGS: tasered, then died // drive-stun mode // pepper spray]

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[DEATH:  Dewan Rewis, 31 ] Authorities say the 31-year-old man resisted arrest and an officer deployed his Taser twice. NAPLES, FL — A man who was arrested in Florida for violating a local curfew imposed during Hurricane Irma died after being taken into custody early Thursday morning and the man’s family is searching for answers. […]

(2017-09-17) CALIFORNIA: Man Armed With a Knife Killed on 5 Freeway [TAGS: taser ineffective // tasered, then shot, then died]

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[TAGS: taser ineffective; tasered, then shot, then died]

(2017-09-16) NEW YORK CITY: Learning from cop cams: The first release of NYPD body-camera footage reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the new technology [TAGS: body-cameras // mental health // tasered, then shot, then died]

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[DEATH: Miguel Richard] The release of video from NYPD body cameras of the deadly encounter with Miguel Richards in the Bronx gives New York, for the first time, the opportunity to appreciate the great value the equipment adds to our understanding of police-involved shootings — and to acknowledge the limitations in the long-awaited technology. Kudos […]

(2017-09-15) NEW YORK CITY: Graphic video: Police fatally shoot ’emotionally disturbed’ man armed with knife, fake gun [TAGS: mental illness // tasered, then shot, then died]

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[ DEATH :  Miguel Richards, 31 ] On Thursday, the NYPD released body-cam footage showing a man being shot and killed during a standoff in his Bronx apartment. DNAinfo reports that Miguel Richards, 31, is the man seen in the footage holding a knife and toy gun in the corner of a room on September 6. A landlord reportedly […]

(2017-09-14) Malta: Violent drunk tasered in police station rampage, court told [TAG: Malta // drunk & disorderly]

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The 35-year-old was arraigned under arrest, accused with threatening police offers and disobeying orders, among other charges … ‘Once I start drinking I just don’t stop’, said Joseph Compagno. A violent drunk, who had to be subdued with a taser gun after running amok inside the Msida police station yesterday, has been jailed for a […]

(2017-09-13) OREGON: Reports detail police shooting of Bend, Oregon, driver [TAGS: taser ineffective // tasered, then shot, then died // de-escalation]

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[ DEATH :  Michael Tyler Jacques, 31 ] BEND, Ore. (AP) — At 10:29 p.m. on Dec. 23, 2016, Bend Police officer Scott Schaier radioed to dispatch that he had located a suspected intoxicated driver at the intersection of Bond Street and Franklin Avenue. The situation escalated rapidly, and resulted in the fatal shooting of […]

(2017-09-13) MICHIGAN: Police use Taser on man holding knife to his own throat at Wixom Bar [TAG: suicide prevention]

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WIXOM, Mich. – Police officers used a Taser to stun a man who was standing in the entrance of the Wixom Bar on Wednesday holding a knife to his own throat. Police were called to the Wixom Bar on Pontiac Trail and found a man with a knife at the entrance of the bar. The man […]

(2017-09-13) CALIFORNIA: San Francisco Renewed push to equip SFPD officers with Tasers met with strong opposition [TAGS: taser embargo // protesting tasers // community groups]

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Opponents of a proposal to arm San Francisco police with Tasers turned out in force at a public meeting Tuesday night as The City’s Police Department prepares for another attempt to win approval to use the devices. The meeting at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, the first of two scheduled on the proposal this month, […]

(2017-09-13) CALIFORNIA: No tasers for San Francisco Police Dept [TAGS: taser embargo // public consultation: tasers // police want tasers]

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Mario Woods execution by SFPD firing squad on December 2, 2015 made SFPD’s brutal, racist culture apparent for all to see, including the bus full of children on their way home from school who were eyewitnesses, and set in motion a chain of events. In January 2016, Mayor Lee requested the US Department Justice investigate […]

(2017-09-13) MISSISSIPPI officer used stun gun on ‘defiant’ pregnant woman [TAG: pregnant woman tasered]

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A Mississippi police officer used a stun gun on a pregnant woman because she wasn’t complying with the officer’s orders, police said. Aviana White was a passenger in her brother’s car when a Pass Christian police officer pulled him over for speeding and driving without a license Monday morning, according to the Miami Sun Herald. […]

(2017-09-12) CALIFORNIA: Prosecutors conclude Long Beach officer acted in self-defense in 2015 fatal shooting of unarmed college student [TAGS: tasered, then shot, then died // police exonerated // official report]

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[Death:  Feras Morad  (May 2015} ] NOTE: A 32 page report on this incident by the Los Angeles Justice System Integrity Division (JSID): “Officer-involved shooting of Feras Morad, dated 2 August 2017: (File 15-0279). The conclusion: “We find there is insufficient evidence to proe beyond a reasonable doubt that office er Hernandez did not […]

(2017-09-12) CANADA: Police Taser violent man in downtown Saskatoon [TAGS: appropriate use of taser]

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Police said they had to Taser a man who was threatening people and officers in downtown Saskatoon late Monday evening. Officers were called to a business in the 200-block of 3rd Avenue South where a man was reportedly swinging a chair at staff and threatening them with a machete. Witnesses said he left the business, […]

(2017-09-11) UK: Officers guilty of misconduct over Adrian McDonald’s death [TAGS: United Kingdom // tasered, then died // police disciplines // autopsy – taser excluded]

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[ DEATH:  Adrian, McDonald, 34 (2014) ] Two police officers have been found guilty of misconduct over the death of an arrested man who had been Tasered. Adrian McDonald, 34, died in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, in 2014 after complaining to police of breathing difficulties. Sgt Jason Bromley and Insp Richard Bills, both of Staffordshire Police, were […]

(2017-09-11) POLAND: Expert Opinion: Police officers did not kill Stachowiak [original in Polish, below English translation] [TAGS: Poland // tasered, then died // autopsy excludes taser]

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[DEATH :  Igor Stachowiak  (May 2016)] Expert opinion of the experts showed that Igor Stachowiak died because of drug use, not the actions of policemen in Wroclaw – unofficially inform the portal. Igor Stachowiak in mid-May last year was detained in the Market Square. According to the officers, he was aggressive and therefore had […]

(2017-09-09) NEW ZEALAND: Use of Taser on abusive prisoner not justified, police watchdog finds [TAGS: New Zealand // police disciplined]

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A Hamilton court house prisoner who acted in a threatening and abusive manner did not deserved to be tasered, the police watchdog says. Camera footage from the Taser shows that the prisoner was not kicking out or in a position to assault the officers either immediately before or at the time both contact stuns were […]