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(2017-01-17) MICHIGAN: Grandville man shot with Taser as his house burns settles excessive force lawsuit [[settlement // excessive force]]

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June 2014 fire: Robert W. Burt Jr. was trying to round up several pet cats that fled into the yard and nearby woods. The homeowner was shot twice with a Taser as his home burned has settled an excessive force lawsuit with the city of Grandville for $75,000.

(2018-01-17) ILLINOIS: Chicago Police Dept., Fraternal Order of Police divided over effectiveness of body cams [[body-cameras // police unions // guidelines // transparency]]

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This post describes the Chicago Police dept rules for police and body cameras. Body cameras have been in use by the Chicago Police Department for almost three years, and still there’s a divide over their use. The Fraternal Order of Police in Chicago and The Chicago Police Department can’t seem to agree. ”It strengthens transparency and enhances officer’s behavior and professionalism,” said Jorge L. Flores, a Sergeant with the Chicago Police Department. The President for the union, the Fraternal Order of Police, says he’s not convinced that cameras are effective. “My biggest complaint about the cameras are they don’t capture what happens outside of the frame of the camera and what you can’t see,” said Kevin Graham, President of the Fraternal Order of Police in Chicago.

(2018-01-17) CALIFORNIA: Person shot with taser by Daly City police dies in custody [[tasered, then died]]

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Officers respond to a call of a disturbance. When officers arrived, they found “family members struggling with a subject.” Officers intervened, and after a brief struggle with the person, used a taser to restrain the individual. Shortly after being placed in handcuffs, the person “was not responsive.” The person was taken to Seton Medical Center, where “he was later pronounced deceased,” according to police.

(2018-01-17) COLORADO – Deputy Shoots, Kills ‘Aggressive’ Man At Apartment Building [[tasered, then shot, then died]]

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… The deputy responded to a disturbance call. After attempting to talk to the man, police said a fight occurred. The deputy first used his taser to try to subdue the man, but eventually fired his gun. The suspect was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

(2018-01-12) USA: Research analysis – Tazed and confused [[taser-sponsored research // miranda consent]]

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TASER-scientific advisor – not mentioned in the biography at the end of the post – Kroll and coworkers conclude from experimental research: “The courts have consistently ruled that alcohol intoxication does not invalidate the Miranda waiver or consent… This study does not support delaying obtaining a Miranda waiver or consent after a CEW exposure. This study also provides additional evidence that there are no long-term neurocognitive deficits following a CEW exposure.”

(2018-01-11) ARKANSAS cops say dashcam video shows teen pulling weapon before he was fatally shot during traffic stop [[teenager tasered // tasered, then shot, then died // taser ineffective]]

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An Arkansas teen tried to pull a gun and fire it before police officers fired back and killed him. An officer tried to use a Taser, but the attempt failed. “Get your (expletive) hand out,” an officer told Smith. Then the officer yelled, “It’s a (expletive) gun.”

(2018-01-11 retrieval date) ARIZONA: TASER Conducted Electrical Weapon (CEW) Instructor Course

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Taser-training course provided by TASER – 2-day course (cost $435 to agency) sufficient to qualify as Taser trainer …

(2018-01-11) MASSACHUSETTS – Case against pipeline protester will go to trial, as police tactics questioned and lawyer signals defense strategy [[demonstrator tasered]]

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Pipeline demonstrators claim police illegally used tasers to control them …

(2018-01-11) FRANCE – Video shows man bursting into flames after cops use tear gas, Taser [[France // fire hazard]]

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A chilling video, wisely reported across the media outside France, has emerged from France that shows a criminal suspect being set on fire by Paris police in 2013 after he was hit with a club, sprayed with tear gas and tased. It appears that the electric shock provided by the Taser ignites the tear gas, resulting in the man momentarily catching fire. The man, well over 6 feet tall, collapses to the ground and suffers severe wounds on his left arm.

(2018-01-11) FLORIDA – Deputy shoots man during domestic violence incident in Lauderdale Lakes [[multiple taser discharges // taser ineffective]]

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On a domestic violence call, police say the man charged at deputies multiple times and threw glass at them. He said deputies tried to subdue him with their Taser guns, but that didn’t work. “At least three of our deputies deployed Tasers,” Israel said. “I don’t know how many times each one deployed their Taser. The Tasers appeared to have little or no effect.”

(2018-01-11) ARIZONA – Sheriff’s video shows bloody use-of-force incident against inmate [[tasers in prisons // excessive force // taser ineffective]]

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Inmate Ramos on the floor in a pool of blood, arms splayed out to either side. Upon his sergeant’s orders, Officer Cody Lane deployed the Taser, which is designed to briefly incapacitate a suspect with an electrical charge from a safe distance. Ramos was then dragged out by other officers, leaving a thick trail of blood behind. The Taser can be heard deploying a second charge to the inmate again, which also is stated in the records. This force, records state, had “no effect on the inmate, as only one Taser probe made contact with the inmate when the Taser was originally deployed.” Ramos was then placed on a gurney and was sent to the hospital.

(2018-01-10) OREGON – Newberg-Dundee Police Department to get large shipment of Tasers from Portland bureau [[offloading old tasers // taser shelf-life]]

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Portland police donating 90 to 110 Tasers to sheriff’s office and cities in the county The Newberg-Dundee Police Department (NDPD) will soon get a donation of around 60 Tasers. The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) is giving away the Tasers because it is upgrading to the newer X2 model, touted by manufacturer Axon as “safer and more effective” than the X26 currently in use. According to a September article by Reuters, the workhorse is outdated. After an examination of scientific literature and corporate, court and patent records, Reuters determined that the X26 poses a higher risk of cardiac arrest than newer models. According to the Reuters article, when the X26 “darts impale the flesh it delivers more electricity than any other Taser and almost twice that of newer ‘smart weapons.’ “

(2018-01-10) TEXAS – Family sues Port Arthur Police Dept., medical center for son’s death [[tasered, then died // mental illness // excessive force]]

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Manuel Delacruz, 26, checked into the Medical Center of Southeast Texas on Aug. 1, 2016 while suffering from schizophrenia “Police hit and smothered Delacruz and used a Taser to restrain him after he refused to change into a hospital gown. He was taken to the hospital “in the midst of a psychotic episode,” the statement said. Port Arthur Police Dept officers were called to take control of the situation and used “excessive force in trying to detain Manuel.”

(2018-01-10) CALIFORNIA: “Excited delirium”: Coroner blames Oakland police taser death on syndrome [[tasered, then died // excited delirium // protesting tasers // multiple taser discharges // autopsy: taser excluded]]

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Marcellus Toney, a 45-year-old man, restrained and Tased by Oakland police last fall after he allegedly resisted arrest and attacked an officer died accidentally from “excited delirium syndrome,” according to an autopsy report . The cause-of-death finding — associated almost exclusively with in-custody law enforcement deaths and often linked to Tasers — has fueled outrage by his widow and activists Toney, who was Tased four times, and the autopsy report indicated that after paramedics arrived, Toney was sedated and placed in four-point restraints “due to agitation” before transport to Highland Hospital where he was declared dead.

(2018-01-09) CANADA: No charges after Toronto police stun psychiatric patient multiple times with Taser – Special Investigations Unit [[Canada // watchdog // mental illness // multip0le taser discharges // police exonerated]]

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Ontario’s police watchdog says no charges are warranted after a psychiatric patient at a downtown Toronto hospital suffered a broken hip when stunned multiple times by officers’ Taser. The Special Investigations Unit said in a release Tuesday that the hospital made a 911 call for assistance with a patient on Sept. 24, 2016, and the man was subdued by a conducted energy weapon and then sedated by hospital staff.

(2018-01-08) BELGIUM: 14 police zones test Taser (14 Polizeizonen testen Taser) [[Belgium // taser rollout // police critical of tasers]]

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Interior Minister Jan Jambon is now testing the use of tasers in 14 police zones. Criticism comes from the ranks of the police themselves. Police are worried about their own responsibility of taser discharges lead to death: : “No risk analysis has been presented. But we would like to know something about the risks. Also, in which situations you should not apply the Taser in any case. Some organizations talk about several deaths in the US. We would have liked to have calmed our concerns. “

(2018-01-07) NEBRASKA: Alleged crook on the run, now on the mend from deputy’s gunfire [[tasered, then shot, then seriously injured]]

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The deputy approached Cody Nielsen, 31and authorities say he refused to obey commands. They say he became violent and tried to get away in the deputy’s patrol unit. The deputy deployed a TASER, twice. The TASER jolts didn’t faze the man on the run. Authorities say the suspect was again ordered to the ground. He ignored the command. At that point the deputy shot him, then initiated medical care while rescue crews responded. He’s being treated for the gunshot wound that is not considered to be life-threatening.

(2018-01-06) NEW YORK CITY: Machete-wielding man who once threatened President Trump and Hillary Clinton cuffed in Times Square [[taser ineffective]]

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An emotionally disturbed man who once threatened President Trump and Hillary Clinton was nabbed in Times Square after cops spotted him with a machete, police sources said Friday. When officers told him to drop the weapon he refused. One officer fired a Taser, which hit Sears in the back but had no effect, sources said. William Sears, 26, was taken into custody

(2018-01-05) NEW YORK: Feds will not bring charges in Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. 2011 fatal shooting by police [[taser ineffective // minority tasered // tasered, then shot, then died]]

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The incident began to unfold hen a medical alert was triggered in Chamberlain’s apartment. When they arrived, officers banged on Chamberlain’s door but were unable to get in because there was a safety lock on the door. Chamberlain, 68, repeatedly told the officers he was fine and did not need assistance, using profanities in the process. He was shot with a Taser stun gun and with non-lethal beanbag ammunition, but both failed to incapacitate him.

(2018-01-05) OREGON: Portland police not complying with restrictions on Taser use, federal report says [[official report // guidelines // multiple taser discharges // mental illness // excessive force]]

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Portland police supervisors haven’t held officers accountable for failing to use stun guns in five-second cycles and waiting between each cycle to evaluate if more are needed, federal investigators say. Officers have used Tasers in bursts of up to 13 seconds and fired second cycles without pausing to allow a suspect to follow police commands, according to the U.S. Department of Justice’s latest compliance report on mandated police reforms. The federal review said the officers routinely are violating Police Bureau policy and a 2014 settlement agreement between the city and the Justice Department, and supervisors aren’t identifying the policy breaches. The court-adopted settlement followed a 2012 federal investigation that found excessive and unjustified use of Tasers by police against people with mental illness, including unnecessary multiple cycles without pause.