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ESTONIA – По примеру Финляндии электрошокерами могут вооружить и наших патрульных полицейских – [“Following the example of Finland, the Taser to be used by Estonian police patrols”] (2012-02-20)

Posted on February 20 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / :COMMENTS We apologize for the poor translation (via Google translate: see Russian original below translation): Estonian police are planning to introduce tasers for special forces and rapid reaction units, claiming them to non life-threatening, claiming that “in Finland, for example, “tasers” are available for use by police patrols”, although this may prove too […]

ESTONIA – Taser võib hakata asendama politseipatrullidel tulirelva (Tasers may begin to replace the firearms in police patrols) (2008-04-21)

Posted on April 4 2008 by admin

[[GlobalShock: Note: This post is in Estonian, translated via Google translator with some revision. Apologies for the awkward English … The original Estonian text appears below the English … Estonian Parliament voting on whether to introduce tasers, presented as a “safer” alternative to firearms.]] Eesti Päevalehe, Holger Roonemaa … If the parliament adopts legislation pending […]