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FRANCE – Taser en France: ces morts qui n’auraient pas dû l’être [Tasers in France – the three deaths that should not have happened] (2014-06-04)

Posted on June 4 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Three people have died in France following the police use of tasers: Loïc Louise, a 21-yr-old student; Mahamadou Maréga, aged 38 and an unnamed person in Crozon. Action Sécurité Ethique Républicaine (ASER) – including police officers – has been warning of the danger of tasers for ten years and is calling for […]

(2014-03-12) USA – TASER Press Release: TASER Announces Multiple Orders of Smart Weapons [[taser rollout // TASR-AAXN // corporate spin]]

Posted on March 12 2014 by admin

This is basically a list, to impress potential investors in TASR stock, from TASER International of recent sales to law enforcement agencies, all in the USA, except “International order: 800 X26Ps”. In nearly cases these orders are for X26Ps and X2s (except the New York Police Dept.’s order for 300 of this not-so-smart, certainly not next generation model). “Additional agencies deploying TASER SMART Weapons” are not, presumably, very new orders. Note the X26 is hardly mentioned. There is also a list of TASER’s current overseas branches, in France, Germany, Brazil, Spain and the UK, as well as their social media links (well-developed IT use!).

FRANCE – New TASER injuries: lacrimal canaliculus laceration and ethmoid bone fracture (2014-02-28)

Posted on February 28 2014 by admin

 [[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: This is the abstract of an article published in the International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, showing how tasers can cause serious facial injuries. “This case expands the knowledge of injuries that may occur as a result of the use of this device and the management of peri-ocular TASER injuries.”]] International […]

RÉUNION – Saint-Benoît – 300 personnes marchent en blanche en mémoire de Loïc Louise [300 people participate in silent march in memory of Loïc Louise] (2013-11-30)

Posted on November 30 2013 by admin

[[ SUMMARY / COMMENTS : 300 people in a silent march to protest the 3 November 2013 death of Loïc Louise (near Orléans in France) after he was tasered, behind a banner “Justice must be done”. The autopsy exonerated the taser, but the family, following a visit to Orléans, is convinced the police did not […]

FRANCE – Marseille: Les policiers municipaux mieux équipés, mais pour quoi faire ? [Police better equipped, but what for?] (2013-11-27)

Posted on November 27 2013 by admin

[[ SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Marseille police will be getting tasers next January – this had been approved by the right-wing city council in June 2012, but implementation has been delayed. They now have “flash-balls”. It is not clear how these are will be useful in “preventing crime”.]] Metronews SECURITE – A compter de vendredi, […]

FRANCE – Loïc Louise mort étouffé [Medical examiner: ‘Loïc Louise died of suffocation’ (rather than the taser)] (2013-11-06)

Posted on November 6 2013 by admin

[[ SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Did the taser cause suffocation? An initial autopsy has concluded that Loïc Louise died of suffocation, not a taser discharge. “Regurgitations of food were found in his throat and lungs and he was very severely inebriated and also under the effects of drugs” and did not appear to have died […]

FRANCE – Orléans: Il meurt après une décharge de Taser [Man in Orléans dies after being tasered] (2013-11-04)

Posted on November 4 2013 by admin

(2013-11-04) FRANCE – Orléans – Il meurt après une décharge de Taser [He dies after being tasered] [[ SUMMARY / COMMENTS : A 21-yr-old man died last Saturday after he was tasered by the police in the Loiret region. So far there has been no link of the taser discharge to his death but allo […]

FRANCE – Le Taser, “une arme dissuasive et nécessaire” [The taser: “a necessary dissuasive weapon”] (2103-11-04)

Posted on November 4 2013 by admin

[[ SUMMARY / COMMENTS : A 21-yr-old Réunionnais man was involved in what police describe as a violent fight. This occurred near Orléans in central France. He died shortly afterwards. His death is being investigated. Police say taser use is carefully controlled and police receive adequate training: “The taser remains an effective dissuasive weapon” they […]

FRANCE / RÉUNION – La famille de Loïc Louise dans l’incompréhension [Loïc Louise’s family is in a state of disbelief] (2013-11-04)

Posted on November 4 2013 by admin

[[ SUMMARY / COMMENTS :    Those close to Loïc Louise are in a state of shock following his death when he was tasered during the night of 2-3 November in France. A fight broke out, the police intervenes and a gendarme taser Loïc. Two hours later he was dead. His sister says he didn’t have heart problems […]

FRANCE – Loiret. Un jeune homme décède après une décharge de Taser [In the Loiret in central France: a young man dies after he is tasered] (2013-11-04)

Posted on November 4 2013 by admin

[[ SUMMARY / COMMENTS : A 21-year-old man died after a police officer tasered him. The taser had been used to break up a fight between two cousins, the police say. An inquiry into the cause of death has opened. An autopsy will be conducted next Monday. Police say they were not at fault.]] LaDépê […]

EDITORIAL – National profile: Tasers in FRANCE (2013-10-25)

Posted on October 26 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : France is one of only six major countries outside the United States in which tasers are widely deployed. (The others are Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and the United Kingdom.)In France, tasers are a political tinder-box; deployment of tasers has been affected by several strange turns specific to the French context. Currently (in October […]

FRANCE – Espionnage de Besancenot: l’ex-distributeur du Taser rejugé en mars [Ex-TASER distributer in France to be re-tried in March 2014 for spying on Besancenot] (2013-09-20)

Posted on September 20 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : In January 2013, the ex-boss of TASER France was given a suspended sentence of 15 months in prison and 10,000 euros fine for spying on Olivier Besancenot, the leader of the the far-left French political party, the Nouveay Parti Anticapitaliste in 2007 and 2008. Mr Besancenot, citing Amnesty International research, had […]

FRANCE – Mahamadou Maréga tasered twice and then died in 2010 … Amnesty International 2013 Report (2013-09-09 – date downloaded)

Posted on September 9 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : A brief update of the follow-up on the death of Mahamadou Maréga in 2010 after he was tasered twice. In brief, the report appears to have been tabled indefinitely, despite appeals.]] On 15 October 2012, the case of Mahamadou Maréga, an irregular migrant from Mali who died on 30 November 2010 […]

FRANCE – Paris: Un homme gravement blessé après une interpellation dans le métro [A man is seriously wounded after a taser confrontation in the subway] (2013-06-10)

Posted on June 10 2013 by admin

[[An unidentified man is suffering serious head fractures falling down an escalator following the police use of a taser. He had dropped a knife and became “very violent”. His life is not in danger. The police are investigating the episode.]] Le Point Un homme souffre de multiples fractures du crâne après une chute dans un […]

FRANCE – Calls for clampdown on Taser use by French police (2013-05-29)

Posted on May 29 2013 by admin

[[Summary / Comments : The “Defender of Rights” in France has called for greater regulation of the use of Tasers following a rise in their use by police in recent years, including extending the ban on areas on the body that can be targeted to heart and genitals. Too often, the taser is used in […]

FRANCE – Taser et Flash-ball: le Défenseur des droits veut un meilleur encadrement [Taser and Flashball: the Defender of Rights calls for more control] (2013-05-29)

Posted on May 29 2013 by admin

[[Summary / Comments : The French “Defender of Rights” calls for tighter guidelines on situations in which the taser is used by police, better training and particularly non-targeting of the heart region. Includes statistics of use of tasers in France.]] Par AFP , La rédaction de Le Défenseur des droits a présenté mardi plusieurs […]

FRANCE – Les utilisations irrégulières des Taser et Flash-Ball dénoncées [Inappropriate use of tasers and flashballs criticized] (2013-05-28)

Posted on May 28 2013 by admin

[[Summary / Comments : Even if they are considered “non-lethal” tasers – and Flashballs – need to be more tightly controlled. The Defender of Rights for the first time takes a position on these “intermediary” weapons – they can only be used when strictly necessary and proportional; to the situation. The Defender of Rights receives […]

FRANCE – Crozon, Finistère: Mort après avoir été maîtrisé au taser: les conclusions du médecin légiste [Man dies after being tasered: the pathologist’s conclusions](2013-04-24)

Posted on April 24 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : The pathologist has just released his findings : a 45-yr-old Crozon man died of a heart attack following the use of a taser on 4 April. “His heart was normal” declared the pathologist: the taser was used following the man’s threats to cause self-abuse, after he had released his wife and […]

FRANCE – Enquête après la mort d’un homme maitrisé avec un taser par les gendarmes [Inquiry following the death of a man tasered by the police] (2013-04-06)

Posted on April 6 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Tasered and then died a few days later… : A 45-yr-old man in Crozon, Finistère died of a heart attack after he was tasered. More than 5,000 tasers have been assigned to police officers in France. In November 2010 a Malien died after being tasered. The investigation of the Malien’s death […]

FRANCE – L’ancien patron de Taser France condamné pour espionnage à l’encontre d’Olivier Besancenot (Ex-boss of TASER-France condemned for spying on Olivier Besancenot (2013-01-31)

Posted on January 31 2013 by admin

[[Summary / Comments: The boss of the French distributor of tasers – Antoine di Zazzo – is found guilty of illegally spying on the leader of the extreme-left party – the Nouveau parti anti-capitaliste – who, during the 2007 presidential campaign, stated that at least 54 Americans had died because of being tasered. Which is […]