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USA – Tacoma, Washington: Innocent Deaf Woman Tasered By Police (2012-08-23)

Posted on August 23 2012 by admin

[[Summary / Comments :  A clear case of taser abuse – a deaf victim of violence is tasered by insensitive police, whom she’s called for assistance. assistance. On April 6th, Lashonn White, a deaf woman, made a desperate call to the police from her home in Tacoma, Washington. With the help of her interpreter, White reached […]

GHANA – Police use tasers to quell NPP Congress (2007-12-27)

Posted on December 27 2007 by admin

(Note : this report has not received independent confirmation) In brief: NPP congress disrupted by porotesters over voite-rigging. Delegate Paul Afoko was saved from being physically attacked by the police who used tasers to control the crowd. A journalist had his camera stolen as police used tasers on all standing in their way, delegates […]