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MONGOLIA – US Military – Marines lead multinational nonlethal weapons training (2013-08-28)

Posted on August 28 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Senior military leaders from 22 nations, most in the Asia-Pacific region, are gathered in Mongolia this week to learn about nonlethal weapons and how their forces can more effectively use them. The two-day seminar started with demonstrations, including the X26, with Mongolian military participating. Each experienced firsthand how it feels to […]

INDONESIA – Jakarta Women Told to Carry Pepper Spray, Tasers to Avoid Rape (2012-01-24)

Posted on January 24 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Tasers to keep away sexual predators? Bad advice! Victim-blaming Indonesian police are echoing TASER Inc.’s claim that tasers “protect the innocent”, and women particularly. A completely unsubstantiated claim – and a tasered attacker is sure to become more violent. What’s neded is better policing!]] Following a string of sexual assaults committed on […]

AUSTRALIA – Detainees complain of Taser, stun gun use (2010-06-15)AUSTRALIA – Detainees complain of Taser, stun gun use (2010-06-15)

Posted on June 15 2010 by admin

A group of Australian asylum seekers in the Indonesian detention centre at Tanjung Pinang, off the Singaopore coast are on hunger strike, protesting about conditions in the facility. Detainees say local immigration officials are using stun guns on asylum seekers and have threatened to kill them.