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SPAIN – Más de 30 policías locales catalanas tienen ya la polémica pistola eléctrica [[More than 30 municipal Catalan police units already have access to the controversial taser gun]] (2014-04-26)

Posted on April 26 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS (edited google translation – see Spanish original below in italics): Municipal officers in 30 municipalities in the Catalonia region of Spain are getting access to tasers (150 tasers in all), based on the argument that this will prevent deaths. The taser is principally for use against roudy, drunken tourists. The Interior Ministry […]

SPAIN – UN Committee Against Torture reviews report of Spain (2009-11-13)

Posted on November 18 2009 by admin

In brief: Potentially worrying questions about potential taser use in Spain, particularly against asylum-seekers

SPAIN – Tasers in Spain (2008-11-26)

Posted on November 26 2008 by admin

In brief: Special Operations police but few frontline police officers in Spain have tasers. 440 tasers were purchased but rarely used because of deaths reported in USA. But there are instances of its use, eg. in Canary Islands on undocumented immigrants.

SPAIN – Un cardiólogo visita Barcelona para apoyar el uso de pistolas Taser [A cardiologist (TASER’s Mark Kroll) comes to Barcelona to support the use of tasers] (2008-03-02)

Posted on March 2 2008 by admin

[[Summary / Comments: TASER International’s Mark Kroll – identified simply as a “prestigious American cardiologist” presents ths case for taser adoption by Spanish police in this article translated from Spanish (see original in italics below) at a Barcelona conference. Kroll said that Tasers “have never caused any deaths” and when a suspect dies a minute […]

SPAIN – Amnesty International 2008 report … the use of tasers in Spain (2008-01-01 – approx)

Posted on January 1 2008 by admin

Amnesty International on the use of tasers in Spain (excerpt) … 2008 Annual Report for Spain Tasers Several law enforcement agencies announced their acquisition of electro-shock taser weapons, and they were already in use by local police forces in at least three of the Autonomous Communities. The National Police and Civil Guard do not use […]

SPAIN – Las temibles pistolas eléctricas [Taser: the dreaded electric pistol] (2007-11-23)

Posted on November 23 2007 by admin

[[Summary / Comments: We translate (via google translator, then corrected – the original is in italics after the translation) an article on police access and use of tasers in Spain, where police have nearly 340 Taser stun, mainly in the Canary Islands, where they were adopteed in 2001. In Madrid there are only two. One […]

SPAIN – Amnesty International-Use of tasers – death in custody (2006-05-23)

Posted on May 23 2006 by admin Use of tasers: death in custody 2006 Annual Report for Spain In February the Civil Guard stated that taser guns and other electro-shock weapons were not in official use. The Interior Ministry said in April that no such weapon had been acquired, but conceded that “there [were] no specific rules regulating the possible abuses […]

SPAIN – Amnesty International denounces use and suspected death from taser (2006-01-01 – approx)

Posted on January 1 2006 by admin

2006 Amnesty International Annual Report for Spain: excerpt : Use of tasers: death in custody In February the Civil Guard stated that taser guns and other electro-shock weapons were not in official use. The Interior Ministry said in April that no such weapon had been acquired, but conceded that “there [were] no specific rules regulating […]

UK – Spain – Guardia Civil beat farm labourer to death [A taser and an extensible baton were used to restrain him] (2005-08-22)

Posted on August 22 2005 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: Amnesty International (AI) has asked for “a full, thorough and independent investigation” into the events that led to the death of a farm labourer while in custody at the headquarters of the Civil Guard in Roquetas de Mar (Almeria), according to the World Socialist Workers’ site.The Civil Guard is the infamous paramilitary police […]

SPAIN – Need for a thorough and Independent Investigation into Death of Juan Martínez Galdeano (2005-08-11)

Posted on August 11 2005 by admin

Amnesty International calls for a thorough investigation of the 2005 death of Juan Martinez Galdean, tortured by Guardia Civil prison officers in Almeria. The taser was used, although officials told Amnesty: “such weapons are not officially in use by the Guardia Civil”. The official cause of death: “the immediate cause of the death” was “an acute respiratory or cardiorespiratory insufficiency”.

SPAIN – Amnistía Internacional pide al gobierno que las fuerzas de seguridad no utilicen pistolas paralizantes de electrochoque (AI demands Spanish security forces not to use tasers) (2005-02-05)

Posted on February 5 2005 by admin

Amnistía Internacional (AI), (Note: what follows is a very rough translation from Google translator – the full text in Spanish appears below the post) According to the organization, these weapons are capable of being used to commit human rights abuses / / Madrid/Londres.- Amnesty International reports that members of the Spanish security forces […]