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UK – Association of Chief Police Officers – Questions & Answers on Taser (2013-02-16)

Posted on February 16 2013 by admin

[[Summary / Comments: The British police clearly favour the taser: The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) here answers questions about tasers in the UK police, including the history of adoption and under-estimate of their potential dangers and their misuse, assurances of their reliability (each taser is quality-controled by the manufacturer …) and the intention […]

UK – The London Metropolitan Police must heed the warnings about Tasers (2011-12-12)

Posted on December 12 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS :A British lawyer (solicitor) warns that “this weapon can kill – it should be restricted to life-threatening circumstances”. The new Met police chief calling for a widespread introduction of the Taser stun gun onto the streets of our cities. This backdoor militarisation of our unarmed police force, if implemented, would end centuries […]

UK – Huge rise in taser firings (2011-12-01)

Posted on December 1 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: (video available at this link) Channel 4 News, a major British TV network, reports a dramatic rise in the number of times police have fired controversial Taser weapons. In Manchester, for instance, X26 firing increased by 170% in the last financial year from 56 to 152; in smaller forces: South Yorkshire up […]

UK – Concerns about Taser use in police force under scrutiny over recent death (2011-11-28)

Posted on November 28 2011 by admin

 [[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: The British “Bureau of Investigative Journalism” finds overuse by British police of the taser, particularly in Cumbria and a dangerous trend towards multiple (or “repeat”) tasering of  the same suspect. At least 158 people have been subjected to multiple-tasering since the weapons were rolled out across the UK. Two very suspicious deaths are […]

UK – Taser and pepper spray review ruled out by police (2011-08-24)

Posted on August 24 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) says it will not review Tasers or pepper spray use at this stage despite three deaths in eight days. ]] Acpo said all equipment used by police forces was approved by the government’s centre for applied science and technology The Association of Chief Police Officers […]

UK – The history of controversial Taser (re- Dale Burns) (2011-08-18)

Posted on August 18 2011 by admin

[[ Summary / Comments : Following 3 deaths in England, Amnesty International says: “Tasers are potentially lethal and therefore should only be used in a limited set of instances where there is a very real threat of loss of life.” ]] Last updated at 14:16, Thursday, 18 August 2011 “THE use of the Taser is […]

CANADA / QUEBEC – Présentation à la Commission de la sécurité publique de la “Coalition pour le retrait du Taser” [The “Coalition pour le retrait du Taser” official statement to the Montreal Public Secirity Commission’s hearings on the taser] (2010-04-27)

Posted on April 27 2010 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS : An important analysis, the official position statement, presented by the president of the Ligue des droits et libertés, of the Quebec Coalition pour le retrait de Taser at the April 2010 Montreal Public Safety Commission’s public hearings on police access to tasers. Six major issues are raised: (1) the background of the […]

UK – Operational Policing – Taser use (2010-04-19)

Posted on April 19 2010 by admin

[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Broadening the criteria for the use of tasers i8n England … In 2004, following a trial in five forces, it was agreed to allow chief officers of all police forces in England and Wales to make Taser available to authorised firearms officers.Taser can be used as a less lethal alternative in situations where […]

NEW ZEALAND – Campaign against the taser video compilation (2006-12-31)

Posted on December 13 2006 by admin

The New Zealand Camapaign against the taser issues a videoa on tasrs in New Zealand …