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AUSTRALIA – Taser Death: How New South Wales Police Guidelines Were Ignored (2012-03-20)

Posted on March 20 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENT : Numerous professional errors were made in the events leading up to the death of Australia’s latest taser victim, 21-yr-old Brazilian Roberto Laudisio Curti: the taser was used against a man running away, without a weapon, was tasered a second time after he was brought to the ground by 5 police officers,a […]

USA – Taser C2 Laser Sight assorted colors with Free Shipping Stun gun + (undated; uploaded 20 Feb. 2011)

Posted on February 20 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Publicity on the Internet for the C2: “TASER technology has proven itself as a safe and effective choice of self-defense with over 500,000 worldwide users … .”  ]] The TASER C2 shoots out 2 darts attached to 15 feet of wire. 50,000 volts travels over the wires and over-rides the central nervous […]

BELIZE – Taser guns for Belize police (2008-11-14)

Posted on November 14 2008 by admin

Belize police have added another weapon to their arsenal: this time it’s taser guns. The media was called out this morning to the Racoon Street Police Station to get a first hand demonstration of this new weapon.

UK – A sharp shock to deal with violence (backgrounder on tasers) (2007-12-10)

Posted on December 10 2007 by admin

Good UK backgrounder on tasers from the BBC: how they work and their projected use in the UK.