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CANADA – Patrick Bolland: “More than just another Canadian taser death: ‘The taser killed Aron Firman’” (2011-02-18)

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An initial version of this text was published on the Canadian Dimension blog on 10 February 2011 ( The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported on December 6 2010 “Taser killed Ontario man: Ontario Special Investigations Unit”. The SIU, a provincial independent police oversight body, had just issued its report on the death of Aron Firman […]

CANADA – Outgoing Owen Sound (Ontario) Police Chief strong national advocate of tasers (2011-02-09)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: This article shows how much this important figure in the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) – whose annual meetings receive major financial support from TASER Inc. – supports the TASER Inc. logic: “To date [February 2009] there is no evidence, either scientific or medical, that a conducted energy weapon, has […]

CANADA – Rob Wipond: “The Facts about Tasers — and the Lies” (2008-01-05)

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