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AUSTRALIA – NSW – Police claim Fear of Tasers helps to cut violence (2010-09-18)

Posted on September 18 2010 by admin

THE use of Tasers is being heralded as the reason for a 24 per cent drop in assaults on police officers across NSW. Police Minister Michael Daley told a budget estimates committee at NSW Parliament yesterday the introduction of Tasers in October 2008 had played a significant role in reducing the number of officers hurt on duty.

UK – West Midlands police using (2010-08-29)

Posted on August 29 2010 by admin

West Midlands cops have used the controversial stun guns twice as many times in the last 12 months as in the previous five years combined – a trend in much of northern England. The stun guns were used in incidents ranging from domestic disputes, riots and violent confrontations and once against an out-of-control dog.

CANADA – Globe & Mail editorial: On tasers, the evidence is in (2010-08-16)

Posted on August 17 2010 by admin

Following the BC Supreme Court’s reject of Taser International’s bid to quash the Braidwood Enquiry reports, “Every provincial solicitor-general, police board and police chief in the country should know what Taser International did not want them to know: that the taser has fatal risks, according to Mr. Braidwood’s fair-minded review of the best available research.”

PHILIPPINES – Metro police now equipped with ‘Taser’ (2010-03-02)

Posted on April 3 2010 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The Manila Metropolitan police have now received tasers, described in this brief article as a“non lethal electroshock weapon” 40 officers have been trained for 3 days, and they will now train other officers. 100 X26 tasers were bought in February 2009. “The use of non-lethal weapon in serving our stakeholders is our […]

UK- Diabetic man receives compensation after Taser incident (and much more) (2010-03-10)

Posted on March 10 2010 by admin

Daily Mail, by Jason Bennetto It has been revealed that a man in the UK became the first person to be compensated for being injured with a Taser when he received a payout from West Yorkshire Police. Nicholas Gaubert, a diabetic, had caught a bus from Leeds city centre to Headingley in July 2006 when […]

NEW ZEALAND – Police Association applauds Taser plan (2009-08-27)

Posted on August 27 2009 by admin

New Zealand police association welcoms the decision to proceed with Taser use but criticizes “politicisation of police” on the use of tasers, representing a “cynical and calculated attempt to divert police and public attention from the Government’s u-turn on the democratic rights of police officers”.

SWITZERLAND – Geneva first canton in French-speaking Switzerland to acquire Taser stun guns (2009-04-22)

Posted on April 11 2009 by admin

Georgian gangs behind rise in Geneva burglaries … EXCERPT: The Geneva force also announced on Monday that it had become the first canton in French-speaking Switzerland to acquire Taser stun guns. In all, it has purchased three Taser stun guns that would be used by trained officers in “exceptional” circumstances, such as during a prison […]

CANADA – Too much Taser use, too little humanity (2009-01-27)

Posted on January 27 2009 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: An editorial from the Canadian Maritimes takes on the myth – we would say LIE – made by many police officers since Robert Dziekanski’s death that “the taser has saved 4,000 lives”. Whose lives? The media must not accept such blatant self-interested “poppycock”. “The police conduct in that incident was appalling. Their […]

USA – Study Tests Real-world Effects of Stun Gun Use (2009-01-22)

Posted on January 22 2009 by admin

  [[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: “A University of California: San Francisco researchers have completed the first study, published in the American Journal of Cardiology, to test real-world effects of stun gun use. … The rate of sudden deaths increased six-fold in the first year that California law enforcement agencies deployed the use of stun guns. The […]

UK – Tasers used 300 times last year (2008-06-08)

Posted on August 6 2008 by admin

Police officers also drew or aimed the weapons 850 times between July 2007 and the end of May 2008. An article with many statistics on UK.

UK – Taser use up as more officers given authority to use them (2008-08-06)

Posted on August 6 2008 by admin

UK Home Office release indicating the taser is “giving the police the tools they need to get crime off our streets. Tasers are making a real difference on our streets, not only keeping the public safe but also protecting our police officers.”

UK – Police use of tasers increases (2008-08-05)

Posted on August 5 2008 by admin Police gave electric shocks to nearly 300 members of the public last year, it was revealed. Nearly 230 incidents involved the 50,000 volt Taser guns being used by authorised firearms officers, who have been allowed to carry the Taser weapons since 2004. And in a new development, non-firearms officers in 10 police forces used […]

CZECH REPUBLIC – The charged issue of Tasers in the Czech Republic (2008-06-25)

Posted on June 25 2008 by admin

Czech law enforcement’s use of the controversial device brings an international debate home as Prague police used an electric stun gun for the first time in the country’s history on June 16 2008. 50 Tasers are available for law enforcement nationwide, to be used by specially trained officers.

TASER Inc. – Press Release Regarding Vancouver Airport Video (2007-11-16)

Posted on November 15 2007 by admin

  [[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: In this relatively transparent press release, TASER Inc. not only denies the taser could have been related to Robert Dziekanski’s death but says it is addressing SLAP suits against 60 Canadian journalists who have irresponsibly suggested a causal link between the taser and Robert Dziekanski’s death: ” … 60 legal demand […]