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AUSTRALIA – Man arrested for importing 6,000 weapons, including [generic not TASER Inc.] Tasers disguised as iPhones (2014-05-01)

Posted on May 1 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Generic tasers, most imported from China, are widely used by criminals. A Police officer syas: “We’re seeing a recurrence of those weapons on the streets most recently…They’ve been around for a long time internationally and in different disguises” … ]] ABC – Australia More than 6,000 illegal weapons have been seized at […]

UK – London burglar who threatened baby with Taser gun is jailed for six years (2014-03-13)

Posted on March 13 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Just one example of how (generic) tasers are used during the commitment of criminal acts: A teenage thug who threatened to Taser a baby during a burglary in north-east London has been jailed for six years. The 19-year-old and another suspect grabbed the woman’s seven-month daughter, with one of them pointing a […]

FRANCE / TCHAD – Les peines des agresseurs de Brahim Déby sévèrement alourdies en appel [Tchad: Brahim Deby’s attackers get heavier sentences – he died in July 2007 following tasering by four men disguised as police officers] (2013-01-19)

Posted on January 19 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Brahim Déby died of respiratory failure after he was tasered in July 2007 in this contorted story, with possible political motivations. The prison sentences of the four aggressors of Mr Déby, the high-living son of the Tchad dictator, Idriss Déby Itno, have just been given heavier sentences. They apparently disguised themselves as […]

CANADA – Windsor, Ontario police release footage of violent Taser attack (2013-01-04)

Posted on January 4 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A convenience store clerk, 55-yr-old Wally Yousif, was attacked with a taser in a violent robbery Thursday night. It is not yet clear if this was a real taser or a generic model: a police video available at this site does not clarify this issue. The suspects asked the victim about purchasing […]

GUAM (US territory) – Feds indict 10: Alleged drug ring broken (2012-02-16)

Posted on February 17 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS – Guam – a US territory in the Pacific Ocean, principally a military base – Police are charging Ten people in what the U.S. Attorney’s Office calls one of the largest organized crime and narcotic trafficking cases on Guam in recent years. In one incident, gang-members allegedly punched out a handyman’s front […]

UK – Police forces on alert over deadly million-volt ‘Tasers’ disguised as mobile phones (2012-02-13)

Posted on February 13 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The tabloid Daily Mail is reporting that Police forces across Britain have been warned to beware of a flood of high-powered stun guns – not tasers manufactured by TASER International – disguised as mobile phones which are being smuggled into the country. These are, this report suggests, increasingly becoming the criminals’ weapon […]

USA – Kettenpom County, California, murder investigation officially closed [Marijuana dealer tasers victims before stabbing them] (2012-01-30)

Posted on January 30 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Tasers: a lethal arm also for delinquents: Marijuana dealer activated his taser online with his personal data shortly before using it to disable and then kill. But the good news is: “With information from the taser manufacture, detectives were able to confirm that the taser was activated online using Gouverneur’s personal […]

CYPRUS – Remand for robbery [armed-robbery suspects also had a taser] (2012-01-28)

Posted on January 28 2012 by admin

 [[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : This is the first mention of tasers in Cyprus we have encountered. As elsewhere the taser may become a “weapon of choice” – the title of a November 2011 CBS documentary – for armed robberies. Maybe this a a market-segment already well-covered by the sales department in Scottsdale, Arizona, although, to […]

UK – Northern Ireland/London searches as part of £450,000 Lisburn drugs probe (2012-01-12)

Posted on January 12 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : “two suspected Taser stun-guns” are found when a drugs-raid on a house in London of a gang active in Northern Ireland.Police were searching the property tied to an international criminal gang for stolen goods, money and drugs. Whether these are TASER Inc. or generic products is unclear]] BBC, Northen Ireland Searches […]

USA – Darby, Pennsylvania: Police: Shoplifters ‘Tase’ Security Guard During Christmas Eve Robbery (2011-12-27)

Posted on December 27 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Tasers used in robberies (and visible on CCTV) were “unfair”, says the local police chief: “There’s no conscience to them. They could have really hurt that guy, so who knows what they could do in another type of robbery?” Doesn’t this say something about police use of tasers for compliance, particularly when […]

UK – Drug dealer Danny Johnson banned from parts of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (2011-11-11)

Posted on November 11 2011 by admin

 [[SUMMARY /COMMENTS : Taser in the criminal world: a weapon of choice. A judge issued an”anti-social behaviour injunction” against Danny Johnson, 51, will no longer be able to enter parts of Cheltenham where he plies his illegal trade. Johnson, of Gristmill Close, Cheltenham, had managed to avoid prosecution for drug dealing because he preyed on […]

UK – Cosely, Midlands: Weapons found in raids on houses (2011-11-09)

Posted on November 9 2011 by admin

 [[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: In an increasingly common scenario in England, tasers are found as part of the criminal arsenal: ” A machete, a taser and a hunting knife have been seized today and three men from the same family arrested during a series of drug raids in Coseley”. A machete, a taser and a hunting knife […]

ITALY – La polizia ha sequestrato le armi durante un controllo [Two handguns (and taser) in car: man charged in San Benedetto del Tronto (Adriatic coast)] (2011-11-04)

Posted on November 4 2011 by admin

USA – North Carolina Court of Appeals rules stun guns are deadly weapons (2011-11-02)

Posted on November 2 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: In an important decision, the the 3 judges on North Carolina Court of Appeals “ruled that a stun gun (an X26) “is a dangerous weapon that endangered or threatened Scott’s (victim) life.” The decision was ananimous.The case does not involve police use of tasers, but a woman who was tasered at a Walmart […]

UK – Rochdale, Lancashire – Taser used in armed robbery (2011-11-01)

Posted on November 1 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: One of the the armed robbers who broke into a couple’s house at 4.30 am tasered a man before he and his wife were restrained. Police are appealing for information following this “terrible ordeal”. A clear case of the tasr become a “weapon of choice” for armed robbery – it is also much […]

SOUTH AFRICA – ‘Father, have mercy on me’ [Siblings try using taser to murder both their parents] (2011-10-29)

Posted on October 30 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: The taser (a generic model?) plays a role in a sensational South African trial of two white adult siblings, charged with deliberately killing their parents. “I took a taser and shocked her [the mother] on her neck, and she fell over, the son tells the court; later “We were also trying the taser […]

AUSTRALIA – Sydney man tasered in violent home invasion remains in hospital (2011-10-26)

Posted on October 26 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS : A case of criminals using tasers … Following a home invasion incident, a 59-year-old Sydney man remains in hospital after being bashed in the head and zapped four times with a stun gun.]] • The Daily Telegraph, Rhys Haynes A SYDNEY man remains in hospital after being bashed in the head and […]

AUSTRALIA – Black-market taser trade tied to clubs [unclear if actually TASER products] (2011-10-22)

Posted on October 22 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS : “Tasers” – it’s not clear whether these are TASER Inc. products or the term is used in the generic sense – are illegal in Australia outside of the police. They are readily available on the black-market in Sydney: in bars and clubs and are increasingly being carried as security weapons by drug-dealers, […]

AUSTRALIA – Thief uses taser in jewellery shop raid

Posted on October 16 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: Tasers in the hands of criminals … although this may be a “generic taser”. A thief used a Taser on a jewellery store employee during a robbery, police say. On the way out of the store he used the device on a female member of staff, who sustained a minor injury to her arm, […]

THAILAND / UK – Thailand tourist put stun guns in post to himself (2011-10-15)

Posted on October 15 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: How to get a taser if you live in a country where they are banned for the public? Easy! Get it sent by mail. But in this case the term “taser” appears to be used generically: “The court was told the items operated as torches until two metal pins were added, which can […]