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BRAZIL – 16,000 Landless Workers protest for Agrarian Reform in Brasilia [Police use tasers to control demonstrators] (2014-02-18)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Police break up a march by 16,000 peasants at the Landless Workers’ Movement National Congress in Brazilia. See paragraph in bold for the use of tasers: The police used pepper spray, smoke bombs and Tasers against the members of the movement advancing towards the Palace.]] Via campesina, by Alan Tygel and Márcio […]

AUSTRALIA – Taser-clad police turn up to anti-taser protest (2014-02-15)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Tasers to oppose those opposed to tasers? Supporters of a Logan woman who was blinded in one eye after being tasered marched on the local police station on Saturday demanding justice for Sheila Oakley. Ms Oakley, 36, led the march.]] Brisbane Times and Sun-Herald, by Cameron Atfield Supporters of a Logan woman […]

BRAZIL – Protestos de 7 de Setembro têm confronto em 11 capitais do país [7 September protests in 11 State capitals bring system to a slowdown (Taser used in Belo Horizonte)] (2013-09-07)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : (This is an edited google-translation; the original Portuguese text is below, in italics.) Note the section in both texts in bold – the only reference to tasers. Independence Day – 7 September – became a day of protest. In Belo Horizonte , the police used taser non-lethal stun guns on protester, […]

BRAZIL – Apesar de críticas, PM fez curso para controlar massas antes de atos no RJ [Despite criticism, Rio military police are still learning how to control demonstrators – including the use of tasers] (2013-08-27)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : (Edited translation from Portuguese; the original text appears below the translation, in italics. A long post. The Rio de Janerio military police are undergoing $7.7 million training in non-lerthal weapons in preparation for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, particularly “Crowd Control and Civil Disorders”, taught by Spanish officers, including tasers – […]

BRAZIL – Police officers use a Taser gun on a demonstrator during a protest against corruption in Rio (2013-07-28)

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  [[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : A somewhat questionable site reports – with photographic evidence (see at the URL at the end) – the use of tasers against protesters during the Pope’s visit to Rio de Janeiro. ]] RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – ( – July 28, 2013-Thousands of Brazilians take the streets to protest the Papal […]

NEW ZEALAND – Press Release: “Police already in breach of taser guidelines” (2013-02-20)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Two New Zealand social justice groups argue that the Police should not be routinely armed with tasers. A police line-up attending a protest at the Waihopai spybase near Blenheim on Saturday 19th January 2013 shows at least two of the four police carrying tasers at their hips (see photo here), despite a […]

INDIA – Taser stun guns enter National Security Guards’s VIP security arsenal (2013-02-08)

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[[Summary / Comments: Tasers are being introduced to protect senior politicians – apparently to ne used against protesters attempting to slap or throw ink or shoes at major politicians, «This is something that immobilises the body for a few minutes, giving us time to react,” we are told, as if the taser were not an […]

RUSSIA – Russian police to get thousands of [Russian] tasers (2013-02-05)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Russian police are planning to arm its officers with nearly 7,000 electroshock nightsticks – nopt TASER International products – according to an order for them published online by officials. 57 million rubles are being spent to purchase AIR-107U electroshock batons which, like tasers, can also be used without direct contact. The weapons […]

RUSSIA – Police to Wield Powerful Electric Stun Devices [not TASER Inc. equipment] (2013-01-29)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENT: The Interior Ministry is planning to spend 60 million rubles ($2,000,000) – about $400 a unit – to buy 7,000 AIR-107U electric-shock batons, which will be issued to police officers for self-defense and for use during football matches or mass protests. We read rather illogically: “It makes no sense to issue firearms […]

CANADA – Ottawa, Toronto protests over Congolese election turn violent [one demonstrator tasered] (2011-12-05)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: RCMP used a taser to arrest a demonstrator as protests by anti-Kabila Congolese over the electoral fraud in the Democratic Republic of Congo became more intense.]], by Hilary Roberts OTTAWA – Police clashed with protesters in Ottawa and Toronto Tuesday afternoon as demonstrations over the disputed election in the Democratic Republic […]

ISRAEL – Beit Shemesh shows Israel at a crossroads [an ultra-orthodox Rabbi says taser used against ultra-orthodox demonstrators] (2011-11-01)

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[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS : An ultra-orthodox rabbi write in the Jerusalem Post: ” Last week … the religious extremists who had been demonstrating against the Orot Banot national-religious girls’ school returned and began screaming right outside the building. Police were summoned and, in contrast to the passive, soft treatment the extremists were given in previous protests, […]

USA – Butts County, Georgia: “What I Learned at My Arrest at Troy Davis’ Execution” [Police brutality including tasers] (2011-10-03)

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[[ SUMMARY / COMMENTS : A taser used against at least one demonstrator peacefully but angrily protesting the  execution of Troy Davis. There is video evidence (see the URL at end of this post for the YouTube link) of this. But the police report on handling the demonstrators does not mention anything about anyone being […]

USA – Butts County, Texas: Troy Davis protests, arrests still stir controversy [protester tasered] (2011-09-28)

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[[ SUMMARY / COMMENTS : A group of protesters at last week’s execution of death row inmate Troy Davis – a gross injustice that attracted widespread condemnation  – say the police used excessive force to control the large crowds gathered outside the prison. One of the protesters was tasered by local police, who claims he […]

ISRAEL – Tel Aviv: 13 arrested in tent protest clash with police [tasers used against demonstrators] (2011-09-19)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : In a long-standing conflict involving Israeli tent city residents’ use of so-called pirated electricity … “According to tent city activist Kobi Shahar, when the police and clerks came to dismantle the electricity a resident took off his shirt and yelled at them, at which point police attacked him and used a […]

ISRAEL – Peres holds secret peace talks with Palestinians [tasers used in West Bank] (2011-07-30)

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THAILAND / USA – Multilateral non-lethal seminar begins in Thailand (2011-06-09)

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[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS : The US military – typically the Marines –  acts as a proxy salesman for TASER Inc. in many countries, introducing and encourageing adoption of the taser by military (and police) forces. In this case “a demonstration of non-lethal techniques taught during the U.S.-Thai bilateral training of Non-lethal Weapons Executive Seminar (NOLES) 2011.” […]

THAILAND – US gives Thailand some non-lethal lessons (2011-06-17)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Among other”non-lethal” weapons, US military personnel are training Thai military and police in the use of tasers to be able to combat insurrections such as happenned a years ago: “United States Marines have finished training Thailand’s military and police to use electroshock Tasers to inflict “intense pain”]] Asia Times online, by Richard […]

ISRAEL / PALESTINE – Top cop vows probe into claims police are misusing taser guns (2011-06-11)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Israseli police currently have 150 tasers in their arsenal. Following complaints by demonstrators in Sheikh Jarrah – a predominantly Palestinian part of Jerusalem – protesting new Jewish settlements in the area, Israeli policve have been charged with repeated improper use of taser guns in dispersing protests. Questions have also been raised by […]

ISRAEL – Israeli police taser peaceful protesters (2011-06-01)

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ISRAEL – Israeli Army Sets Fires: Report on Weekend Anti-Occupation Protests [tasers used against demonstrators] (2011-05-29)

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