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ARGENTINA – La Justicia ratificó la prohibición del uso de las pistolas Taser por la Policía Metropolitana [Justice Ministry confirms prohibition of tasers by the Metropolitan Police] (2013-08-09)

Posted on August 9 2013 by admin [[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Buenos Aires Court upholds the decision to ban tasers from police use: even if other countries have approved their use, they should not be adopted due to UN recognition of them as a means of torture and potentially lethal. (Article translated approximately from Spanish – see original in Spanish below […]

USA – Stallings, North Carolina, ends Taser use by its officers [fear of liability claims] (2011-04-11)

Posted on May 3 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Stallings (pop. 3200) “decides devices are too risky, but neighboring Monroe chooses to let officers use them… Citing liability concerns, Stallings abandoned the weapons early this year.” TASER Inc.’s Steve Tuttle “dismissed liability concerns: ‘That’s the last thing we have trouble with.’” A councillor points out he “had seen too many instances […]