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CANADA – Patrick Bolland: “More than just another Canadian taser death: ‘The taser killed Aron Firman’” (2011-02-18)

Posted on February 18 2011 by admin

An initial version of this text was published on the Canadian Dimension blog on 10 February 2011 ( The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported on December 6 2010 “Taser killed Ontario man: Ontario Special Investigations Unit”. The SIU, a provincial independent police oversight body, had just issued its report on the death of Aron Firman […]

CANADA – A loud and clear lesson in police power (2011-02-04)

Posted on February 4 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS:Toronto police are keeping their “Long Range Acoustic Devices”, (LRADs) as used against demonstrators at the 2010 G20 meeting in Toronto: “Toronto police maintain they are a “communication tool” and not a sub-lethal weapon.” … but  the author points out similarities withj the “non-lethal” tasers when they were introduced … ]] Toronto Star, […]

UK – London Metropolitan police to pay G20 protest compensation (2010-03-22)

Posted on March 22 2010 by admin

The Metropolitan Police are facing a compensation bill of £250,000, after admitting a raid on a climate change group the day after the G20 protests in London last April was illegal. Police burst into the Convergence Centre in east London carrying taser guns, and handcuffed protesters face down.

BRAZIL – Sao Paulo and Rio military police taser training video (2009-10-31)

Posted on October 31 2009 by admin

Three YouTube links (in Portuguese) show the training procedure for adoption of tasers.

UK – House of Commons Minister on use of tasers in G20 demonstrations (2009-04-18)

Posted on May 18 2009 by admin

Oral Answers to Questions — Home Department … House of Commons debates, 18 May 2009, 2:30 pm Gordon Prentice (Pendle, Labour) The police have been severely criticised for their kettling technique, which they used in the G20 demonstrations a few weeks ago. Will my friend assure me that there is no question whatever of the […]

SINGAPORE – Taser stun guns at APEC Singapore (2009-04-16)SINGAPORE-Taser stun guns at APEC Singapore (2009-04-16)

Posted on April 16 2009 by admin

Comments/Summary: Singapore Police report 44 uses of taser and threaten to use it against G20 protestersComments/Summary: Singapore Police report 44 uses of taser and threaten to use it against G20 protesters

UK – Tasers Are the New Killers: Watch Their Popularity Surge! (2009-04-02)

Posted on April 2 2009 by admin

As protesters descend upon London’s financial district to demonstrate the G-20 summit this week, they are being met by thousands of Metropolitan police officers carrying out what has repeatedly been described as the biggest police operation ever undertaken in the capital. Pre-emptive arrests were made earlier this week and despite the mainly nonviolent protests — […]

USA – 11 Biotech Protesters Arrested in California, one tasered (2003-06-24)

Posted on June 24 2003 by admin

[[GlobalShock: “At least 11 protesters were arrested Tuesday – including one subdued with a stun gun – as an international agriculture conference focused on genetically modified foods entered its second day.” One demonstrator was taken into custody after charging at officers who stunned him with a Taser weapon, police Chief Albert Najera said. At least […]

INDIA – Kashmir: ‘New Crowd-Control Methods, [including tasers] Key to Avoid Bloodshed’ (2010-08-01)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: With stone-pelting becoming an established mode in Kashmir agitations, experts feel there is a need for adopting newer crowd-control methods, … the taser gun is one such option … But, it has also some disadvantage as it could cause cardiac seizures in people with heart problems and under the influence of alcohol. […]