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USA – ‘Who Made That Stun Gun?’ (2014-05-11)

Posted on May 11 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: (Note this article uses questionable TASER International statistics on police depts adopting tasers … ) The use of stun guns by law-enforcement dates back to the 1960s and the use of cattle prods against civil right demonstrators. Numerous patents from 1965 for stun-guns. Jack Cover’s “TASER” did no better, until the Smith […]

UK – UK Association of Police Chiefs (ACPO) Questions and Answers on Taser (2013-07-25)

Posted on July 25 2013 by admin

The UK Association of Police Chiefs (ACPO) answers questions about tasers on its blog (for answrs, see post) : This blog was originally published in February 2012, and was updated on 25 July 2013: When was Taser introduced? When can officers use Taser? Is every police officer given a Taser? Why use Taser at all? […]