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ANTIGUA – Ashland City, Tennessee, native takes part in military training [tasers used in joint US-Caribbean military exercise] (2011-03-15)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Through a local Tennessee paper, we hear of a joint-exercise involving in Antigua: Exercise Tradewinds 2011, involving US Marines and Caribbean forces in which taser volunteering is part of the action. An ideal opportunity to “pass the taser message along”? Not easy to see the relevance of tasers in ” the need […]

USA – Mississippi Sheriffs defend use of Taser weapons [during training, too many injuries to “volunteers” …] (2011-02-12)

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USA – Mississippi Sheriffs defend use of Taser weapons [during training, too many injuries to “volunteers” …] (2011-02-12) [[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: This “local” story relates to many issues: (1) concern by the public employees’ union that police are getting inured during “voluntary” exposure to taser discharges; (2) potential costs to the city budget of resulting […]

USA – Dallas officer is among several suing Taser, alleging injuries during training (2011-01-19)

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USA – New Jersey prison guard sues over violation of Americans with Disabilities Act (2011-01-19)

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[[GlobalShock: A prison officer is refused taser training because he once had a precautiooary defibrillator. He was denied access to the taser training class, where officer are obliged to volunteer to be tasered. Eventually re-integrated as guard.]], by Terrie Morgan-Besewcker … SCRANTON – A Luzerne County prison guard who was initially denied employment based […]

AUSTRALIA – Western Australia – ‘Untruthful’ cops sacked over Rockingham Taser initiatiation ceremonies (2010-12-09)

Posted on December 9 2010 by admin

AAP … POLICE Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan has sacked two officers who misled investigators during an inquiry into the improper use of Tasers stun guns on other officers at Rockingham Police Station. An internal investigation was launched after the conduct of the sergeant and the senior constable was reported to another senior officer. The Commissioner said […]

AUSTRALIA – Western Australia Officer Tasers boyfriend at party (2010-08-29)

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It is alleged that while on duty on July 23, the officer visited her boyfriend at a party, where he asked her to stun him and his friend with the police-issued Taser.The alleged incident comes one month after allegations four officers at Rockingham police station, in Perth’s south, used Tasers on colleagues during initiation rituals.