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UK – Met [the London Police] faces landmark ruling for ‘unlawful’ mass roll-out of Tasers in police cars (2013-01-28)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENT: The London Police are facing a High Court action over a decision to put Taser stun guns in all response cars in London, the Police Chief being accused of acting unlawfully by approving the mass deployment of the weapon without public consultation by a 26-year-old man who claims to have suffered breathing […]

USA – ANALYSIS – Electronic Control Weapons [tasers] – Americans for Effective Law Enforcement Case Summaries (downloaded 2012-05-06)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENT: This is background material: a long list list and description  of cases heard before the various US circuit court judges involving tasers: Please refer to the URL for further details.]] Advisory note: Some ECW experts prefer to categorize ECW applications by event descriptions, such as their use on juveniles, the disabled, elderly […]

CANADA – Suit seeks to link police to Clarence Alvin Willey death – In-custody fatality (2012-02-09)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Clayton Alvin Willey, who died 16 hours after he was tasered in 2003, was, police have now admitted, physically abused by officers once inside the Prince George detachment. However, none of the reports into the incident ties Willey’s death to the conduct of police. A civil law suit now underway by the […]

USA – Bonner County, Idaho: Fired deputy sues county [after accidentally tasering his 4-year-old son] (2011-11-20)

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[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: Would this happen with pepper spray, a batton or a gun? In 2010, Corey Cotter was “spark testing” – something he claims TASER Inc. recommends an officer should do every 24 hours (sic) – his taser when his 4-year-old son kicked the device, causing him to be briefly shocked. He told his superiors […]

USA – Taser abuse? [systematic abuse in the privatized Jerome Combs Detention Center in Kankakee, Illinois] (2010-06-31-approximate date)

Posted on June 20 2010 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Here we have copied and pasted the results of an analysis by the “Chicago Reporter” on the systematic abuse of prisoners from the Reporter’s the one-page pdf file. Visitors are encouraged to consult the original at]] Taser abuse? A jail with a dubious record of Taser use is being used as […]

ANALYSIS – USA – Jailhouse Shock [Sytematic use of tasers against inmates in an Illinois prison] (2005-05)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: 2004, – Kankakee County, Illinois, jail rents out cells to Chicago’s Cook County  for prisoners awaiting trial. Only 5% of the prison population has been sentenced. Tasers were adopted in 2004 following the violent death of a prison guard. Since then taser abuse has become the norm, as detailed in this excellent  […]