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USA – Hawthorne, California settles civil-rights violation case for $99,000 [+ an earlier $300,000 settlement for tasering an autistic child by the same officer] (2014-06-24)

Posted on June 26 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Julius Bilbrew was 16 in 2009 when he was tasered sitting on a park-bench with his girl-friend. The City of Hawthorne has just agreed to a $99,000 settlement The same police officer was accused of similar civil-rights violations for using a Taser gun on a 12-year-old autistic teenager in September 2008, […]

NEW ZEALAND – Taser victim hoping to sue police (2014-06-24)

Posted on June 24 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Not in in New Zealand are happy about taser use: Mark Smillie was tasered twice by police on Xmas Day 2011 after failing to stop his car. Mr Smillie said the pain he experienced from the taser was hideous, and the worst pain he had ever experienced. The Independent Police Conduct Authority […]

USA – Sherman, North Texas: Lawsuit describes woman’s disturbing death outside Texas cop car (2014-05-28)

Posted on May 28 2014 by admin

[[Summary / comments: Lesa Surratt died of injuries suffered in a traffic stop in August 2013, including an order to “Tase that bitch.”. She was tasered, and Ms Surratt was taken to hospital, where she was found to be in a vegetative state and placed on life support, according to a lawsuit brought by her […]

CANADA – Mississuaga, Ontario Woman Tasered last year by Peel police dies (2014-05-21)

Posted on May 21 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Iole Pasquale, 80, living in a retirement home and suffering from dementia was Tasered twice last year after police found her on the street with a bread knife. The cause of death was probably heart failure and is not being attributed to the taser. The police lack o due indulgence, according to […]

USA – Chicago Police Brutality Lawsuit Claims Woman Was Physically And Verbally Assaulted [including with taser] (VIDEO) (2014-05-20)

Posted on May 20 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: (See video here) – Police officers physically and verbally abused the Chinese manageress of a tanning salon and massage parlor during her arrest last year – including in the video an officer can be heard asking to use his Taser on 32-year-old Jianqing “Jessica” Klyzek “10 fucking times,” a lawsuit against the […]

USA – Winnfield, Louisiana – Taser death in Louisiana could get Supreme Court review (2014-05-18)

Posted on May 18 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: In January 2008, Baron Pikes, 19, was tasered multiple times – at least seven – over 14 minutes while handcuffed. He went into medical distress and was pronounced dead when he got to the hospital. The Supreme Court is being asked to review Pikes’ case as part of a civil rights lawsuit […]

USA – Tennessee Cops Force Entry, Tase Man Causing “Life Threatening Lacerations” After He Demands Warrant (2014-05-14)

Posted on May 14 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : A $600,000 lawsuit filed in Hamilton County Circuit Court says three Chattanooga, Tennessee police officers illegally trespassed on a man’s property. They had no warrants and then used a taser on him when he refused to speak to them. Stunned by the taser, Hacker then fell to the ground where the […]

USA – Austin, Texas: Grand Jury clears officers in school tasing incident [leading to a medically induced coma] (2014-05-13)

Posted on May 13 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Grand Jury clears officers in school tasing incident, in which a High School student that ended up in a coma. An officer tasered 17-year-old Noe Niño de Rivera on Nov. 20 because he interfered as officers attempted to break up a fight between two girls. The teen hit his head as he […]

USA – Fayette County, Ohio: Man Nearly Blinded After Fayette County Deputy Shoots Taser In His Eye (2014-05-08)

Posted on May 8 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Matthew David Kelly is bringing a federal lawsuit accusing a Fayette County Sheriff’s deputy and an Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper of using excessive force. He was tasered twice causing him to lose vision in his right eye. A truck driver was stopped by troopers and Mr Kelly was asleep in the cabin. […]

USA – Seaford, Delaware: Taser Police Suit Settled for $270,000 (2014-05-01)

Posted on May 1 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Seaford (pop 2,800) has settled a civil suit with Reginald Johnson, who was tasered at a traffic stop. Mr Johnson protested that he had done nothing wrong, the two officers could be heard laughing and joking about planting drugs in Johnson’s car. His attorney, Stephen Norman, told the paper that the settlement […]

CANADA – Edmonton, Alberta: Family of man who died in custody after being Tasered sues the Edmonton Police Service ((2014-04-17)

Posted on April 17 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The Edmonton Police Service is being sued for $150,000 by the family of Jeffrey Tyler Oatway, 34, who died after being Tasered in the holding cells of police headquarters on April 11, 2012. The police are accused of “battery and negligence” “At least one of the EPS members used a Taser on […]

USA – Moberly, Missouri: Taser Clears Suit Over Fatal Cop Confrontation (2014-04-08)

Posted on April 8 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A woman whose son, Stanley Harlan, pulled over for speeding, died of cardiac arrest because police officers Tasered him in the chest for 30 seconds cannot sue the device maker, the 8th Circuit ruled. Mr Harlan immediately lost consciousness and was not responsive by the time the paramedics arrived. He was pronounced […]

USA – Taser company says device saves lives after wrongful death lawsuit filed in Bangor, Maine (2014-04-04)

Posted on April 4 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Phillip McCue, 28, lost consciousness and died five days after he was tasered in September 2012. The autopsy report concluded that it was not the taser that killed him but bath salts that caused cardiac arrest. “The Taser hits are not a factor in the death,” Maine’s chief medical examiner said. Phillip’s […]

CANADA – Edmonton, Alberta Police chief told to lay disciplinary charges in Stanley Cup arrest (2014-03-25)

Posted on March 25 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Some eight years later, disciplinary charges will be laid against a constable who arrested lawyer Brian Fish during the 2006 Stanley Cup celebrations. Brian Fish showed up, when he was called by his son who said the police were getting “out of control”. Mr Fish started taking pictures. One officer pulled him […]

USA – Novi, Michigan: Judge Brian MacKenzie accused of trading jail time for dropping potential civil suit against police [for taser abuse] (2014-03-24)

Posted on March 24 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A defense Attorney captures judge’s alleged push for deal on recording. Four years ago the judge offered trading jail time for dropping a civil suit — a civil suit that had not even been filed. As Marquin Stanley started to clean out his pocket in a police when he was tasered. The […]

USA – Father files lawsuit against Bangor, Maine police, Taser manufacturer over death of son in 2012 (2014-03-19)

Posted on March 19 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Phillip A. McCue, 28, of Bangor, who has mental health problems, died in custody. The medical examiner’s office said he had been stunned by a taser. His parents heard of this two days later when their son was in an intensive care unit. They were told he had a complete cardiac arrest. […]

CANADA – British Columbia faces lawsuit after Mounties Taser 11-year-old boy (2014-02-18)

Posted on February 18 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The provincial guardian of a teen who was Tasered by RCMP at age 11 (now 14) after he escaped a group home is suing the provincial government and his former foster parents for negligence. With a very troubled childhood, the boy had escaped the home and was found stabbing the walls of […]

CANADA – Province Of British Columbia Sued By Guardian Of Boy Tasered By Police (2013-02-18)

Posted on February 18 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The guardian of a British Columbia boy, now 14, but 11 at the age of tasering. who was jolted by a police Taser in Dawson Creek while in government care is suing the province in a civil case for subjecting him to neglect and abuse that a court document says left him […]

USA – Disabled man sues Syracuse, New York police, Centro over tasering on bus (2014-02-12)

Posted on February 12 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A disabled man, Brad Hulett, 35, sued police and the local bus company today over officers’ use of a Taser to remove him from a bus last spring because he would not sit down. The tasering was captured on video by a surveillance camera above the driver’s seat. Mr Hulett suffered a […]

ISRAEL – Refused Transport on Shabbos, was Tasered & Now Suing (2014-02-04)

Posted on February 4 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A man is making a lot of noise and police are called. refused to enter a police car on Shabbos, the day of rest for orthodox Jews, the policeman decided to use his taser against him. The man’s lawyer says he was tasered multiple times and is now partly disabled. Despite growing […]