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CANADA / QUEBEC – Présentation à la Commission de la sécurité publique de la “Coalition pour le retrait du Taser” [The “Coalition pour le retrait du Taser” official statement to the Montreal Public Secirity Commission’s hearings on the taser] (2010-04-27)

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[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS : An important analysis, the official position statement, presented by the president of the Ligue des droits et libertés, of the Quebec Coalition pour le retrait de Taser at the April 2010 Montreal Public Safety Commission’s public hearings on police access to tasers. Six major issues are raised: (1) the background of the […]

CANADA / QUEBEC – “Pistolet Taser :Un moratoire n’est plus suffisant: nous exigeons le retrait!” [“Taser pistol: a moratorium is not enough: We demand its withdrawal!”] (2009-10-21)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: In a press release, the Montreal coalition for a moratorium on taser use changes its title – to a coalition demanding its withdrawal. The follows TASER Inc.’s recent recognition that the taser may affect the heart and the use of the taser on a resident suffering from Down’s syndrome in an institution […]

CANADA / QUEBEC – Montréal: Coalition contre le Taser – “Monsieur Dupuis, pourquoi ne pas tout simplement les retirer?” [Montreal coalition against tasers asks justice minister why he doesn’t just withdraw the taser from the police arsenal] (2009-03-27)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: In a press release, the Montreal “coalition for an immediate moratorium on the use of tasers” asks the Quebec minister of justice why he does not just stop the police from having access to tasers until there is clear evidence that it is not lethal. Th coalition is particularly outraged by the […]

CANADA / QUEBEC: “Taser : un moratoire immédiat plus que jamais nécessaire” [“Taser: An immediate moratorium is more urgent than ever”] (2008-02-14)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: As information about taser abuse by the Montreal municipal police emerges, the Montreal “Coalition for a moratium of the use of tasers” argues that this reinforces its demands for a moratorium on taser-use by the police. The Coalition is particularly demanding a meeting with the Montreal Public Security Commission, respobible for the […]