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USA – Miami Police Accused of Using “Excited Delirium” to Cover Deaths in Custody (2013-10-04)

Posted on October 4 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : More on the “excited delirium” controversy: 29 people have died in the custody of the Miami Police Department over the past decade from “excited delirium syndrome,” including more than a third involving the use of tasers on the victims. The ACLU says it is being used to shield overaggressive police tactics. […]

USA – National Association of Medical Examiners Position Paper on the Certification of Cocaine-Related Deaths (2004-04-24)

Posted on April 24 2004 by admin

[[Summary / Comments: An important offcial position paper which calls on Medical Examiners to identify cocaine as a cause of death in cocaine-related fatalities. In the context of tasers: this means the cause of death is likely to become cocaine, particularly since taser leave no lethal bio-trace. Note one the authors – Deborah Mash – […]