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SAMOA (US territory) – Arming of police officers in American Samoa to become reality (2013-09-25)

Posted on September 25 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Police officers in the US territoty of Samoa (pop. 55,000) are about to receive handguns and a training program in non-lethal arms, starting off with the use of the baton, the use of the pepper spray and the use of the tasers. “We’re going to start very small, maybe beginning with […]

NIGERIA – Insecurity: Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Pioneers Training, Establishment of SWAT Unit (2013-06-15)

Posted on June 15 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : As insecurity increases in Nigeria, so a 50-member SWAT team undergoes less-lethal weapons training, including tasers… to respond to critical incidents in the area of terrorist attacks, hostage taking, barricaded suspects, sharp shooters and other high-risk incident.]], by Senator Iroegbu, 15 June 2013T The Commandant General of the Nigeria Security […]

USA – After years of delays, stun guns are in the hands of Burlington County police officers (2012-12-08)

Posted on December 8 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: In a long article, we learn that New Jersey police are “ecstatic”: they are about to get tasers, new Jersey being, according to this article, the last state to approve their use. Interesting to diuscover that earlier they were permitted to be used only on mentally disturbed people, and the weapons were […]

AUSTRALIA – Human Rights Law Centre: “Police are too quick to draw their Tasers” (2012-11-15)

Posted on November 15 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Following two coroner’s reports on deaths following tasering, a leading figure in the Human Rights Law Centre argues for the urgent need for more rigorous police training and more stringent regulatio In the report on Brazilian student Roberto Curti, the coroner likened the police to “schoolboys in Lord of the Flies” and […]

MOROCCA / US Military – Marines and Moroccans conduct Peace Support Operations (2012-04-16)

Posted on April 16 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : The US Marines as TASER International salesmen? Marines in a cooperative exercise with Moroccan military provided training in non-lethal techniques – including tasers – to prevent an escalation of force during crowd uprisings. Peacekeepers are often faced with problems in delivering humanitarian aid and disaster relief. Non-lethal arms may be essential. […]

UK – Tasers: When Non-Lethal Force is Actually Surprisingly Lethal (2012-02-27)

Posted on February 27 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The author reports the Amnesty International figure of 500 deaths following taser use in the USA, warning that deaths are also sure to occur in the UK, even if police are less likely to use “less lethal force” and are better trained. Sooner or later people in Britain are going to be […]

ESTONIA – По примеру Финляндии электрошокерами могут вооружить и наших патрульных полицейских – [“Following the example of Finland, the Taser to be used by Estonian police patrols”] (2012-02-20)

Posted on February 20 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / :COMMENTS We apologize for the poor translation (via Google translate: see Russian original below translation): Estonian police are planning to introduce tasers for special forces and rapid reaction units, claiming them to non life-threatening, claiming that “in Finland, for example, “tasers” are available for use by police patrols”, although this may prove too […]

JAMAICA – Editorial: Minimising deadly force [Minister proposing to arm police with less-lethal weapons] (2012-02-04)

Posted on February 4 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: (No direct mention of taser adoption in this article … ) In Jamaica, police brutality – shooting suspects – is of epidemic proportions. Police say they are acting in self-defense. Would arming the police with “less-lethal arms” be appropriate? The National Security Minister is examing this option . But the minister seems […]

BRAZIL – Policiais do 6º BPM de Corumbá recebem curso de Taser [Training in the use of tasers for the 6th Military Police Battalion in Corumbá, Brazil] (2012-02-06)

Posted on February 2 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : [ Our translation: the original Portuguese follows this brief report] Corumbá (pop. 100,000) in western Brazil is training its police (military police in Brazil) in using tasers to “target criminals” at this year’s Carnival. The tasers are, predictably, described as “non-lethal” and harmless to by-standers. Note the term “electric waves” to […]

USA – Martinsville, Virginia and officer are dropped from lawsuit on Taser use [misled by TASER Inc. about being non-lethal, according to defendant’s attorney] (2011-12-21)

Posted on December 21 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Lawyers for the family of 17-yr-old Derek Jerome Jones, who died on Jan. 8, 2009 after he was tasered have decided to drop charges against the Martnsville Police: “Officer Wray did not believe that the Taser in any way was a potentially lethal weapon, and he used it in accordance with his […]

UK – Laser that blinds temporarily to be tested by police (2011-12-12)

Posted on December 12 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Always seekingfor the holy grail, the British police are looking into a new “less lethal” weapon, a shoulder mounted laser, the “SMU 100″ , a device that can dazzle and even incapacitate ‘targets’ as far away as 500 metres and throws up a wall of light with an area of three […]

USA – Pepper Spray, Tasers, and LRADs — What’s Behind the Explosion of ‘Less Lethal’ Weapons for Crowd Control? (2011-12-05)

Posted on December 5 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A long article … “Media-friendly” weapons – such as Long Rannge Accoustic Devices LRADs) – are being tested for everyday policing and crowd control, and as uprisings around the world spread, the demand for nonlethal weapons is increasing. Tasers are one such weapon, in which the military and policing overlap. Unlike rubber […]

USA – 2010 – – 21st Century Riot Control Tools – Anarchists and agitators beware: Heat rays and stink bombs are in your future (2011-11)

Posted on November 30 2011 by admin

 [[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : New “toys” to help police controls “riots” (read: demononstrations) include heat rays, sonic disruptors, mass TASERs, malodorants, and other new technologies. Dee the section on the Taser XREP (in bold): TASER’s Shockwave is an area denial device that was inspired by anti-personnel mines. The Shockwave ADS consists of three tiers of […]

USA – Off-duty Evansville (Indiana) Police Department officer uses Taser on fake ID suspect (2011-11-26)

Posted on November 26 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: Does a young man using a fake ID to get into a bar justify the use of a taser? Police say 20-yr-old James Roberts tried to escape after being busted for using a fake ID and the officers followed protocol. “That is authorized. If you chase somebody, an officer can get hurt, the […]

USA – Taser Maker [CEO Rick Smith] Says Device Has Been Law Enforcement ‘Game Changer’ (2011-11-11)

Posted on November 11 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: In general an investigative report showing TASER in a very positive light. A major U.S. TV network reports – including video footage – on part of the controversy surrounding tasers in the USA: enormous litigation costs for the company. TASER Inc. CEO Rock Smith: “We changed the rules of the game”: instead of […]

USA – Taser use increases, questions arise (2011-11-10)

Posted on November 10 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: CBS report recognizes “the sloppy policeman effect” – police reaching too fast and too often for the taser. See 2-min video preview of a “60-Minutes” report.  “Nearly one and a half million suspects have been tased by authorities and of that amount, 485 have died afterwards. But TASER International claims that only 20 […]

INDIA – Coimbatori (south-west India): Modernisation of city police force on the anvil [proposal to procure tasers] (2011-09-24)

Posted on September 24 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: Modern weaponry, including taser  will be of immense help in dispersing violentand unruly  mobs without loss of lives or causing injury, says City Police Commissioner Amaresh Pujari. The city police are working on a proposal to procure laser guns and Taser guns that will give a jerk to a member of an unlawful […]

UK – Riot police to change tactics after Birmingham looting (2011-09-08)

Posted on September 8 2011 by admin

[[ SUMMARY / COMMENTS :New tactics are being developed by West Midlands Police to deal with public disorder after the emergence of large-scale looting in the Birmingham riots. This includes arrest training and the wider use of Taser guns. ]] Insp John Pickard said police would reflect on feedback New tactics are being developed by […]

TASER Inc. – Taser Company Wants To Move Past the Negativity (2011-09-07)

Posted on September 7 2011 by admin

[[ SUMMARY / COMMENTS “” (?) reports un upbeat article by which TASER Inc. wants to put the bad publicity behind it: salacious headlines – as if the taser actually killed anyone, and emphasize the positive – eg. 75,000 lives saved by the taser since it was introduced.]] Taser Company Wants To Move Past the […]

UK – More deaths at the hands of UK police (2011-08-31)

Posted on August 31 2011 by admin

[[ Summary / Comments : Three deaths too many! and now in England … “In the space of just seven days, three more people have been killed in police operations in the UK involving the use of lethal Taser guns and pepper spray.” Dale Burns in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, a 27-year-old father of two young children; […]