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AUSTRALIA – Flight delayed as taser gun falls out of overhead locker (2012-02-10)

Posted on February 10 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Yet another dangerous element of the taser: The”plastic” taser does not show up clearly in security scanning equipment, at airports or eslewhere. Little surprise that it could be taken aboard a Melbourne-bound flight.]]. AOLNews, by Ruth Doherty, Feb 10, 2012 A Virgin Australia flight was delayed in Melbourne when a taser gun […]

VIETNAM – Vietnam Airlines denies passenger’s accusations of violence [passenger claims he was tasered](2011-04-21)

Posted on April 22 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: This is both a unverified claim and the word “taser” may be used generically … A Vietnamese airline was diverted to a small airport, before taking off the national taekwondo coach yelled at flight attendants, then he reulctantly boarded. According to the instructor’s lawyer “all the airport’s security guards needed to do […]

USA – Airlines – Stun guns OK’d for use on airline (2004-07-11)

Posted on November 7 2004 by admin

USA TODAY, Alan Levin and Chris Woodyard … Korean Air last week became the first carrier to receive U.S. government permission to equip jets with electric stun guns as a defense against terrorists. Korean, which had installed TASER guns on at least some of its fleet in 2002, can now use these weapons on flights […]

USA – Airlines – Ammunition for opponents of guns in the cockpit (2004-11-03)

Posted on November 3 2004 by admin

Ammunition for opponents of guns in the cockpit United spent $1 million two years ago on 1,300 Taser stun guns and trained its pilots to use them. But, they’ve never been deployed — and there’s no indication that they’ll be used anytime soon since the feds have yet to approve them. The Transportation Security Administration […]

USA – TASER Inc. – TASER International, Inc. commends Greek Police Special Forces on use of ADVANCED TASER M26 to arrest Turkish Airlines Flight 160 hijacker (2003-04-01)

Posted on April 1 2003 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: In a much-acclaimed incident in 2003, the taser was used to subdue a potential airline hijacker. This is the only case of such a result, and airlines have either declined to use the taser, or been refused permission to do so, since then. Of course, TASER Inc. never acknowledged the fact that […]

USA – “New Taser Guns Aim for Bigger Things: Response to Terror” (2001-11-18)

Posted on November 18 2001 by admin

ASSOCIATED PRESS, by Alisa Blackwood SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — When his brother’s two football buddies were killed in a drive-by shooting a decade ago, Tom Smith and his brother began thinking more seriously about how to protect themselves and their family from violent criminals. Tom and Rick Smith’s father was frequently out of town and they […]