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USA – Medical research: Medical Conditions and Restraint in Patients Suffering From Excited Delirium (2014-05-21)

Posted on May 21 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Police overusing the diagnosis of “excited delirium”: All 66 suspects considered by police in one jurisdiction were followed up at hospital. 42 were treated in emergency departments. Officer-identified cases of ExDS infrequently involved individuals requiring extensive restraint or with medical conditions that objectively placed them at high risk for sudden death.]] American […]

USA – Washington State: Second case of excited delirium, coroner decides (2013-10-15)

Posted on October 15 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Jason Nalls died in July 2103. The forsensic pathologist said he died of “excited delirium”, after being tasered. Following a police chase, Mr Nalls was handcuffed after he’d been tasered, although the probes may not have penetrated his clothing. A month earlier On June 29, Jesse Avina Morales, 21, died after […]

USA – Topeka,Kansas: Law enforcement officials seeing more ‘excited delirium’ (2013-02-03)

Posted on February 3 2013 by admin

 [[SUMMARY / COMMENT: This both-sides-of-the-argument article favours the police-TASER version: a new disorder, completely unrecognized by the medical community, is causing an increasing deaths, particularly, as the article fails to point out, just after a taser is used. In a typical year, the city of Topeka (pop. 130,000) maybe has four or five excited delirium […]

USA – Special protocol for ExDS [“Excited Delirium”] response is valuable liability shield (2102-04-12)

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  [[SUMMARY / COMMENT. The website informs US police officers – their main readership –  that “the symptoms and dangers of excited delirium” – mysteriously labelled ExDS, as if this makes it sound more scientific – are “now well-publicized and solidly confirmed by numerous research studies” (sic) – so they need a response protocol […]

USA – Arizona Officers not charged for Tasing man 71 times (2012-03-05)

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  [[SUMMARY / COMMENT : Multiple tasering for a medical emergency…Three officers involved in Tasering a man 71 times at a North Highway 89 gas station last summer will not be criminally charged. The unnamed man, according to the police, was high on Bath Salts and PCP and went into a state of excited delirium […]

USA – In response to ’60 Minutes,’ an officer says TASERs quell erratic suspects (2011-11-16)

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 [[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Officer Marcus Martin of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department , a TASER Inc. certified taser instructor (3 days training), challenges the medical and electrocardiological rejection of “excited delirium” as a cause of post-tasering deaths.  “Excited delirium is a primary reason officers should carry [a Taser]”, he tells us on the […]

CANADA – Calgary: Cops unable to curb excited delirium custody deaths, inquiry told (2011-08-24)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Calgary police, giving evidence at a fatality inquiry into the death of Gordon Walker Bowe, who succumbed to excited delirium on Nov. 2, 2008, report they will continue to to have in custody deaths related to excited delirium, despite all their efforts to reduce it, including the use of tasers]] By Kevin […]

USA – Everett, Washington State: Prosecutor rules no charges to be files in death of Sultan man (2011-06-03)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: ” Autopsy tests showed Adam Colliers, 25, died not from Taser hits but from “acute drug intoxication” when he fought with the officers. ” 911 calls … yelling in the street … multiple shots and died. Autopsy: “combination of a fairly high level of drugs (methamphetamine), extreme agitation and a struggle likely […]

CANADA – Nova Scotia yet to release Taser rules six months after Howard Hyde inquiry (2011-05-12)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Recommendations of a inquiry into Howard Hyde’s – he was a Nova Scotian who suffered from schizophrenia – death, blamed his death on his struggle with the police, not the taser discharges he received – remain to be implemented. Justice minister (ex-RCMP officer) Landry says: “It’s very difficult in situations where … […]

USA – Connecticut Experts Wonder Why Police Aren’t Held Responsible For The People Who Die In Taser-Related Deaths (2011-05-04)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: With 9 deaths following the use of the taser in Connecticut since 2006, this article provides a good overview of the contradictions and abuse associated with taser use on one State. Unexplained deaths, Racism, a boy being tasered at school, a man mowing his lawn (“mistaken identity”) and less taser use in […]

USA – Autopsy: Excited delirium syndrome, not police Taser, killed East Grand Rapids, Michigan man (2009-12-10)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: This is a typical autopsy finding: a “usually placid jazz fan”, Matthew Bolick, “a meteorology student at Central Michigan University”, was praised as a loving brother, an energetic man who was quick with a joke and committed to social justice.” goes into a psychiatric crisis, receives multiple taser shots that fail to […]

CANADA – Patrick Bolland: “More than just another Canadian taser death: ‘The taser killed Aron Firman’” (2011-02-18)

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An initial version of this text was published on the Canadian Dimension blog on 10 February 2011 ( The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported on December 6 2010 “Taser killed Ontario man: Ontario Special Investigations Unit”. The SIU, a provincial independent police oversight body, had just issued its report on the death of Aron Firman […]

TASER Inc. – Excited Delirium Strikes without Warning (2011-02)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: TASER Inc. works closely, VERY CLOSELY, with “EMS Today” (Emergency Medical Services: Paramedics in ambulances). This LONG text outlines a workshop being offered by EMS Today in March in Baltimore, Maryland. It effectively summaries the TASER Inc. “(un)convential wisdom”: The most controversial element is towards the end (in bold:) using the taser […]

USA – “Excited Delirium Strikes without Warning” [sic] (2011-02-01)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: TASER Inc. works closely, very closely , with “EMS Today” (Emergency Medical Serices: Paramedics in ambulances). This long text outlines a workshop being offered by EMS Today in March in Baltimore, Maryland. It effectively summaries the TASER Inc. “(un)convential wisdom: The most controversial element is towards the end (in bold:) using the […]

CANADA – Témoignage Patti Gillman: Comité permanent de la sécurité publique et nationale [Patti Gillman’s testimony before the Canadian Parliamant Public Security Commission’s hearing on the taser] (2008-04-16)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Excerpt from the official translation of the testimony of Robert Dziekanski’s mother and  Patti Gillman (TruthNotTasers) before the Canadian Parliamant Public Security Commission’s hearing on the taser  ]] 39e LÉGISLATURE, 2e SESSION Comité permanent de la sécurité publique et nationale TÉMOIGNAGES Le mercredi 16 avril 2008 [Enregistrement électronique] [Traduction] Nous faisons un […]