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USA – Thomaston, Georgia Taser Incident Sparks Outrage, More Alleged Victims Coming Forward (2014-06-18)

Posted on June 18 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: People in Thaston are organizing to protest against a police officer accused of brutality. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is reviewing an incident from June 11, where Tobin used a taser on 25-year-old Kelcey Rockemore, supposedly “because he made a sudden turn toward the officer”, following complaints that he had been “loitering” […]

CANADA – Winnipeg teen ordered to drop knife after he was Tasered, witness says (2014-04-08)

Posted on April 8 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS – A witness at the fatality inquest into the July 22, 2008 death of Michael Langan, 17, says Police warned Michael to drop a knife only AFTER they shocked him with a Taser and he fell backwards to the ground. The police squealed to a halt in their car and immediately drew […]

USA – Des Moines, Iowa: ‘Facts’ from officials keep changing in Taser case – Register Investigation (2014-03-24)

Posted on March 24 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Police often seem to misreport taser use (read: perjury), as if this were normal procedure. Police here provide inconsistent reports on the number of times a Taser was used and by how many deputies, whether deputies were injured, whether Michael Zubrod threatened the deputies’ lives, and details about Mr Zubrod’s death on […]

CANADA – Robert Dziekanski Taser death: Officer fails to quash perjury charge (2014-03-13)

Posted on March 13 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The fallout from the taser-death of Ropbert Dzziekanski in 2007 continues. RCMP Constable Kwesi Millington’s trial is to proceed on accusations he lied to Braidwood Inquiry. The charge against Milington is only one count, but carries 10 separate allegations.]] CBC A B.C. Supreme court justice has denied Const. Kwesi Millington’s application to […]

CANADA – British Columbia: RCMP officers facing new perjury charges in Dziekanski taser death (2014-02-20)

Posted on February 20 2014 by admin

  Globe & Mail, by James Keller [SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Indictments continue to be made six years later against the police officers who tasered Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver International Airport in 2007. He died as a result of this incident. They are being charged with perjury. The Crown alleges the men lied about what happened […]

CANADA – British Columbia: Amended indictments filed against two RCMP officers in B.C. Taser perjury case (2014-02-20)

Posted on February 20 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Police officers involved the in taser-related death of Robert Dziekanski (in 2007) continue to be indicted for perjury for their testimony at the 2009 public inquiry, particularly in their discussion together of how they should present evidence. Each told the inquiry that Dziekanski was stunned because he posed a threat. … ]] […]

CANADA – Surrey, British Columbia – Transit cop who lied about Tasering incident gets his job back (2014-02-19)

Posted on February 19 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A transit cop who was fired after making false and misleading statements about a confrontation with an elderly man will be getting his job back. The Police Complaint Commissioner concluded that he intentionally falsified his report in a “misdirected effort” to help the other officer justify his use of the Taser.]] The […]

USA – Muscatine County, Iowa reverses its stance on Taser document (2014-01-13)

Posted on January 13 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Cover-up of a jailer who used a Taser four times on a mentally disabled inmate has been found, causing county officials to reverse previous statements contending the document never existed. Some of the shocks occurred while the 58-year-old Muscatine woman was handcuffed or leg shackled and surrounded by five or six jail […]

CANADA – Global TV: Some facts about the Taser perjury trial (2013-06-10)

Posted on June 10 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : a brief chronological overview of the perjury trial of police-officers in the tasering death of Robert Dziekanski in October 2007 – All four officers were found not guilty of committing perjury … ]] Canadian Press VANCOUVER – Taser use by police in British Columbia is down 87 per cent since Robert […]

New Orleans, Louisiana: New Orleans Police Dept Taser case tests difference between lying and faulty memory (2013-06-28)

Posted on March 28 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Police who taser a suspect report he was holding a machete. Video from the tasercam contradicts this and they are sanctioned. Cameras are become an increasinly important tool for establisgin what actually happens. They were put on trial: “These two officers were looked up to by many officers,” Deputy Chief Darryl […]

USA – New Orleans’ Second District officer fired for untruthfulness allegation has lengthy record of commendations and shootings (2012-12-03)

Posted on December 3 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: In an all-too-typical case, and despite the misleading headline, a New Orleans police officer is dismissed for deploying his taser on an unarmed subject and for lying in his report on the incident. The officer had been found to have violated the NOPD truthfulness and moral conduct policies. He has a colorful […]

USA – A federal case in Colwyn, Philadelphia [a police-officer tasers a 16-yr-old shackled to a bench] (2012-11-17)

Posted on November 17 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A clear case of police/taser abuse, resulting in no charges against the police-officer involved: A Delaware County judge acquitted former Colwyn police Cpl. Trevor Parham of charges related to the Tasering of Da’Qwan Jackson, then 16, while he was shackled to a bench in a holding cell. He was cursing and ineffectually […]

USA – Grand Rapids, Michigan family of man who died [og ‘excited delirium’] after Taser tells East Grand Rapids police to stay out (2012-09-05)

Posted on September 5 2012 by admin

[[Summary / Comments : Attorneys for East Grand Rapids police, defending a lawsuit in Bolick’s 2009 death, filed notice in U.S. District Court that they want to enter the Mr Bolicks’ Heather Street house to inspect, measure and photograph the property. Matthew Bolick’s family – he died after multiple Taser shots by police – doesn’t […]

NEW ZEALAND – Police ‘clearly wrong’ in taser incident – judge (2012-07-07)

Posted on July 6 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENT: A rare case of tasercam video recording being used by a judge to contradict police reporting of a taser incident – the police claiming a man used his child as a “human shield”: “The pushing or shoving of the shower door did not occur, the Taser camera shows it was still intact. […]

CANADA – Toronto: Police who lie: For hollering at police, a man was beaten and Tasered (2012-04-28)

Posted on April 28 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Judge awards $70,000 to a victim of police abusive use of taser in 2009. Police used a taser to subdue a man who allegedly shouted at them from his Jeep. A judge now decides the police-officers’ testimony were “not forthright,” “evasive for self-serving reasons,” and finally “Their testimony was . . . […]

USA – Portland, Oregon: City to pay man $250,000 after police mistake him as a tagger (2012-04-26)

Posted on April 26 2012 by admin

[[Summary / Comments: Should taggers be tasered? This case is worse: Dan Halsted while he was just innocently walking home. When he heard men following him, he understandably ran. “I was screaming to call the police the whole time, and I didn’t realize this was the police because they never identified themselves at all.” An […]

USA – North Chicago: Man dies after being assaulted by cops; officers placed on paid leave (2012-04-25)

Posted on April 25 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENT: A case of clear abusive use of tasers and false reporting by police: Police were dispatched to investigate a domestic abuse complaint last year. According to the officers that responded to the call, Hanna, unarmed, rushed them with clenched fists, they responded with batons and Tasers. Although the cops claim that their […]

USA – Woman Shocked by Orlando Police Gets Nearly $80K (2012-04-17)

Posted on April 17 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENT: Taser abuse settlement – but jury says taser policy at fault, not police officers’ use of the taser. An Orange County jury on Monday awarded about $80,000 to a woman who claimed excessive force was used when she was stunned with a Taser by Orlando police officers in 2003. Heather Hull, a […]

CANADA – Mockery of justice system [RCMP & failure to prosecute police who tasered Robert Dziekanski] (2012-01-03)

Posted on January 3 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A sociologist at Carleton University writes: Despite overwhelming evidence, no criminal charges have been laid British Columbia’s Criminal Justice Branch against the four officers implicated in the tasering of Rober Dziekanski on 14 October 2007 before he died. This is despite RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson’s statement that he will take action against […]

CANADA – British Columbia – Dziekanski perjury trial timeline frustrates mother – First Mountie not set to go on trial until late 2012 (2012-12-26)

Posted on December 26 2011 by admin

 [[SUMMARY / COMMENTS Robert Dziekanski died after four Mounties used a Taser stun gun to subdue him at Vancouver International Airport in October 2007. Five years later, his mother is told she’ll have to wait another year until the police officers are charged with perjury – they clearly lied about their intervention, both in 2007 […]