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CANADA – Toronto Police chief backs expanded use of tasers (2013-09-12)

Posted on September 13 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Shot then tasered. The officer who on July 27 tasered Sammy Yatim, the Toronto teenager who had been shot multiple times on a streetcar has not been suspended, although he may still face charges. The Toronto Police Chief strongly supports expanded taser use – particularly for first responders confronting crisis situations. […]

CANADA – Police in a risky love affair with Tasers (2013-09-09)

Posted on September 9 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Tasers are, we read, “wonderful devices”, the police just need to treat them carefully: “in the case of Tasers, life-saving potential so clear — that we start a love affair with the gadget that defies rationality.” The case for tasers is “almost self-evident”: Police forces around the world love Tasers, and […]

USA – Vermont- Attorney General: Trooper justified in firing Taser at man who later died (2013-01-25)

Posted on January 25 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENT. Tom Costello, the attorney representing the family of the victim, remains incredulous that the state trooper who tasered unarmed Macadam Mason, in clear psychiatric distress (following epileptic seizures), and on his own grounds with his girl-friend asking them to keep back is be cleared of any criminal wrongdoing, despite the autopsy of […]

UK – Taser Provision: Met [London Police] Force Moves To Allay Concerns (2012-12-21)

Posted on December 21 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The Metropolitan Police (= London Police) is actively trying to convince community groups that more tasers are good for the community. two officers per response car will be equipped with Taser in each borough, with a pair of the vehicles operating at any one time. (Hard to make out what this really […]

USA – “Is TASER’s Rick Smith the Steve Jobs of police technology?” (2012-11-27)

Posted on November 27 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Is TASER International the world’s greatest corporation? The Police are told “Yes”. The influential PoliceOne website chief editor argues that CEO Rick Smith is probably finer than Apple’s Steve Jobs. The differences are that Mr Smith is easier to relate to, less secretive and “TASER is laser-focused (pun intended) on protecting life […]

UK – Give all police Taser guns to quell riots, Police Federation says (2012-05-16)

Posted on May 16 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENT : All English police officers should have access to Taser stun guns to quell future riots, a senior police officer union’s spokesman has said, as part of a £111 million shopping list of weaponry and armour including water cannon, which he said was needed to maintain public order and avoid a repeat […]

JERSEY – Human rights group objections to Tasers (2012-04-30)

Posted on April 30 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENT : The Jersey (Channel Islands) Human Right Group fears the ‘militarisation’ of the police after the police chief, the police officers’ ‘union’ and honorary officers all backed the introduction of Tasers. The police say it is just another “tactical weapon” to protect the public. ]] FEARS have been expressed about the ‘militarisation’ […]

USA – Police website: “Special protocol for ExDS [“Excited Delirium”] response is valuable liability shield” (2102-04-12)

Posted on April 12 2012 by admin

USA – Police website: “Special protocol for ExDS [“Excited Delirium”] response is valuable liability shield [Tasers appropriate in this context]”  (2102-04-12) [[SUMMARY / COMMENT. The website informs US police officers that “the symptoms and dangers of excited delirium” – mysteriously labelled ExDS, as if this makes it sound more scientific – “now well-publicized and […]

UK – The Police Use of Tasers in the UK (2012-02-22)

Posted on March 22 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A straight-talking police perspective on the use of tasers in the UK, Amnesty International’s position on tasers, the at-risk populations, the dangers of their overuse and their association with two deaths and use in the eviction of travellers at Dale Farm.]] Tasers are classed as non lethal weapons that can be […]

TASER Inc. – Press release: TASER Introduces Breakthrough AXON Flex Video System (2012-02-21)

Posted on February 21 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: TASER Inc.’s announcement of the “new” (actually revamped – now with Looxcie Inc. video technology) AXON system, a “customer-centric product”, adaptable to Oakley’s top-selling eyewear, capturing capture evidence from the officer’s point of view helps protect officers from false claims, enhance public trust, improve civilian behavior, decrease litigation and make communities safer […]

UK – London Police Union: The value of Taser (2012-02-19: date uploaded)

Posted on February 19 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The London Metropolitan Police Federation- a union representing 1/5th of English police officers – is calling for a taser for every police-cruiser: “Anything that can do everything expected of a conventional firearm, yet leaves no-one dead or injured, is going to be a prized piece of equipment. The Taser is just that.” […]

USA – New Haven, Connecticut: Chief Vows Review Of All Taser Fires (2012-01-26)

Posted on January 26 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : New Haven Police Chief tells a neighborhood meeting: We will examine how his officers deploy the newly popular taser weapon—every time they pull the trigger. Citizens complaining of over-use against young trouble-makers are told: “Tasers are a great tool. They actually save lives.” – providing no facts to back up his […]

USA – Tasers reissued to Charlotte, North Carolina, cops after six months (2012-01-25)

Posted on January 25 2012 by admin

WBTV, by Ron Lee [[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Tasers were withdrawn (without any known announcement ) from the Charlotte police for six months of checking, inspecting and reissuing, after the death of Lareko Williams in a sexual violence scenario: he ran away, the police tasered him, he died. The new taser X2 arsenal – a double-barreled […]

USA / CANADA – PoliceOne: “TASER alarmists call devices ‘urban terrorism'” (2012-01-20)

Posted on January 20 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : PoliceOne picks up ont the TASER Inc. reaction to a news story (not really news) that sensationalizes the findings of a Canadian sociological researcher who “relied on media coverage of the deaths to argue TASERs represent a “teething new urban terrorism” that targets Canadian society’s “hapless,””, Tha ‘National Post’ had comepletely […]

USA – Hindsight 2011 – Two seasoned police vets share their perspective on the year [Reaching for the taser too quickly] (2011-12-12)

Posted on December 12 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Two “seasoned”- read “older-generation” police officers discuss 2011 in this online police news-service. While acknowledging the value of tasers, one officer says: “ The introduction of the Taser is a great step forward, however with its issue, I see officers reaching for the Taser way too quickly. We have lost our ability […]

USA – [PoliceOne website:] Are TASERs ‘overused’ or just plain used? (2011-11-28)

Posted on November 28 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Detractors of tasers – we read on this police news site, with close links to TASER Inc. – often complain about its “so-called overuse”. This can only be determined by highly-skilled personnel (i.e., police) “incident recordings on a case-by-case basis” ùnd then you find “…in nearly all — if not all […]

UK – TASER – “The reality (not the hysteria)” [A police blog: TASER use from the frontline] (2011-11-26)

Posted on November 26 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: A British police wants to distance his country’s officers from their US counterparts. The (British) police perspective on tasers is well reflected here: hysteria recently about TASER is either  by “sinister anti-authority types who simply do not want us to be able to protect ourselves and the public, people whose experience of conflict […]

NETHERLANDS – ‘Exporting Insanity: Dutch Police Get Tasers’ – Amnesty International (2009-03-27)

Posted on March 7 2009 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Today, Holland starts a one-year trial of arming police with Tasers. This sounds like a familiar story, but here’s the twist: The Dutch police don’t want the them – the Federal Police issued a statement documenting their objections to using the taser. The controversy surrounding Tasers is well-documented and the police […]

NEW ZEALAND – Taser opponents lack New Zealand Perspective (2007-12-12)

Posted on December 12 2007 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Opponents to New Zealand Police being issued with Taser devices are ignoring the realities of modern policing in New Zealand, Police Association President Greg O’Connor said today, using the questionable claim of rising crime rates to justify roll-out of tasers: “Unfortunately New Zealand Police are being called upon to respond to more […]

SPAIN – Las temibles pistolas eléctricas [Taser: the dreaded electric pistol] (2007-11-23)

Posted on November 23 2007 by admin

[[Summary / Comments: We translate (via google translator, then corrected – the original is in italics after the translation) an article on police access and use of tasers in Spain, where police have nearly 340 Taser stun, mainly in the Canary Islands, where they were adopteed in 2001. In Madrid there are only two. One […]