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TRINIDAD & TOBAGO – Women split on pepper-spray, taser and beepers (2014-02-22)

Posted on February 22 2014 by admin

[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Tasers for women’s self-protection? Some women’s organizations are calling for devices such as pepper-spray, tasers and beepers to be be legalised so that women could protect themselves and their children during Carnival. This is being supported by Police Social Welfare Association, suggesting “Why not men as well?” But an island-wide women’s NGO […]

UK – Deadly stun guns [not Taser ® products]for sale on eBay – Auction site in the dock as Mail on Sunday buys three lethal weapons in a matter of minutes (2014-02-15)

Posted on February 15 2014 by admin

Daily Mail, by Ben Ellery and Gareth Rubin [SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Tasers are illegal weapons the United Kingdom (except for police use). Politicians have raised alarm about stun guns that deliver an electric shock five times more powerful than a police Taser that are being sold on eBay. The stun guns, advertised on the site […]

USA – Michigan GOP lawmakers: Allow civilian Tasers in schools, day care centers, other ‘gun-free zones’ (2013-10-04)

Posted on October 4 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : The NRA argument may win out in Michigan! Republican legislators have ontroduced bills to allow pistols and tasers in schools, etc. A person with a concealed pistol license would be allowed to carry a civilian Tasers into a school, day care center or other “gun-free zone” under legislation proposed by two […]

USA – Clovis, New Mexico: Foster dad sentenced to prison for using Taser on kids (2013-08-23)

Posted on August 23 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: TASER International consumer sales too frequently end up being misued – by criminals and in situations like family violence. Since they are easier to purchase than guns (tasers are NOT “firearms”), without requiring background checks in many states, this case is far from exceptional: foster father tasering his two children multiple times, […]

USA – Taser International – ‘Taser launches flashlight/stun gun product’ (2013-07-10)

Posted on July 10 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : TASER International announces a new product: “Taser’s StrikeLight is 9.5-ounce flashlight that includes some stun gun applications ($129.99) The consumer product allows the user to repel potential attackers with five-second, high-voltage charges.” It is far less severe than the voltage in stun guns TASER otherwise markets. The corporation seems to be […]

BRAZIL- Commission approves personal use of tasers (2013-03-21)

Posted on March 21 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : (Edited google-translation from Portuguese; the original text appears below the translation, in italics.) Under a new law just adopted (on 13 March), tasers can be used by any adults for self protection, wiuthout needing to prove technical capacity or psychological fitness. They must apply for registration within 90 days, be at […]

USA – Guns Sales Soar in US as Nation Weighs Tougher Limits [Nothing here directly about tasers] (2012-01-12)

Posted on January 12 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: There is nothing here about tasers, but a clear insight into American “gun culture”, the backdrop in which tasers have become normalized in the USA. The Obama administration’s project of curbing gun violence has led to … masses rushing to expand their arsenals in advance of any restrictions that might be imposed. […]

USA – Longmont, Colorado Man Arrested For Shooting Stun Gun At His Grandmother (2013-01-06)

Posted on January 6 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Should tasers be sold on the open market? The use of a taser as an instrument of domestic violence … Mr Alec Arapahoe, 20, is being charged with taking a taser – presumably, from the text, a TASER International model – and driving it into his grandmother’s back and activating the Taser […]

POLAND – Poland’s addiction to tasers (2011-07-21)

Posted on July 21 2012 by admin

[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: (Note to readers: We do not have independent confirmation of this information.) “Are we safer or, quite to the contrary, more threatened by this internal army?” wonders the Warsaw daily, stressing the fact that no other EU country has such liberal laws concerning the use of tasers as Poland, and there will […]

INDONESIA – Jakarta Women Told to Carry Pepper Spray, Tasers to Avoid Rape (2012-01-24)

Posted on January 24 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Tasers to keep away sexual predators? Bad advice! Victim-blaming Indonesian police are echoing TASER Inc.’s claim that tasers “protect the innocent”, and women particularly. A completely unsubstantiated claim – and a tasered attacker is sure to become more violent. What’s neded is better policing!]] Following a string of sexual assaults committed on […]

USA (?) – Batman Arm Armor with Pip-Boy iPhone Dock (2011-12-23)

Posted on December 23 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : [From an unchecked web-site …. ] This clearly is NOT a TASER Inc. product, but a name-borrowing App, inspired by Batman pyrotechnics with a taser-like stungun. The claim is: The Armstar – said to be partly owned by Kevin Costler – is a stun device, camera, flash light, and optionally an […]

USA – “The Best Way I Know to Defend My Family – My TASER C2” (2011-12-11)

Posted on December 11 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : No real surprises here from a mother living in “very firearm-friendly” Arizona who describes herself as a “taser marketing consultant” – probably holding taser-tupperware parties. She touts the C2, not only legal in most states but “No wait, actually, best of all, they come in lots of colors!”. She even gets […]

SOUTH AFRICA – ‘Father, have mercy on me’ [Siblings try using taser to murder both their parents] (2011-10-29)

Posted on October 30 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: The taser (a generic model?) plays a role in a sensational South African trial of two white adult siblings, charged with deliberately killing their parents. “I took a taser and shocked her [the mother] on her neck, and she fell over, the son tells the court; later “We were also trying the taser […]

AUSTRALIA – Black-market taser trade tied to clubs [unclear if actually TASER products] (2011-10-22)

Posted on October 22 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS : “Tasers” – it’s not clear whether these are TASER Inc. products or the term is used in the generic sense – are illegal in Australia outside of the police. They are readily available on the black-market in Sydney: in bars and clubs and are increasingly being carried as security weapons by drug-dealers, […]

THAILAND / UK – Thailand tourist put stun guns in post to himself (2011-10-15)

Posted on October 15 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: How to get a taser if you live in a country where they are banned for the public? Easy! Get it sent by mail. But in this case the term “taser” appears to be used generically: “The court was told the items operated as torches until two metal pins were added, which can […]

MALAYSIA – Stun-guns (taser-equivalents) are readily available on sale in Kuala Lumpur (2011-09-09)

Posted on September 9 2011 by admin

[[ SUMMARY / COMMENTS : A detailed report showing how easy it is to purchase and get hold of “tasers” (generic term) from traders, Note these are not genuine tasers (“(Taser is a well-known brand name in the United States which is used by the American police)”) DANGEROUS weapons and drugs are readily available to […]

USA – Salt Lake City, Utah: Department of Justice Study : Excessive stun gun use increases risk of death (2011-05-27)

Posted on May 28 2011 by admin

Salt Lake Tribune Police officers using stun guns should avoid shooting people multiple times or for prolonged periods to reduce the risk of potential injury or death, according to a U.S. Department of Justice study prompted by hundreds of police-involved deaths across the country. Coroners and other medical experts on the study panel concluded that […]

USA – Gun forum: M26 on sale for $375 (2011-05-17)

Posted on May 22 2011 by admin

[A gun forum in Colorado -” Colorado AR-15 Shooters Club forum: Colorado’s no compromise gun rights association” – contains interesting comments on the M26 / X26. An owner of the X26 is trying to selling his M26… $375 + $25 per cartridge and batteries are overpriced … ] Here is the dialogue: banks74 18 April: […]

DUBAI / UNITED ARAB EMIRATES : Armed fights among youth [including using tasers] worry families (2011-05-15)

Posted on May 15 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Post from Dubai (UAE) reports rising concern over youth violence (12-14 year-olds in gangs), in the United Arab Republic where knives, sticks, swords and other sharp tool and tasers (generic term?) are sold over the counter. There is a single reference to “tasers” (in bold here): ” … The fighting kids used […]

UK – New double-barrelled Taser unveiled (2011-04-20)

Posted on April 23 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Taser describes the new X2 as ‘the most voice-of-consumer designed taser device” and “designed by law enforcement for law enforcement’. It is said to be of similar size to a normal single-shot Taser X26… the X2 works by launching a pair of darts angled slightly up and down which trail thin wires […]