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UK – Dale Farm protesters tasered as eviction erupts in violence and flames (2011-10-30)

Posted on October 30 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS : The Dale Farm eviction ends in a violent assault by the British police to evict the Travellers who had settled on the farm. (Oxford dictionary: British English: “Traveller (also New Age traveller) a person who holds New Age values and leads an itinerant and unconventional lifestyle”.) Two protesters have been tasered and […]

FRANCE – Human rights group wins legal battle against Taser maker (2010-09-09)

Posted on September 9 2010 by admin

Radio-France International – A Paris court has ruled against the stun gun maker Taser in a denigration case, which opposed the gun maker to a French human rights group.

USA – Nick Dial: “TASER – An Officer’s Perspective and a Jolt of Reality” (2010-06-01)

Posted on June 1 2010 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Nick Dial, a certified Arizona police officer specialized in Homeland Security with taser experience presents a particularly coherent – and lengthy – argument concerning many of the problems of taser use by the US police. Interesting because he is a police-officer “speaking out”. Nick Dial provides clear examples to illustrate his case […]

FRANCE – Taser – le procès en diffamation de Besancenot aura lieu le 20 octobre [TASER’s slander suit against far-left politician Besancenot will take place on 20 October] (2008-05-07)

Posted on May 7 2008 by admin

The trial date is set for Taser France’s slander suite against Far-Left political leader Olivier Besancenot

FRANCE – Taser seller sues Amnesty International (2008-03-05)

Posted on March 5 2008 by admin

AFP … Taser seller sues Amnesty The French reseller of Taser stun guns, dogged by scandals over Taser-linked deaths in Canada and the United States, has taken Amnesty International to court for harming its reputation. In May last year, the French branch of Amnesty issued a statement claiming that a Taser gun had been put […]

CANADA / QUEBEC – “Taser: tuer le messager!” [“Taser: Kill the messenger!”] (2008-02-01)

Posted on February 1 2008 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS : The notes of a journalist who worked on a Radio-Canada documentary by Frédéric Zalac on tasers: many who had stories to tell (police, medical examiners, journalists, etc.) did not want their names or faces to appear on the programme for fear of lawsuits – SLAP – by TASER Inc. lawyers who have […]

FRANCE – Droit de réponse [TASER. fr given right to reply to critical article in ‘Libération’] (2007-05-31)

Posted on May 31 2007 by admin

Taser (France) replies to a critical article in the French left-centre newspaper “Libération”, accusing the paper of slandering the name of a product which has been “vindicated by thousdands of researchers, doctors and police officers”