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USA – Is this the next generation of Taser? Prison to test new laser beam to ‘burn’ fighting inmates (2011-02-13)

Posted on February 12 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: [See video at the URL at the end] A UK report on a “monstrous machine could come in very handy for breaking up prison fights“: the Assault Intervention Device (AID) being developed ion California that is “touted as a new type of Taser gun” – note, it is not manufactured by TASER […]

USA – Nashville, Tennessee, Mom Says Prison Guards Killed Her Son (2011-02-04)

Posted on February 4 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A mother pleads the case for her deceased son who died as he was tasered for 10 minutes by a “cell extraction unit” using “Taser shields” (to stop potential flashback shocks from the taser): “The Cell Extraction Team Defendants sadistically and maliciously pressed a Taser shield on Charles Toll’s back for more […]

USA – Buried Alive: Solitary Confinement in Arizona’s Prisons and Jails (2007-12)

Posted on December 31 2007 by admin

[[GlobalShock: This is a brief excerpt from an 80-page AFSC report on the horrendous conditions in which inmates are kept in solitary confinement in Arizona prisons (and clearly in other states). They are systematically tortured and tasers are increasingly an instrument of this brutality. The full report is available online at the URL below.]] American […]