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SOUTH KOREA – Obstacles to trade union rights [tasers used against strikers] (2010-12-31)

Posted on December 31 2010 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENT : Tasers are used as part of a larger assault against striking members … “On August 4 2009, the South Korean Government dispatched 2,500 riot police forces and 25 squadrons to crack down on the striking workers, firing tear gas from helicopters, using Taser guns against them and stopping supplies of water […]

CAMBODIA – Stunguns – not tasers – used against Cambodian garment workers in clash with police (2010-07-27)

Posted on July 7 2010 by admin

Reuters, Prak Chan Thul At least nine female garment workers were injured on Tuesday in clashes with Cambodian riot police who used shields and electric shock batons to try to end a week-long strike over the suspension of a local union official. More than 100 police, at least 50 in riot gear and carrying assault […]

SOUTH KOREA – Police use tasers and liquified tear gas against 800 striking car workers (2009-07-31)

Posted on July 31 2009 by admin

Amnesty International today (31 July) called on the South Korean government to ensure that striking workers at Ssangyong Motor plant in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi province who are occupying their factory receive food and medical aid. Since 19 July, doctors have been allowed limited access to the compound on only three occasions – on 22 July, to treat a man shot in the face by a police Taser stun gun, and again on 30 and 31 July.