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(2013-10-12) FLORIDA: Death of Miami Beach teenager rekindles debate over Taser safety [[tasered, then died // teenager tasered // corporate spin]]

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Two months later, Death of tasered street artist Israel Hernandez Llach after spray-painting abandoned MacDonald’s continues to stir controversy. He was shot in chest. Text repeats TASER Inc.’s “nearly 17,000 law enforcement agencies in 107 countries” use tasers. Family says he was in fine health.

USA – Miami Beach, Florida: Taser death tip of the iceberg (2013-08-14)

Posted on August 14 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : The Florida Department of Law Enforcement responds to public calls that it review the death of graffiti artist Israel Hernandez-Llach after he was tasered by police eluding arrest for “tagging” a fast-food restaurant – certainly not in any way a violent act. FDLE spokesperson says “We have complete confidence in the […]

USA – Florida: Miami Beach cop in fatal Tasering has trail of controversial incidents in file (2013-08-13)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : The bad-cop syndrome to explain a clear case of abusive use of a taser?  The Miami Beach police officer involved in the Taser death of an 18-year-old graffiti enthusiast, Israel Hernandez-Llach, has a trail of trouble – including another taser assault, breaking a man’s nose, flunking a drug test and an […]

 USA – Miami Taser death: Are police relying too much on stun guns (2013-08-11)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Israel Hernandez-Bandera, an 18-yr-old graffiti artist, spray-painted an abandoned McDonald’s, was running away and then tasered by police and died. Police say they need to taser for increasing “violence” they are encountering. Most police do not publish taser-use statistics. Amnesty International clearer guidelines on taser use]] The Christian Science Monitor, by […]

USA – Miami: Hundreds gather to remember Miami Beach graffiti artist (2013-08-10)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : A rally drawing in 400 people is held for 18-year-old graffiti artist Colombian-born Israel Hernandez-Llach who was tasered by police running away after spray-painting a shuttered McDonald’s. The teen’s father, Israel Hernandez-Bandera has called his son’s death “an act of barbarism” and an “assassination of a young artist and photographer.” The […]

USA – Miami, Florida: ‘To Avoid Physical Incident,’ Cops Taser and Kill Teenage Graffiti Artist (2013-08-08)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Israel Hernandez-Llach, 17-years-old, was already an award-winning artist, on the threshold of acclaim in Miami Beach art circles. It was while spray-painting a shuttered McDonald’s early Tuesday morning that Hernandez-Llach was chased down by Miami Beach police and shot in the chest with a Taser. He later died. Friends and family […]

USA – Portland, Oregon: City to pay man $250,000 after police mistake him as a tagger (2012-04-26)

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[[Summary / Comments: Should taggers be tasered? This case is worse: Dan Halsted while he was just innocently walking home. When he heard men following him, he understandably ran. “I was screaming to call the police the whole time, and I didn’t realize this was the police because they never identified themselves at all.” An […]

USA – San Antonio, Texas: Tagging suspect hit with taser, 2 arrested (2012-01-24)

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