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USA – Lawsuit: Arkansas Cop Chased and Tased Woman After She Refused to Show Him Her Breasts – At her job, no less. (2013-10-31)

Posted on October 31 2013 by admin

[[ SUMMARY / COMMENTS : A city cop in Arkansas chased a woman through her workplace, shooting a Taser at her, because she refused to show him her breasts, the woman claims in court. This was in December 2011. He first threatened her with a taser and when she ran away tasered her. Ashlea Bennett […]

USA / CANADA – PoliceOne: “TASER alarmists call devices ‘urban terrorism'” (2012-01-20)

Posted on January 20 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : PoliceOne picks up ont the TASER Inc. reaction to a news story (not really news) that sensationalizes the findings of a Canadian sociological researcher who “relied on media coverage of the deaths to argue TASERs represent a “teething new urban terrorism” that targets Canadian society’s “hapless,””, Tha ‘National Post’ had comepletely […]

TASER Inc. – Taser Company Wants To Move Past the Negativity (2011-09-07)

Posted on September 7 2011 by admin

[[ SUMMARY / COMMENTS “” (?) reports un upbeat article by which TASER Inc. wants to put the bad publicity behind it: salacious headlines – as if the taser actually killed anyone, and emphasize the positive – eg. 75,000 lives saved by the taser since it was introduced.]] Taser Company Wants To Move Past the […]

NEW ZEALAND – Police minister Collins calls for police discretion in taser use (2011-04-07)

Posted on April 7 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: “New Zealand Police Minister Judith Collins says police officers should have more discretion on using the taser in volatile situations, even if a threat has not presented itself”. i.e. preventative use of tasers in potentially escalating situations. This is to back up the police commissioner’s request for “a taser in every patrol […]

AUSTRALIA – Officer quizzed on Taser shots at Inquest: 8 or 28 times? (2011-03-11)

Posted on March 11 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The inquest into Antonia Galeano’s death following 28 taser shots by a police officer raises many key issues: here, the reliability of information provided by police officer – or is it rather that the weapon itself was providing confusing feedback: “It didn’t seem to work as good as they say it does […]

USA – Lafayette, Louisiana: Police Reaffirm policy on Taser use (2011-02-12)

Posted on February 12 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A coroner says Javon Rakestrau “died of complications of bronchial asthma, and that the stress of his arrest and the Tasering contributed to the death.” – and he had traces of marijuana in his blood (!). “Rakestrau’s death is one of at least 15 in Louisiana among suspects subjected to Tasering since […]