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USA – TASER International, Inc.’s Hardware Warranty, Limitations and Release for Law Enforcement CEW Products and On-Officer Cameras (U.S. and Canada) (2013-09-09)

Posted on September 9 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Brief excerpts from the TASER warranty (one-year), the purchaser agreeing to release the corporation of ALL responsibility con cerning the taser’s use or mis-use, or its failure to perform adequately.]], (Effective September 9, 2013) Excerpts BY USING THE TASER PRODUCT YOU ARE AGREEING TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THE […]

TASER Inc : Taser’s new tools: Body cameras and the Cloud (2012-02-22)

Posted on February 22 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS – In a widely reported press-release, TASER Inc. heralds its “new” AXON video cameras – a system it has been pushing since 2010. What is new is the link-up to videos will be kept in a cloud and accessible via TASER Inc. The camera costs $1000, but access to the cloud […]

USA – Loved ones remember Tucson (Arizona) Police Department officer Henry Fung [who died of a heart attack 24 hours after being “voluntarily” tasered] (2011-11-30)

Posted on November 30 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The first known death of a police officer following “voluntary” taser discharges: a 43-year-old officer died two weeks ago, a day after “routine training, including being tasered”. He was physically very active but had a known “heart condition”. Most puzzling is that the family does not want an autopsy, does not seem […]

USA – Dallas, Texas Cop sues Taser after riding the lighting [injured following “voluntary” tasering] (2011-11-18)

Posted on November 18 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENT : Police “volunteer” for tasering seriously injured in 2009. Andy Butler, a Dallas police officer, filed a lawsuit against Taser International after being willingly zapped with over 50,000 volts of electricity during a Dallas Police Department training session. surgery to repair three herniated discs in his neck, where one was forcing pressure […]

USA – Cincinnatti I-Team: Can Tasers kill? I-Team asks Taser CEO tough questions (2011-10-27)

Posted on October 27 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS:”Does the taser Kill?” this article asks. Quite simply, as Douglas Zipes, a widely-respected  electrodardiologist specializing in heart rhythms says: “Yes”, to which TASER CEO Rick Smith, found Loitering with Intent to Sell Weapons at an Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Chicago (Where else?), replies “No”. Pigs, OK, but human No. As […]

USA – Waynesboro, Georgia, police officer gets fired after refusing to get tased (2011-10-26)

Posted on October 26 2011 by admin

JUST POSTED …(October 2011)  [[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A former Waynesboro police officer is out of a job after he refused to get tased. Police-officer Curt St. Germaine refused to be voluntarily tasered since his doctor advised him not to do so – he’s twice had a heart attack. The police were required to receive taser […]

USA – Indianapolis, Indiana: Deputy who refused Taser shock has lawsuit dismissed (2011-05-07)

Posted on May 7 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: “A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a former deputy who said he was wrongly fired by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department after refusing to receive a shock from a Taser.” The Judge stated: “Taser exposure “does not result in long-term damage and teaches deputies first-hand the effects of the […]

USA – Dallas officer is among several suing Taser, alleging injuries during training (2011-01-19)

Posted on January 19 2011 by admin

USA – Nick Dial: “TASER – An Officer’s Perspective and a Jolt of Reality” (2010-06-01)

Posted on June 1 2010 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Nick Dial, a certified Arizona police officer specialized in Homeland Security with taser experience presents a particularly coherent – and lengthy – argument concerning many of the problems of taser use by the US police. Interesting because he is a police-officer “speaking out”. Nick Dial provides clear examples to illustrate his case […]