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USA – Cincinnati: “Did Taser maker do proper study?”: I-Team (2013-05-17)

Posted on May 17 2013 by admin

  [[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Points out some of several of the most contentious issues in research on tasers … How it was launched with minimal scientific data – with just $14,000 spent on preliminary research – the $21-million stockholders’ payout for inadequate safety studies, the decision of a California judge of $10-million in damages […]

UK – Top US Doctor Warns London Metropolitan Police Over Taser Plans (2012-01-12)

Posted on January 12 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Dr Zian Tseng, an American electro-cardiologist and critic of tasers says Londoners “are at greater risk of harm under Met police plans to extend the use of taser”. “”There is a small but finite risk for sudden death with the use of taser,” he explained. “There have been some nice animal, […]

USA – Cincinnatti I-Team: Can Tasers kill? I-Team asks Taser CEO tough questions (2011-10-27)

Posted on October 27 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS:”Does the taser Kill?” this article asks. Quite simply, as Douglas Zipes, a widely-respected  electrodardiologist specializing in heart rhythms says: “Yes”, to which TASER CEO Rick Smith, found Loitering with Intent to Sell Weapons at an Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Chicago (Where else?), replies “No”. Pigs, OK, but human No. As […]