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(2017-11-17 retrieval date) (1998-09-30) FLORIDA-: Miami: Banking on brainpower [[University of Miami “brain bank”]]

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An early report on the “brain bank” at the Un iversity of Miami, set up in 1984 (?) by Dr Deborah Mash, that was to figure centrally in the “neuroscientific” debate on brain-caused in-custody deaths – particularly when tasers are implicated in the deaths. Dr Mash show the journalist a rack of sliding drawers stuffed with coded, sandwich-size plastic bags, each of the 400 containing a small section of light gray tissue: brain matter. The official aim: to study Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s, schizophrenia etc.; the actual use: to study brain defects associated with taser-related deaths – although this isn’t mentioned in this early article, published just as tasers were being launched.

NEW ZEALAND – Police use of Tasers in mental health emergencies: A review (2014-03-20)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A review article – global – of the use of tasers on people presenting mental health emergencies, who appear specially vulnerable. Also discusses problems of conflict of interests in much of the research.]] International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, by Anthony J. O’Brien and Katey Thom Abstract: The proliferation of Tasers among […]

(2013-12-03) BRAZIL – Sociedade de Cardiologia questiona a utilização de armas não letais Taser [Cardiology Association questioning the use of non-lethal Taser guns]

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: (Edited Google translation, see the original Portuguese text below, in italics) The president of the Brazilian Cardiological Association (SBC) warns that only half of scientific the studies on tasers find them safe, pointing to the lack of reliability in research studies that are not fully independent. Taser is used widely in Brazil, […]

CANADA – Police use-of-force registry would help weigh risks of taser use, study says (2013-10-15)

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 [[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Summary of the just-released “Health effects of conducted electric weapons” report. Focus on the conclusion that respiratory and cardiac risks are limited due to a lack of high-quality evidence; still, the study states that “while fatal complications are biologically plausible, they would be extremely rare.” 9000 tasers in use in Canada, […]

USA – Miami, Florida: The University of Miami Brain Endowment Bank: Explaining excited delirium (2013-10-06 – date downloaded)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A glimpse into Deborah Mash’s “brain bank” – presented as cutting-edge neuroscience, but in fact little known outside the domain of tasers, where it occupies a central role in rationalizing “excited delirium” as a distinct brain disease.]] Front page of the site of the Brain Endowment Bank at the Dept of […]

CANADA – Taser didn’t cause heart attack: expert [representing the manufacturer] (2013-06-05)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Dorin Panescu, called by Taser International to testify as an expert witness at the inquest inquiry into the death of Aron Firman has very close links to the TASER International (see note at bottom) although he claims “I’m not advocating (for Taser). I’m getting paid to give my scientific opinion …They […]

USA – Cincinnati: “Did Taser maker do proper study?”: I-Team (2013-05-17)

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  [[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Points out some of several of the most contentious issues in research on tasers … How it was launched with minimal scientific data – with just $14,000 spent on preliminary research – the $21-million stockholders’ payout for inadequate safety studies, the decision of a California judge of $10-million in damages […]

USA – TASER International research: ‘Prehospital ketamine and Excited delirium syndrome : 2 case examples’ (2012-12-15)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Dr Ho and his team work for TASER International – which you wouldn’t know from reading this research abstract. A principal thread of TASER’s scientific research is to show that “excited delirium” (“ED” – which is fancied up by its advocates as “ExDS”) actually exists and causes post-taser and post-severe police-restraint deaths. […]

USA – St. Louis, Missouri jury rules in favor of Taser in suit (2012-12-14)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: a civil lawsuit in the case Colin Fahy of St. Louis, who was 17 when he went into cardiac arrest in 2007, claiming the company failed to properly warn of its devices’ dangers has been dismissed. The case was, according to this brief article, based on research on pigs: TASER International’s lawyers […]

AUSTRALIA – ‘Delirium’ disorder splits Taser inquests (2012-11-17)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Does “Excited delirium” exist? Coroners Inquiries into two men who died after being shot multiple times by police with a Taser have come down either side of the condition “excited delirium”, which has split the medical community worldwide. Interestingly, the coroner rejected TASER International’s researcher Donald Dawes, who argued that excited delirium  […]

CANADA – TASER – The Whole Story: Dr Mike Webster at the BC Parliamentary Commission on tasers (2012-10-15)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The TruthNotTasers (TNT) blog titles this report “TASER – The Whole Story” – and police psychologist Mike Webster directly attacks numerous serious fault-lines in “taser science” and how police have been misled about tasers. We recommend reading the whole 3100-word text. A few phrases are in bold: these were highlined in our source. […]

USA – Central Oregon Community College professor weighs in on police Taser use – St. Charles patient dies after struggle with officer (2012-08-23)

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[[Summary / Comments : Another taser related death – following the use of a taser in a hospital ward. Jerry Nichols, 64, was a Vietnam War veteran who suffered from a lung condition called COPD and other medical complications. He died following an altercation with police this week. He became violent in the ER and […]

AUSTRALIA / BRAZIL – TASER Inc.: ‘How the “TASER Experience” in Australia & Brazil Works’ (2102-06-20)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : An upbeat blog-post from TASER International to “friends” in Australia and Brazil – in the latter country, TASER is hoping for major new contracts. We’ll emphasize the safety of our products & provide the enormous amount of independent research that’s been done to ensure confidence to our customers. The company boasts […]

USA – Cincinnati police revising Taser policy (2012-05-10)

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[[Summary / Comments : Given the recent scientific results (by Dr Zypes) showing Taser stun guns can cause cardiac arrest and death, the Cincinnati Police is changing its policies The police caid: “I am concerned about it because, like most police chiefs, I am a big supporter of the tool … “We are not going […]

USA – Did Taser maker do proper study? [two major problems] (2012-05-17)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENT: This article is most interesting for confirming two elements (1) A review of the Taser by the Department of Defense in 2002 said “Development of the Taser appears to be based on serendipitous findings and trial and error, as opposed to well-defined scientific investigation.” The reviewers gave “a limited but favorable endorsement” […]

USA – Pennsylvania – Meadville cop involved in Tasering to retire (2011-12-03)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : When the evidence of abuse gets overwhelmining, the overwhelmed start running: no mess, no need for an enquiry.  … The Meadville police officer who fired a Taser that took out a resident’s eye has filed for retirement, declining to speak to the media. Sgt. Glen Peterson, a 32-year veteran used a […]

TASER Inc. – Press release: TASER Saves Counter Surpasses More Than 80,000 Lives (2011-11-02)

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[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: if this were not true, it would be hard to invent: TASER Inc. Reports one death saved every 30 minutes in its website. Currently (November 2011) at 79,000. The counter is moving rapidly: 48 per day, 336 a week, 1340 a month, 16,000 a year. This is embarrassingly good: TASER Inc. will be […]

TASER Inc. – Program of the November 2011 IPICD Conference (2011-10-30 – download date)

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[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: Welcome to pseudo-science in its zenith! To add excitement, “the 1st Annual IPICD ACE™ AWARDS that will be presented to law enforcement and/or correctional officer(s) who successfully handled an excited delirium and/or Agitated Chaotic Event™” (How do they manage to trademark this concept?) The is what is scheduled for the 6th annual Institute […]

USA – Cincinnatti I-Team: Can Tasers kill? I-Team asks Taser CEO tough questions (2011-10-27)

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[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS:”Does the taser Kill?” this article asks. Quite simply, as Douglas Zipes, a widely-respected  electrodardiologist specializing in heart rhythms says: “Yes”, to which TASER CEO Rick Smith, found Loitering with Intent to Sell Weapons at an Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Chicago (Where else?), replies “No”. Pigs, OK, but human No. As […]

TASER Inc. – “TASER International Launches Website in France” [sic} (2011-10-19)

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[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS : A case of “false information and data-manipulation” typical of TASER Inc.: This “new site” – – has been on-line for some 4 years, so it’s hardly being “launched”. The layout has been revamped and the information misleading at the extreme: (1) the real-time “lives saved by taser” (80,000!); “taser safer than […]