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USA – Safety risks skewed by research funded by company, San Francisco University heart specialists study shows (2011-07-29)

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 [[SUMMARY / COMMENTS. Independent research study by San Francisco University heart specialists clearly shows bias in scientific reports distributed by TASER Inc. They looked at 50 studies into the health effects of Tasers. About half, or 23 studies, were sponsored by the company. It revealed 96 per cent of the Taser-funded studies found the […]

USA – North Carolina: U.S. court’s Taser liability verdict stuns distributor (2011-07-24)

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[[ Summary / Comments : In a major decision against the corporation, Taser International has been asked to pay $10-million in damages to the family of Darryl Turner, a 17-year-old North Carolina boy who died after he was tasered by a police officer in 2008. The court ruled that the manufacturer created an unreasonable danger […]

USA – Washington, DC: Police Executive Research Forum (PERC): “2011 Electronic Control Weapons Guidelines” (2011-04-22)

Posted on April 24 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: GlobalShock does not believe that new guide-lines are a panacea, but they can provide increased protection as long as the taser is in use.  The “PERF 2011 Guidelines” are, we believe ground-breaking,  from a widely-respected US forum (Police Executive Research Forum: PERF) – developed for and with the U.S. Department of Justice, […]

AUSTRALIA – Tasered Queenland man’s blood ‘proof of life’ [the taser’s ‘very touchy’ trigger](2011-03-21)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The officer who shot Antonio Galeano 28 times – according to the printout, only 8 times by his own recollection: “agreed that he could have inadvertently pressed the Taser’s “very touchy” trigger more times as he struggled with the violent Mr Galeano …  Questioned about his Taser training at the inquest, Snr […]

USA – Cincinnatti Consultant [also working as Taser Inc. legal counsel] Finds Anderson Township Deputies Did Not Commit Crime (2011-03-09)

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[[GlobalShock: Police tasered a man driving eratically due to falling into a diabetic shock – and continued to taser him after he was taken into custody. “Consultant” O’Lynn defended the police’s actions – a clear case of conflict of interests.]] Arizona Republic He was tased repeatedly in a matter of ninety seconds. Then John Harmon […]

TASER Inc. – Excited Delirium Strikes without Warning (2011-02)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: TASER Inc. works closely, VERY CLOSELY, with “EMS Today” (Emergency Medical Services: Paramedics in ambulances). This LONG text outlines a workshop being offered by EMS Today in March in Baltimore, Maryland. It effectively summaries the TASER Inc. “(un)convential wisdom”: The most controversial element is towards the end (in bold:) using the taser […]

USA – Ironton, Ohio: City settles in wrongful death lawsuit (2011-02-16)

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[[Globalshock: An Ironton man died after falling in the river to flee police aiming the taser at him and after they tasered him while he was in the water. His family’s lawyer demanded $2-million, a settlement was reach for an undisclosed amount, the police not admitting to any blame.]] The City of Ironton has settled […]

USA – Baltimore Teen Falls Off Roof After Taser Used (2011-02-08)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Very brief report from Baltimore local TV news script. “Police accounts” presents the youth as meriting being  tasered. But the reality is the paralyzing taser shock caused the suspect to fall off a roof: “The teen is being treating for back and neck injuries.”]] WBAL-tv … BALTIMORE — A teen is in […]

USA – New Jersey prison guard sues over violation of Americans with Disabilities Act (2011-01-19)

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[[GlobalShock: A prison officer is refused taser training because he once had a precautiooary defibrillator. He was denied access to the taser training class, where officer are obliged to volunteer to be tasered. Eventually re-integrated as guard.]], by Terrie Morgan-Besewcker … SCRANTON – A Luzerne County prison guard who was initially denied employment based […]

USA – Tennessee Prison – Taser Probe Into Eye Under Investigation (2011-01-13)

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[[GlobalShock: 27 year old Scott Ramsey, in jail for probation violation for failing to appear for a drug rehabilitation program, was shot with a taser between the eyes to break up a prison brawl: non-compliance with officers’ orders. He has probably lost the use of one eye. In April of 2010, Corrections officer Jonathan Wingo, who fired the shock had completed eight hours of training (what did he learn?). Before the Monday use of the Taser, Wingo had fired it five other times. Four of those one other with the probes. (Suggestion of widespread use in prisons?) None of those shots hit above the neck….]]

FRANCE – “C’est irresponsable de dire aux policiers que le Taser ne tue pas” [“It’s irresponsible to tell the police the taser doesn’t kill”] (2010-12-01)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: In an interview with the French newspaper “Liberation”, ex-police commissioner in Toulouse in south-western France (pop. 440,000) and currently responsible for the city’s security (and a member of the French Socialist Party) says, following the death of a Malian apparently by the taser. If the French police knew the risks, they would […]

CANADA – Globe & Mail editorial: On tasers, the evidence is in (2010-08-16)

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Following the BC Supreme Court’s reject of Taser International’s bid to quash the Braidwood Enquiry reports, “Every provincial solicitor-general, police board and police chief in the country should know what Taser International did not want them to know: that the taser has fatal risks, according to Mr. Braidwood’s fair-minded review of the best available research.”

USA – Nick Dial: “TASER – An Officer’s Perspective and a Jolt of Reality” (2010-06-01)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Nick Dial, a certified Arizona police officer specialized in Homeland Security with taser experience presents a particularly coherent – and lengthy – argument concerning many of the problems of taser use by the US police. Interesting because he is a police-officer “speaking out”. Nick Dial provides clear examples to illustrate his case […]

RUSSIA – Competition with taser: Russian aims to reinvent ‘Taser’ technology (2010-05-21)

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Wired,, by David Hambling … A Russian man is hoping to overhaul the technology within Taser-type weapons — transforming them from single-shot, short-range devices that stun for a few seconds, into more effective long-range, rapid-fire weapons — by modifying the wires and the type of shock they generate. Traditionally, remote electroshock weapons work by firing […]

AUSTRALIA – Tasered ‘Petrol-Sniffer’ Bursts Into Flames (2009-07-21)

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[[GlobalShock: The “spark” when the taser contacts a person’s body can, in specific circumstances, be extremely dangerous: an aboriginal man who had been sniffing petrol – not a rare occurrence ion this marginalized community – and was carrying gasoline burst into flames when police Tasered him “as he charged towards them brandishing a bottle of […]

USA – Acute Effects of TASER X26 Discharges in a Swine Model (2007)

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GlobalShock: Article in the Journal of Traumatology (2007) by researchers at the Chicago Traumatology Unit, using the taser X26 on pigs as subjects. Two deaths occurred in the six experimental subjects because of ventricular fibrillation. Andrew J. Dennis, DO, Daniel J. Valentino, MD, Robert J. Walter, PhD, Kimberly K. Nagy, MD, Jerry Winners, BS, Faran […]

USA – Valentino et al.: Taser X26 Discharges in Swine: Ventricular Rhythm Capture is Dependent on Discharge Vector (Journal of Traumatology, 2007)

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GlobalShock: Article in the Journal of Traumatology (2007) by researchers at the Chicago Traumatology Unit. using the X26, with pigs as subjects. Potentially fatal ventricular fibrillation was found in two measures (vectors) used. Daniel J. Valentino, MD, Robert J. Walter, PhD, Andrew J. Dennis, DO, Bosko Margeta, MD, Frederic Starr, MD, Kimberly K. Nagy, MD, […]

UK – Metropolitan Police Commissioner criticised West Midlands Police for using a Taser stun gun on a man suspected of the failed London bombings, saying it could have set off explosives (2005-07-29)

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Article entitled ‘Bomb mastermind’ held in Zambia … Manchester Eveneing News … July 29, 2005 (excerpt) Taser Last night Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair criticised West Midlands Police for using a Taser stun gun on a man suspected of the failed London bombings, saying it could have set off explosives. Shooting Yasin Hassan Omar, […]

USA – AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL – 2004 Report : United States of America: Excessive and lethal force? (2004-11-30)

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AI Index: AMR 51/139/2004 … A 97-page report, the first detailed analysis of taser problems by Amnesty International, of their growing concerns about deaths and ill-treatment involving police use of tasers. Here we present the 2-page summary. See the full report at: Summary More than 5,000 US law enforcement agencies are currently using tasers: […]