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USA – How Bahrain works Washington [and, in a story, How Washington lobbyist Tom Squitieri helped TASER Inc. overcome “communications problems”] (2011-12-08)

Posted on December 8 2011 by admin

 [[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: In the latest twist on lobbying, Mideast autocracies repackage propaganda as “media awareness” we read of Tom Squitieri, a Washington handler/spin-doctor (lobbyist), who heralds his accomplishments on his web-page as including “Helped craft and lead the campaign to reposition Taser International from a severe crisis communication dilemma to its current highly regarded, […]

USA – Oakland, California – “Dr.” Taser/Mr. Clorox [The “Occupy Okland!” movement intersects with TASER Inc.] (2011-11-28)

Posted on November 28 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Just near an “Occupy Oakland!”, Clorox Co. – the global bleach manufacturers – were holding their AGM, CEO Don Knauss’s $9.1 million paypacket was renewed. One board member is “Dr.” Richard H. Carmona, an ex military Green Beret (in Vietnam) as well as serving as surgeon-general under Nixon – he was […]

CANADA – Long-time policy advisor [Ken Boessenkool, ex-lobbyist TASER Inc.] looks to step into the limelight (2011-11-19)

Posted on November 19 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: Until about 2008, Ken Boessenkool was TASER Inc.’s officially-registered lobbyist in Ottawa. He was a major advisor to the right-wing Progressive-Conservative Party in the last elections – which Harper won. His is clearly a taser-friendly voice (and supporter of the pro-firearms lobby, important in Canada). Moving into a more directly political role, this […]