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(2014-03-12) USA – TASER Press Release: TASER Announces Multiple Orders of Smart Weapons [[taser rollout // TASR-AAXN // corporate spin]]

Posted on March 12 2014 by admin

This is basically a list, to impress potential investors in TASR stock, from TASER International of recent sales to law enforcement agencies, all in the USA, except “International order: 800 X26Ps”. In nearly cases these orders are for X26Ps and X2s (except the New York Police Dept.’s order for 300 of this not-so-smart, certainly not next generation model). “Additional agencies deploying TASER SMART Weapons” are not, presumably, very new orders. Note the X26 is hardly mentioned. There is also a list of TASER’s current overseas branches, in France, Germany, Brazil, Spain and the UK, as well as their social media links (well-developed IT use!).

CANADA- Hamilton police can’t get better, safer Tasers (2013-09-19)

Posted on September 19 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : The Hamilton Police Services Board is asking for a $1-million investment in new tasers from the City Council. But which tasers? The X26 (2003 technology) or the X26P, which TASER says is greatly superior but which is not yet tested for Canadian use? Or the more expensive, double-barreled X2? TASER claims […]

USA – TASER International: ‘Taser develops upgraded model for older stun gun’ [the X26P] (2013-01-15)

Posted on January 15 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENT: Taser International Inc. announces a new model: it is releasing the X26P, a variant of the X26, adding information-recording, a digital charging meter, and integration with Taser’s website. It will cost $850.00 (the X26 has been marketed at about $599). “Smart technology adds … reliability and durability” – serious problems with […]