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INDIA – Forest dept may acquire stun guns to subdue straying wild animals (2012-08-09)

Posted on August 9 2012 by admin

[[Summary / Comments : Tasers and wild animal control. Citing the US Marshals Service using this electroshock weapons in law-enforcement operations these stun guns may soon become part of Kerala forest department’s armoury, and may be used to scare away wild animals. Animal rights activists are far from convinced, however. In what is patently untrue, […]

TASER Inc. – ‘TASER Receives Significant International Orders’ (2012-07-25)

Posted on July 25 2012 by admin

[[Summary / Comments : Impossible to check the accuracy of these claims … TASER International, Inc. today announced three significant international orders for its tasers: “No further customer information is being given at this time”. Two orders for 33,000 cartridges totalling more than $US 1.29 million, from its German subsidiary – a new entity that […]

UK – Taser contract criticised by Home Affairs Committee MPs (2011-03-07)

Posted on April 2 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: MPs “call it ‘unacceptable that there appears to be confusion’ over which Tasers are allowed to be supplied.” They also highlight the severe problem of “‘a monopoly supplier business model in police procurement’ and note that the new official Taser supplier consists of ‘more or less identical personnel operating in the same […]

UK – Taser Sales Under Scrutiny After Sky Probe (2011-02-14)

Posted on February 14 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Small world …. “The sale of controversial Taser stun guns to police forces in the UK is under scrutiny following a Sky News investigation…. Pro-Tect Systems Co. lost its licence after delivering untested X12 shotguns to police officers who then fired them at fugitive Raoul Moat in Rothbury…. Having revoked Pro-Tect’s permission […]

UK – Parliamentary Committee grills Home Office officials – MPs shocked at Taser supplier overlap (2010-12-15)

Posted on December 15 2010 by admin

The Register, Jane Fae Ozimek … A parliamentary committee challenged the Home Office’s choice of Taser provider to the UK Police, questioning whether the new supplier was a little too closely linked to the previous one. The matter arose during a meeting of the Home Affairs Select Committee, which last week reviewed Home Office policy […]

UK – Tactical Safety Responses Gains UK TASER Authorisation Despite Links to Struck-Off Pro-Tec (2010-12-08)

Posted on December 8 2010 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Richard Taylor is a social activist-blogger in Cambridge UK. One os his issues is taser legislation. Here he lays into the UK government’s award of an ‘authorisation’ to handle TASER weapons to a company called Tactical Safety Responses Limited, which is just a make-over of the previous supplier, Pro-Tect, which the government […]

SPAIN – Amnistía Internacional pide al gobierno que las fuerzas de seguridad no utilicen pistolas paralizantes de electrochoque (AI demands Spanish security forces not to use tasers) (2005-02-05)

Posted on February 5 2005 by admin

Amnistía Internacional (AI), (Note: what follows is a very rough translation from Google translator – the full text in Spanish appears below the post) According to the organization, these weapons are capable of being used to commit human rights abuses / / Madrid/Londres.- Amnesty International reports that members of the Spanish security forces […]