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AUSTRALIA – Tasers rolled out across country Victoria (2104-04-24)

Posted on April 24 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Wider rollout of tasers in Victoria: Officers in all 24-hour stations in country Victoria will get Tasers after police trialled the devices in six major regional centres, mostly in cases of people either on drugs or alcohol or with mental illness or a combination of factors trying to do harm to themselves […]

SAMOA (US territory) – Arming of police officers in American Samoa to become reality (2013-09-25)

Posted on September 25 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Police officers in the US territoty of Samoa (pop. 55,000) are about to receive handguns and a training program in non-lethal arms, starting off with the use of the baton, the use of the pepper spray and the use of the tasers. “We’re going to start very small, maybe beginning with […]

NEW ZEALAND – Police to continue using tasers (2102-10-30)

Posted on October 30 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : At a 4-day “Australasian Electronic Device conference” in Wellington, New Zealand, New Zealand police say they will not consider stopping the use of tasers. The police say that sionce Tasers were introduced in New Zealand in March 2010 after being trialled in 2006 and 2007 they have discharged tasers 212 times, […]

USA – Sanford, Maine, police aim to defuse crises with long-range Taser (2012-01-10)

Posted on January 10 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Using truly frightening logic, the police in this small Maine township – population 10,800 – have purchased 3 taser rifles, able to shock from 100 ft awa, with a 20-second discharge. This is to “calm situations” help a distraught person (who) could be killed or seriously injured” – i.e. the psychiatrically disturbed. […]

THAILAND – US, Thai militaries begin non-lethal training (2011-06-01)

Posted on June 2 2011 by admin

[[Summary / Comments : US Marines and Special Operations units provide training to Thai police and military in use of tasers and other non-lethal weapons, starting May 30, ‘strengthening military-to-military ties’ …]] Defense Video and Imagery Distribution Systems (DVIDS), Story by Sgt. Heather BrewerSmall III Marine Expeditionary Force Public Affairs Marines and sailors with Special […]

CANADA – Mounties using their heads to test video cameras [TASER Inc.’s AXON technology] that record clashes(2011-05-16)

Posted on May 17 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: (Note this article does not link AXON to tasers, nor to The RCMP and Calgary police are seriously tryng out TASER Inc’s “AXON” head-held camera system, designed, according to the corporation, to protect police officers from litigation (“Police tout video as a means of documenting their side of the story when […]

USA – To tase or not to tase – Beloit, Michigan: Town makes taser-abuse settlement; Police praise tasers (2011-04-15)

Posted on April 14 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Following a $70,000 settlement in a videotaped police brutality case in which the taser was used against a woman suspect (not mentioned in the text), Beloit (pop. 38,000) taser instructor describes all the good news about tasers, and how his police force follows taser instruction. “only concern about the Tasers is that […]

USA – Columbia (South Carolina) Police test cameras using headset device (2011-03-10)

Posted on March 10 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: “Columbia (pop. 650,000) police are testing the new Taser AXON that will record audio and video from a headset worn by officers and could be an upgrade from their current lapel recorders.” The police chief and officer seem enthusiastic. TASER Inc. will kepp a copy of all filmed material.  It is there […]

USA – Boosting the police tech – Nine local officers now trained to use AXON video (2010-12-28)

Posted on December 28 2010 by admin

News-Herald, by JAYNE HANSON Lake Havasu City Police Department is the first law enforcement agency in Arizona to implement on-officer video technology, department officials said. Joe Fiumara, Lake Havasu City police captain, logs into an AXON Tactical Computer that is docked with eight other ATC units during a demonstration Dec. 22 at Lake Havasu City […]

BRAZIL – Guarda Municipal de Maringá usará armas de “choque” em 2011 (Maringá Municipal Police to use “shock” weapons in 2011) (2010-12-14)

Posted on December 14 2010 by admin

(Portuguese to English translation via Google translator and some revision. Apologies for the English.) The Portuguese text appear below the translation., by Marcus Ayres The Maringá Urban Office (GGI-M) has unanimously approved the use of non-lethal weapons by the Municipal Guard. Late on Monday (13) the use of nonlethal weapons by the Municipal Guard […]

NEW ZEALAND – Use of Tasers on people with mental illness: a database study (2010-12-03)

Posted on December 3 2010 by admin

International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, available on line 3 December 201 Anthony J. O’Brien, Corresponding author, + Brian G McKennab, Katey Thomb, Kate Diesfeldc and Alexander I.F. Simpson Abstract Background In 2006–2007 New Zealand police deployed the Taser X26 electro-muscular incapacitation device for a twelve month trial across four police districts. Criteria for use […]

AUSTRALIA – All Victoria police would get a Taser (2010-11-26)

Posted on November 26 2010 by admin

THE state opposition will push to arm all front-line Victorian police with Tasers if its wins tomorrow’s election, while indicating that the current trial of the weapons will not change its stance. Opposition police spokesman Peter Ryan said he wanted all general duty police carrying them within the Coalition’s first term in government to reduce […]

GERMANY – Federal police do not have access to tasers … (downloaded 2010-10-27)

Posted on October 27 2010 by admin

WIKIPEDIA (in German) – see original below German to English translation (note, via google-translation) In Hamburg, the CDU Senate under Mayor Ole von Beust and Interior Minister Udo Nagel in June 2005 passed a new Police Act, which provides, inter alia, the introduction of Taser guns. According the amendment of the Bavarian Police Act on […]

UK – Amnesty International calls for probe into ‘unlawful’ use of Taser stun guns on Scotland’s streets (2010-10-21)

Posted on October 21 2010 by admin

Daily Record … A HUMAN rights group today called for a “thorough evaluation” of the use of Taser stun guns by police forces. Amnesty International has already branded a six-month pilot scheme in the Strathclyde force area as “unlawful” – a position rejected by the First Minister and police. Now, one day after the […]

INDIA – Police forces from several states, including J&K, are evaluating the non-lethal Taser to help quell civil unrest (2010-09-26)

Posted on September 26 2010 by admin

by Ajai Shukla, Business Standard… Agitating protestors are in for a shock Police forces from several states, including J&K, are evaluating the non-lethal Taser to help quell civil unrest. It may prove a major step towards ending the use of lethal force against protestors by the police. Or it could be, in the worlds of […]

UK – Scotland- Amnesty International attacks Strathclyde Police Taser gun plans (2010-09-12)

Posted on September 13 2010 by admin

The falling number of assaults on police has undermined the case for equipping ordinary officers with Tasers,Amnesty International has claimed: a 17% reduction in attacks is evidence that a Strathclyde Police pilot on Tasers is flawed. However, Les Gray, chairman of the Scottish Police Federation, described Amnesty’s arguments as “outrageous”.

NEW ZEALAND – & Axon being trialed in New Zealand and US police forces (2010-08-28)

Posted on August 28 2010 by admin

We have about eight pilots currently on going. So for example, the country of New Zealand is a paying customer where they’ve done a national implementation of EVIDENCE.COM for handling all their TASER films and the TASER data. They’re not yet piloting the AXON.

BERMUDA – The newest lambs of the Church of taser (2010-04-22)

Posted on April 22 2010 by admin

The Bermuda Police Service (BPS) is announcing the introduction of TASER as a less-lethal use of force option in the list of approved defensive weapons being carried by police officers. with supporting justification indirectly uoting Taser International.

UK – Strathclyde: Amnesty International urges police re-think taser pilot (2010-04-11)

Posted on April 11 2010 by admin

Strathclyde: Amnesty urges police re-think taser pilot Posted: 11 April 2010 Amnesty International has today expressed concern that Strathclyde Police Authority is going ahead with its six-month pilot scheme to arm ordinary, non-firearm trained police officers with Taser electro-shock weapons. The organisation has urged the police authority to reconsider its plans which will tomorrow see […]

NEW ZEALAND – New Zealand Police begin national rollout of Tasers (2010-04-05)

Posted on April 5 2010 by admin

Nearly 700 Taser stun guns will be available to 3500 front line police throughout the country by August.