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USA – Augusta, Georgia: Family protests stun-gun death case, demands justice outside courthouse (2014-07-07)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: June 29, 2013: multiple tasering, then cardiac arrest and died. The family of George Harvey, 39 when he died, is holding a protest. He had history of arrests related to cocaine, marijuana and controlled substances, makes his case and life seem “unimportant,” his sister says, demanding that justice be served.]] Augusta Chronicle, […]

USA – GlobalShock: Deaths following the taser discharges (1 Jan 2014 – 30 June 2014) (2014-07-01)

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Tasered, then died   2014 > 1 July 2014   [[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: This is a list of known deaths in 2014 (up to 1 July) following taser discharges. Excluding the case in bold and italics, 15 deaths have been reported, all male, and all except one in the United States. This six-month total (the […]

USA – Chelsea, Massachusetts man dies after [taser] struggle with police (2014-06-27)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Another death following taser use. Dominic Graffeo, 56, died after police “tried to subdue him with a taser”, which “he was able to block”. Police were called for “an emotionally disturbed person”. Mr Graffeo had barricaded himself in his room and refused to talk to a crisis negotiator used by the police. […]

USA – Gilbert, Arizona man dead a day after officers used Taser to subdue him (2014-06-08)

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[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Tasered, then died: 34-year-old Daniel Bester in hospital.  was nude and yelling in the courtyard when police reponded to a domestic violence call. Police say he fought with them resisting arrest. It is unclear how mant times the taser was used. He showed signs of medical distress and died later in hospital. […]

FRANCE – Taser en France: ces morts qui n’auraient pas dû l’être [Tasers in France – the three deaths that should not have happened] (2014-06-04)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Three people have died in France following the police use of tasers: Loïc Louise, a 21-yr-old student; Mahamadou Maréga, aged 38 and an unnamed person in Crozon. Action Sécurité Ethique Républicaine (ASER) – including police officers – has been warning of the danger of tasers for ten years and is calling for […]

CANADA – British Columbia: Burnaby Man tasered by RCMP and later dies; IIO begins investigation (2014-06-04)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: An unnamed Burnaby man died after he was tasered by RCMP police, following a domestic dispute. “A taser was employed, and the individual is deceased,” confirmed Chief Civilian Director Richard Rosenthal of the British Columbia Independent Investigations Office (IIO). The RCMP say the taser had no effect on the man but say […]

USA – Sherman, North Texas: Lawsuit describes woman’s disturbing death outside Texas cop car (2014-05-28)

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[[Summary / comments: Lesa Surratt died of injuries suffered in a traffic stop in August 2013, including an order to “Tase that bitch.”. She was tasered, and Ms Surratt was taken to hospital, where she was found to be in a vegetative state and placed on life support, according to a lawsuit brought by her […]

USA – Baltimore, Maryland: Group calls for Taser moratorium (2014-05-27)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The Southern Christian Leadership Conference wants Baltimore City Council hearing and independent review of 19 year-old George King’s death after he was tasered in hospital. They are call for a moratorium on taser use until the review is completed. Separately, the American Civil Liberties Union sent Baltimore police a letter Tuesday asking […]

USA – Baltimore Death by Taser [Editorial] (2o14-05-27)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: This editorial seriously challenges police use of a Taser five times, in drive-stun mode, to subdue teenager, George King, in hospital. Mr King died. The taser is an electroshock weapon touted as a less lethal alternative to firearms when used by police pursuing fleeing suspects or attempting to take unruly individuals into […]

USA – Man dies after Chicago police use Taser during arrest (2014-05-21)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Dominique Franklin Jr., 23, has died two weeks after police used a Taser on him as he was arrested for a retail theft in the Old Town Triangle neighborhood. He fell against a light pole after he was tasered. He was taken to hospital in a critical condition and died in the […]

USA – Baltimore Maryland Foster youth identified – was Tased five times at Good Samaritan Hospital (2014-05-19)

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[ SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Multiple tasering in hospital leading to death of African-American 19-yr-old George V. King on 14 May: A city police officer used his Taser five times to subdue a heavily medicated Mr King who was fighting staff at Good Samaritan Hospital and later died, according to his family’s attorney and an account […]

USA – Winnfield, Louisiana – Taser death in Louisiana could get Supreme Court review (2014-05-18)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: In January 2008, Baron Pikes, 19, was tasered multiple times – at least seven – over 14 minutes while handcuffed. He went into medical distress and was pronounced dead when he got to the hospital. The Supreme Court is being asked to review Pikes’ case as part of a civil rights lawsuit […]

USA – Washington State: Man dies after arrest by Taser in University Place (2014-05-13)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Brief report: Tasered-then-died: 44-year-old Ronald Hillstrom died after he was tasered: he had threatened police with a screwdriver and was screaming for police in an apartment building parking lot.]] UNIVERSITY PLACE, Wash. (AP) — An agitated man died after fighting with deputies who arrested him Sunday night in University Place. Residents reported the […]

USA – Connecticut NAACP, ACLU Laud Taser Legislation (2014-05-08)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The Connecticut NAACP and the state ACLU chapter are lauding a taser reform bill passed this session in the General Assembly. The bill calls on police departments that utilize tasers to adopt use policies along with tracking and reporting incidents in which they’re deployed. Note: Jose Maldonado was the 14th person to […]

USA – Oklahoma inmate Tasered by prison staff on day of botched execution (2014-05-01)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Clayton Lockett, the death-row inmate who was the subject of a botched execution by the state of Oklahoma, was Tasered by prison staff and had cut his own arm on the day of the failed procedure, according to a timeline released by the state’s corrections chief on Thursday. He was tasered at […]

(2014-04-25) Mississippi: Natchez Death by Stun Gun: Man Tazed by Mississippi Deputy Dies Minutes Later [[tasered, then died]]

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Tyrone Davis died Wednesday night, just minutes after being tased. Mr Davis was pulled over, according to the police, did not cooperate with the arresting officer and an officer was forced to use what normally is a non-lethal measure, namely his taser. In just a few minutes, Davis was dead. It was unclear whether he died at the scene of the traffic stop or, before an autopsy is conducted, why he died.

USA – Hawaii: Big Island taser death ruled homicide (2014-04-24)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Tasered-then-died. Police have stated that Randall Hatori, 39, died as a result of cardiac arrest not because he was tasered: his death was attributable an enlarged heart, his struggle with police and high levels of methamphetamine in his blood. But an independent autopsy said the 39-year-old Kona man’s death was a homicide […]

USA – Another Death in Connecticut Prompts Another Call for Taser Regulation [List of Connecticut deaths following taser] (2014-04-14)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The Connecticut ACLU protests the latest – the 14th since 2005 – Connecticut death following the use of taser. The deaths are listed in this post. Meanwhile, “the legislature needs to pass clear, consistent guidelines for Taser training and deployment, along with reporting requirements, in order to minimize the risk to civilians.”]] […]

USA – Hawaii: Pathologist offers additional details on Hatori’s autopsy (2014-04-17)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Tasered then died … More information is available on Randall Hatori’s autopsy – who died after he was tasered last Friday. The new examiner“found no evidence that being tased contributed to Hatori’s death”. In the process of being subdued, an officer used a Taser. Mr Hatori continued to struggle after the Taser […]

CANADA – Edmonton, Alberta: Family of man who died in custody after being Tasered sues the Edmonton Police Service ((2014-04-17)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The Edmonton Police Service is being sued for $150,000 by the family of Jeffrey Tyler Oatway, 34, who died after being Tasered in the holding cells of police headquarters on April 11, 2012. The police are accused of “battery and negligence” “At least one of the EPS members used a Taser on […]