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USA – Wilmington, Delaware: Police sued over stun gun use in arrest (2031-01-31)

Posted on January 31 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENT: In January 2011 police stopped Matthew Dixon, handcuffed him and then used a taser stun gun on him during an early morning confrontation outside his home – he was thrown to the ground, handcuffed and tasered for not showing his licence fast enough, after parking in his driveway. This violated his rights, […]

USA – California Highway Patrol: Caught On Camera: Woman Goes Into Cardiac Arrest During Traffic Stop [where she was tasered 3 times] (2012-11-19)

Posted on November 19 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A video captures the events leading up to a cardiac arrest following the use of a taser. Police found 50-year-old Angela Jones sitting in a parked vehicle. Suspecting she might be under the influence, and then asked to look through her purse. She declined and the police tasered her 3 times. The […]

USA – California: Caught On Camera: Woman Goes Into Cardiac Arrest During Traffic Stop (2012-11-19)

Posted on November 19 2012 by admin

[[Summary / Comments: 50-year-old Angela Jones is stopped by the police at a traffic check: She refuses to hand them her purse and is tasered three times, subsequently going into cardiac arrest. She survived. All this can be seern on the police-car mounted video (40 min.) available at this site. Heart surgeon Dr. Kathy Magliato, […]

USA – Tampa Bay, Florida Trooper cleared over Taser use (2012-02-16)

Posted on February 16 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: In Sept 2011, 20-yr-iold Danielle Maudsley, clad in handcuffs, bolted out the door of a Florida Highway Patrol substation after she had been arrested in a hit-and-run case. The officer pulled out his Taser and fired its electric probes into her back. Danielle fell backwards and she fell on the back of […]

USA – Barling, Arkansas: Passenger Gets $1 After Excessive Cop Tasering (2012-01-06)

Posted on January 6 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: “No justice for the victims!” A federal judge gives an Arkansas car passenger, Derrol Dee Kirby III, just $1 award after he was tasered by cops, even though he committed no crime and was hit by two tasers while he was handcuffed.  Note: he was the passenger, not the driver. Kirby had […]

USA – Casper, Wyoming student settles lawsuit over Laramie Taser incident (2012-01-05)

Posted on January 5 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Patrick Lewallen broke bones in his face and several teeth when his head struck a curb during an April 2010 incident. Lewallen fell after officer Christopher Cleven fired a Taser at him from behind. He has settled his lawsuit against the city of Laramie and three police officers for an undisclosed amount, […]

USA- Utah: State settles taser lawsuit [$40,000 for tasering following minor traffic violation] (2011-11-24)

Posted on November 23 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: A “bad cop” faces 31 cases of abusive conduct. The State of Utah has now settled a taser lawsuit against controversial Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Lisa Steed (female). While not admitting guilt, the state paid a significant amount Ryan Jones, whom Steed tasered while he was sitting in his car in March 2009. […]

UK – Totnes, Devon: Winemaker describes being Tasered for failing to stop (2011-11-17)

Posted on November 17 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: Taser creep is coming to the UK. Taser for traffic violations? Not just in the United States! Duncan Schwab, of Sharpham vineyard in Devon, claims a police officer leapt from a hedge, smashed a van window and fired at him, shouting “What does it feel like to be Tasered?” He was arrested and […]

USA – A case of mistaken identity: Chicago Man Hit With Police Taser 11 Times Files Suit (2011-10-11)

Posted on October 11 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS. The taser: An invitation to abuse? The dismissal of all charges against Josue Tapia confirms that the police tasered him abusively – 11 times in what seems to ba a case of mistaken identity. “I was just screaming for them to please stop,” recalled Tapia’s wife, Marilyn. “I was telling them to leave […]

AUSTRALIA – Canberra: Taser arrest sparks call for scrutiny (2011-09-08)

Posted on September 8 2011 by admin

[[ SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Within days of increasinging the availability of tasers toi Canberra police, the taser is used and pompts demands for greater transparency. A taser was used on an unarmed 27-year-old man after a lengthy high-speed chase through Kambah, Wanniassa and Monash late on Tuesday night. Both the high-speed chase and use […]

USA – San Bernadino Family sues police over California Taser death [after hooting at police car] (2011-09-01)

Posted on September 1 2011 by admin

[[ Summary / Comments: “The parents of a Southern California man who accuse police of killing their son with a Taser after he honked at a patrol car have sued the sheriff’s department and county. The suit accuses the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, the county of San Bernardino and three deputies of assault and […]

USA – Man dies after being Tasered by police – Middleburg Heights, Ohio, police chief does not believe the Taser caused the man’s death (2011-05-15)

Posted on June 14 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Howard Hammon resisted arrest when marijuana was found on him following a traffic accident. He was tasered more than once, and stopped breathing in the police cruiser. “As to whether the Taser caused Hammon’s death, chief Maddox says he doesn’t believe it, telling WTAM 1100 Tasers are non-lethal weapons.”]] By Tom Moore, […]

USA – Coroner: no visible trauma on body of Louisiana man who died in custody [following tasering] (2011-05-20)

Posted on May 22 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The Jefferson Parish coroner’s office says there are no visible signs of trauma on the body of 29-year-old Kirklin Woolridge who died shortly after being brought to the parish lockup Wednesday after police tasered him when he was stopped for a DWI (diriving while intoxicated) charge and claimed he resisted arrest. ]] […]

USA – California Man dies after San Bernardino County deputies use Taser on him (2011-05-11)

Posted on May 12 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Another “a senseless use of excessive force”, according to Alan Kephart’s father, himself a volunteer deputy. His son had failed to stop at a stop sign, “became belligerent” when police challenged him after he later pulled up for gas, was tasered about eight times on the ground and died. “”To me, it’s […]

USA – Brewster, Washington, woman gets $250,000 … City settles with woman acquitted of assault (2011-04-29)

Posted on April 30 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Brewster City (pop. 2140) has settled with 47-year-old Alejandra Solis, following police assaulting her during an illegal traffic stop in 2006. “Solis claimed that Oules yanked her out of her van and threw her to the ground, then instructed Rieb to stun her with a Taser.” The City says the fine will […]

CANADA – Calgary Cop who used Taser on senior feared for his safety (2011-04-27)

Posted on April 27 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: “Const. Daryn Swanson said he made several attempts to subdue Aitchley Ferguson, aged 74, on April 17, 2009, but the suspect continued to resist him… The constable told his provincial court trial Ferguson created a hazard by refusing to remain in his car, leaving the officer to fear he was in danger, […]

USA – McKENNEY v. HARRISON: 8th Circuit judge summarizes the legal problems of taser-related lawsuits (2011-03-28)

Posted on April 2 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: An 8th District appeals court judge presents a statement on numerous legal problems raised by tasers. This is more than “legalese” and through what he wrote, one can see that TASER Inc. and police forces are very close to facing serious legal sanctions. We have placed certain key elements IN BOLD. We […]

USA – Las Vegas – Coroner: Man who died after aser incident had health issues (2011-03-23)

Posted on March 23 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Six taser-related deaths so far in Las Vegas. Multiple shocks precede the death of man who was tasered following a routine traffic stop . “Las Vegan Anthony Jones died from cocaine and ethanol intoxication, the coroner’s office said. But other factors contributed to his death, including “police restraining procedures” and an enlarged […]

USA – New York Cops ‘tasered and pepper sprayed’ man for double parking (2011-03-21)

Posted on March 21 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: “African-American Jonathan Zimmerman said the officers approached his car, sprayed him in the eyes with the powerful tear gas and then shocked him – all for a simple traffic violation… Mr Zimmerman was left with a ‘dime shaped’ scar and a taser barb that had to be removed from his back at […]

USA – Cincinnatti Consultant [also working as Taser Inc. legal counsel] Finds Anderson Township Deputies Did Not Commit Crime (2011-03-09)

Posted on March 9 2011 by admin

[[GlobalShock: Police tasered a man driving eratically due to falling into a diabetic shock – and continued to taser him after he was taken into custody. “Consultant” O’Lynn defended the police’s actions – a clear case of conflict of interests.]] Arizona Republic He was tased repeatedly in a matter of ninety seconds. Then John Harmon […]