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(2017-11-17 retrieval date) (1998-09-30) FLORIDA-: Miami: Banking on brainpower [[University of Miami “brain bank”]]

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An early report on the “brain bank” at the Un iversity of Miami, set up in 1984 (?) by Dr Deborah Mash, that was to figure centrally in the “neuroscientific” debate on brain-caused in-custody deaths – particularly when tasers are implicated in the deaths. Dr Mash show the journalist a rack of sliding drawers stuffed with coded, sandwich-size plastic bags, each of the 400 containing a small section of light gray tissue: brain matter. The official aim: to study Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s, schizophrenia etc.; the actual use: to study brain defects associated with taser-related deaths – although this isn’t mentioned in this early article, published just as tasers were being launched.

USA – Palm Beach County, Florida: Searching for clues to the source of violent, naked rampages (2014-02-16)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Excited delirium: Myth or Reality? Two rampaging who tore off their clothes, shouted gibberish and fought with “super human” strength against all attempts to stop them – one of them killed by the police – in the same week were suffering a brain malfunction labeled “excited delirium”, which is explained by Dr […]

USA – Palm Beach, Florida: ‘Excited delirium’ suspected after another violent battle between ranting naked young man, sheriff’s deputies (20134-02-10)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Excited delirium is here reported as a relatively accepted disease category …. Police shooting death (not taser) blamed on “excited delirium”. 28-year-old Anesson Joseph was shot dead (not tasered) after a rampage driven to violence by an acute psychotic episode – ‘excited delirium.’ In the police’s words. “Conrad Hopper fought violently with […]

USA – Miami, Florida: The University of Miami Brain Endowment Bank: Explaining excited delirium (2013-10-06 – date downloaded)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A glimpse into Deborah Mash’s “brain bank” – presented as cutting-edge neuroscience, but in fact little known outside the domain of tasers, where it occupies a central role in rationalizing “excited delirium” as a distinct brain disease.]] Front page of the site of the Brain Endowment Bank at the Dept of […]

USA – Miami-Dade County, Florida: Controversial, troubling trend – Death by ‘excited delirium’ (2013-09-28)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A relatively “balanced” overview of the controversial diagnosis of “excited delirium”, too often – but by no means always – associated with taser-related deaths. 29 cases in Miami-Dade County since 2002. A genetic abnormality, hyperthermia, designer drugs, the existence, nature and cause of this condition remain highly disputed.]] Miami-Herald, by DAVID OVALLE […]

USA – Taser director and doctor contacted Vermont police after man’s death (2012-10-01)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Information obtained by the Burlington Free Press under freedom-of-acces reveals the secret pressure the taser-manufacturer applies on medical examiners (Mes) following taser-related deaths … Taser researchers contact the ME directly, encourage diagnosis of «excited delirium», urge contact with a highly controversial (and Taser-boosted) «brain bank» at the University og Miami … In\ […]

USA – Special protocol for ExDS [“Excited Delirium”] response is valuable liability shield (2102-04-12)

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  [[SUMMARY / COMMENT. The website informs US police officers – their main readership –  that “the symptoms and dangers of excited delirium” – mysteriously labelled ExDS, as if this makes it sound more scientific – are “now well-publicized and solidly confirmed by numerous research studies” (sic) – so they need a response protocol […]

UK – Deaths in Police Custody: Unproven science [“excited delirium”] used to ‘explain’ deaths in police custody (2012-01-31)

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UK – Deaths in Police Custody: Unproven science [“excited delirium”] used to ‘explain’ deaths in police custody (2012-01-31) [[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A controversial unproven syndrome with roots in the US is being used in British coroners’ courts to explain why people die after police restraint: “Excited delirium”. This is a niche diagnosis not yet recognised […]

USA – Manteca, California: Tasers often blamed for the death of violent crime suspects [or “Getting the story completely wrong!”] (2011-11-27)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Sometimes journalists get completely sucked into the TASER Inc. discourse. This is a case in point: a man develops a mania “described by researchers as (ED), ‘excited delirium’.” (Very, very few scientific researchers would ever use this term.) “Police officers’ tasers have reportedly gotten a bad rap for numerous deaths … ” […]

TASER Inc. – Program of the November 2011 IPICD Conference (2011-10-30 – download date)

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[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: Welcome to pseudo-science in its zenith! To add excitement, “the 1st Annual IPICD ACE™ AWARDS that will be presented to law enforcement and/or correctional officer(s) who successfully handled an excited delirium and/or Agitated Chaotic Event™” (How do they manage to trademark this concept?) The is what is scheduled for the 6th annual Institute […]

USA – Cincinnatti Consultant [also working as Taser Inc. legal counsel] Finds Anderson Township Deputies Did Not Commit Crime (2011-03-09)

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[[GlobalShock: Police tasered a man driving eratically due to falling into a diabetic shock – and continued to taser him after he was taken into custody. “Consultant” O’Lynn defended the police’s actions – a clear case of conflict of interests.]] Arizona Republic He was tased repeatedly in a matter of ninety seconds. Then John Harmon […]

USA – Death by Excited Delirium: Diagnosis or Coverup? (2007-02-26)

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[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : The question for many civil liberties groups is, does “excited delirium” really exist? Deborah Mash, a professor of neurology at the University of Miami – and acolyte of TASER International – says “It’s definitely real and while we don’t know precisely what causes this, we do know it is the result […]