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USA – President Wong decides against Tasers at San Francisco State University (2014-02-10)

Posted on February 10 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: An important principle to keep tasers off university campus: Following demands by students, the San Francisco State University president concludes that providing tasers to state security officers would not add anything positive to the general feeling of campus safety. This is consistent with San Francisco city police.]] Golden Gate Express, by Andrew […]

USA – Texas student tased by police exits coma, enters rehabilitation, attorney says (2014-01-31)

Posted on January 31 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: — A 17-year-old Texas student, Noe Nino de Rivera,,tasered in November 2013, who spent 52 days in a medically induced coma after police used a Taser on him at school entered a full-time rehabilitation facility Friday, his family’s attorney said. His parents have filed a lawsuit alleging their son never posed a […]

USA – San Francisco State University police get Tasers (2013-09-24)

Posted on September 24 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : San Francisco Police Department still has no Tasers. This doesn’t mean all the cops in San Francisco are not accessing them. San Francisco State University Police Department will soon arm its officers with tasers, along with other California State University campuses, saying the administration is “deeply committed to protecting the safety […]

USA – Cincinnati: Family of Cumberlands mat recruit to receive $2-million in Taser death case (2103-01-14)

Posted on January 14 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : African-American university student Everette Howard, Jr., 18, was tasered by campus police in August 2011. He died and a settlement has just been reached with the university of Cinncinati: $2-million as well as a moratorium on use of the taser by campus police. The coroner reported the official cause of 18-year-old […]

USA – California: San Jose State University Cops Taser unruly student (2012-04-10)

Posted on April 10 2012 by admin

  [[SUMMARY / COMMENT: Student “wandering around the sixth floor residence who appeared to be in a hallucinogenic state” was tasered by San Jose State University police … as tasers become just another way of dealing with “unruly” behaviour … .]] San Jose State University police used a Taser and pepper spray to subdue […]

SOUTH AFRICA – Chaos at Vaal University of Technology registration [tasers used against angry students] (2012-01-24)

Posted on January 24 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: This is the first reported use of tasers in South Africa – to quell an angry crowd of students in long line-ups, waiting to register. The South African Broadcasting Service (SABC) reported, according to this article, that “students started pushing each other, causing security guards to intervene with batons, pepper spray and […]

TASER Inc. – University of Texas Agency Purchases New TASER X2 ECDs (2011-09-12)

Posted on September 12 2011 by admin

[[ SUMMARY / COMMENTS : TASER Inc. press release. Texas, way ahead the “state execution state” moves ahead with tasers – X2 “dual-shot capability” – in University of Texas security – including the Cancer Unit and Health Sciences centre. See the claim in the press release: “Today, the use of a TASER ECDs have saved […]

USA – Three deaths in one weekend puts Taser use by cops in crosshairs. Tasers were involved in three deaths over the weekend (2011-08-08)

Posted on August 8 2011 by admin

[[ SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Tasers were involved in three deaths over the weekend, renewing the debate over when and how the police-issued stun guns should be used – 3 over 3 days and still TASER Inc. claims “not us!”. Article discusses growing criticism of tasers]] A naked man on drugs died in Wisconsin this weekend, […]

USA – Ohio student killed after being tasered by university police had been stunned before (2011-08-08)

Posted on August 8 2011 by admin

[[ SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Everette Howard, from Cincinatti, went into cardiac arrest after being struck by the stun gun on Saturday after police were responding to reports of an assault. The 18-year-old, who was due to attend the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg, Kentucky, was said to have approached a campus police officer with […]

USA – Student dies after police use Taser at University of Cincinnati. Cause of death not determined.

Posted on July 6 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Another disturbing report of the use of tasers, and subsequent death, by on-campus police …: “Everette Howard went into cardiac arrest while being attended to by medics. He was rushed to University Hospital, where he could not be resuscitated.” They use tasers at the ùUniversity of Concinnati 5-6 times a year … […]

USA – Police Officer [Tasers and] Breaks Student’s Arm During Altercation At School (2011-04-28)

Posted on May 1 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Derby police are investigating whether a school resource officer used excessive force in using a taser, then breaking a student’s arm and giving him a black eye. The Schools Resource Officer (SRO) demanded him to pull up his pants because they were sagging outside of the school grounds, and the boy said […]

USA – University of Florida support group seeks oversight of Florida University Police as shooting anniversary nears (2011-02-22)

Posted on February 22 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: On the first anniversary of Kofi Adu-Brempong being beaten, tasered and shot in the face by police, The Coalition for Justice Against Police Brutality organized a press conference a rally to demand action against the police officer. Kofi is a graduate student at the University of Florida, as well as being a […]

USA – Mental patient dies after Taser shock (2010-01-27)

Posted on January 27 2010 by admin

CINCINNATI, Jan. 27 (UPI) — A man who was seeking psychiatric help at a University of Cincinnati hospital died after being shocked with a Taser, campus police say. Campus police chief Gene Ferrara called the Jan. 20 death of Kelly Brinson Sr., 45, of Cincinnati, unfortunate and tragic, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported Wednesday. A spokesman […]