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SENEGAL: Attaques contre la presse en 2008 (Attacks against the press in 2008) (2009-02-16)

Posted on February 16 2009 by admin

[[GlobalShock: The situation in Senegal, once known as a haven of press freedom, has seriously deteriorated. Supporters of President Abdoulaye Wade and members of his government reacted to press criticisms with distorted rhetoric, physical and verbal aggression – including use of the taser – and criminal proceedings …References to the use of tasers on two […]

SENEGAL – Police Hinder Station’s Coverage of Violent Protests (2008-04-01)

Posted on April 1 2008 by admin

[[Opening paragraphs of an article published by the New York based Committee to Protect Journalists : “… Police in the Senegalese capital of Dakar assaulted a reporter who was covering a violent anti-government protest on Sunday, according to local journalists and news reports. They later raided the reporter’s station and confiscated footage.” The rest is […]

GHANA – Police use tasers to quell NPP Congress (2007-12-27)

Posted on December 27 2007 by admin

(Note : this report has not received independent confirmation) In brief: NPP congress disrupted by porotesters over voite-rigging. Delegate Paul Afoko was saved from being physically attacked by the police who used tasers to control the crowd. A journalist had his camera stolen as police used tasers on all standing in their way, delegates […]