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USA – Augusta, Georgia: Family protests stun-gun death case, demands justice outside courthouse (2014-07-07)

Posted on July 7 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: June 29, 2013: multiple tasering, then cardiac arrest and died. The family of George Harvey, 39 when he died, is holding a protest. He had history of arrests related to cocaine, marijuana and controlled substances, makes his case and life seem “unimportant,” his sister says, demanding that justice be served.]] Augusta Chronicle, […]

USA – Winnfield, Louisiana – Taser death in Louisiana could get Supreme Court review (2014-05-18)

Posted on May 18 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: In January 2008, Baron Pikes, 19, was tasered multiple times – at least seven – over 14 minutes while handcuffed. He went into medical distress and was pronounced dead when he got to the hospital. The Supreme Court is being asked to review Pikes’ case as part of a civil rights lawsuit […]

USA – Chicago: Cops Used TASER Several Times On Mentally Ill Man, Family Says (2014-05-16)

Posted on May 16 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A call to Chicago police for help with a mentally ill man, Philip Coleman, a University of Chicago graduate, led to an arrest, a TASER being repeatedly deployed and an outraged family. “He needed to go to a hospital,” his father says. Instead, he was taken to a Chicago police station and a […]

CANADA – Edmonton, Alberta: Family of man who died in custody after being Tasered sues the Edmonton Police Service ((2014-04-17)

Posted on April 17 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The Edmonton Police Service is being sued for $150,000 by the family of Jeffrey Tyler Oatway, 34, who died after being Tasered in the holding cells of police headquarters on April 11, 2012. The police are accused of “battery and negligence” “At least one of the EPS members used a Taser on […]

USA – Florida: Friends Of Israel ‘Reefa’ Hernandez-Llach Respond To Autopsy Report (2014-03-10)

Posted on March 10 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Friends and the family of Israel “Reefa” Hernandez-Llach held a news conference in response to his autopsy report released last week, seven months after his death, following the use of the taser against the street artist. The autopsy found that his death was “accidental through electrical discharge.” One friend says: “[He] was […]

USA – Vermont lawmakers step into debate on Taser policy (2014-03-07)

Posted on March 7 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The is major controversy in the past month in the Statehouse over how to regulate Tasers, the stun guns that in 2012 killed Macadam Mason, a Thetford man, who suffered from mental health issues. The ACLU said a current Taser policy proposal does nothing more than codify existing practice. The CEO of […]

USA – Florida: ACLU calls for review of Taser use after landmark finding on Miami-Dade artist’s death (2014-03-07)

Posted on March 7 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on Friday called on local police departments to change how officers use Taser stun guns, one day after a medical examiner ruled the weapon played a role in the death of a young street artist, Israel Hernandez-Llach, in Miami Beach. The teen’s family members and supporters repeated […]

USA – Miami Breach, Florida: Cause Of Death [taser-induced cardiac arrest] Determined For Teen Who Died After Being “Shocked” By Police (2014-03-06)

Posted on March 6 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Medical Examiner: Death of stree-artist Israel Hernandez Llach in August 2013 caused by “severe cardiac arrest” brought on by the electrical current administered to him by a police Taser. I.e.: he was killed by the taser. After Isreal was spotted scribbling graffiti on an abandoned McDonald’s restaurant, the police tasered him and […]

USA – Idaho Family seeks answers in death of a Caldwell man who died after he was hit by a Taser (2014-02-20)

Posted on February 20 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Anthony Firkins Jr. died after being tasered three times ten months ago. Police reports are about to be released. Police claim he was being non-compliant following a car accident (he was hiding under his truck). Autopsy photos showed multiple puncture wounds consistent with Taser barbs, said Boise attorney Scott McKay: “I think […]

CANADA / QUEBEC – Funeral for Alain Magloire today in Longueuil (2014-02-06)

Posted on February 6 2014 by admin

[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Alain Magloire buried as controversy surrounds his shooting-death by Montreal Police. His family is demanding answers. A public inquiry into his death. According to police, Mr Magloire was shot while police were waiting for a taser to arrive on the scene. The inquiry is expected to examine procedures during emergency interventions involving […]

USA – Texas student tased by police exits coma, enters rehabilitation, attorney says (2014-02-04)

Posted on February 4 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: A 17-year-old Texas student, Noe Nino de Rivera, who spent 52 days in a medically induced coma after police used a Taser on him at school entered a full-time rehabilitation facility Friday, following the use of a Taser by a school resource officer, who tasered him after he tried to defuse a […]

USA – Santa Ana, California: Kelly Thomas trial – 2 former Fullerton cops found not guilty [in taser death of Kelly Thomas] (2014-01-13)

Posted on January 13 2014 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Two former Fullerton police officers accused in the death of Kelly Thomas, a homeless mentally ill man, have been found not guilty on all charges. Mr Thomas, 37, died five days after a violent confrontation with six officers in July 2011. The incident was caught on surveillance video. A jury found that […]

USA – Iowa man’s death after Taser stun is ruled a homicide (2013-12-15)

Posted on December 15 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Tasered man’s death blamed on his heart condition and use of methamphetamine. Michael Zubrod, 39, died in September. His death is a “homicide”. In a serious domestic violence case, police used Tasers three times, which they reported had little to no effect on him. Zubrod became unresponsive after he was placed in […]

USA – Vigil for South Florida Graffiti Artist in Stun Gun Death (2103-11-25)

Posted on November 25 2013 by admin

[[ SUMMARY / COMMENTS : A vigil is being held in Miami Beach for a 18-yr-old graffiti artist Israel “Reefa” Hernandez’-Llach who died after he was shocked by police with a Taser in August 2013. He had spray-painted a vacant McDonald’s café wall. family has filed a lawsuit against the Miami Beach Police Department claiming […]

FRANCE / RÉUNION – La famille de Loïc Louise dans l’incompréhension [Loïc Louise’s family is in a state of disbelief] (2013-11-04)

Posted on November 4 2013 by admin

[[ SUMMARY / COMMENTS :    Those close to Loïc Louise are in a state of shock following his death when he was tasered during the night of 2-3 November in France. A fight broke out, the police intervenes and a gendarme taser Loïc. Two hours later he was dead. His sister says he didn’t have heart problems […]

USA – California Mother Says Police Tasered Her Mentally Ill Son To Death (2013-10-27)

Posted on October 27 2013 by admin

[[ SUMMARY / COMMENTS : A mother in Riverside, Calif., claims police Tasered her son, Anthony James Lawson, to death after mistaking him for a burglar, claiming claims her son was unarmed and posed no threat, when he was Tasered and beaten with a baton. She is suing the county sheriff’s office for damages. Mrs […]

USA – Charleston County, South Carolina: Friends and family pray, march, demand answers after man shot [tasered], killed by deputies on James Island (2013-10-13)

Posted on October 13 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Derryl Drayton, a 51-year-old church organist and neighborhood handyman was killed Saturday night when he was tasered rwice after an argument with his sister. He kept resisting arrest and poked a deputy in the leg with a knife (after he was tasered), according to police. Nobody in his community can believe […]

(2013-10-12) FLORIDA: Death of Miami Beach teenager rekindles debate over Taser safety [[tasered, then died // teenager tasered // corporate spin]]

Posted on October 12 2013 by admin

Two months later, Death of tasered street artist Israel Hernandez Llach after spray-painting abandoned MacDonald’s continues to stir controversy. He was shot in chest. Text repeats TASER Inc.’s “nearly 17,000 law enforcement agencies in 107 countries” use tasers. Family says he was in fine health.

USA – Miami Beach, Florida: Reefa Taser Death: Cops Suggest He Was on Cocaine (2013-10-10)

Posted on October 10 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : The autopsy report seems to being kept secret, while an article in the Miami Herald claims cocaine, leading to “excited delirium” caused Israel Hernandez’s death on August the 6th at Miami Beach (see related stories): 200 protesters and his family chanted and waved signs in protest over his taser-related death. “I’m […]

USA – Arkansas: Taser use on 8-year-old justified, police in Pierre, South Dakota say (2103-10-09)

Posted on October 9 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : OK  to taser suicidal 8 yr-old girl? While her parents were with a babysitter, a reportedly suicidal 8 yr-old girl stabbed herself in the leg and was holding a 4½-inch knife to her chest when officers arrived, and she refused to put it down and turned the knife towards an officer […]