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USA – US Airman grabbed in groin by tasered colleague (2013-09-18)

Posted on September 18 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : This is not a joke (as it was seen in the video) – but an indication of how people targeted by tasers may react violently. In this case it involved voluntary tasering of US air-force personnel. A female US airman suffered great pain. A colleague supports the woman to prevent her […]

GERMANY – Taser use by the German Police (2013-09-09 – date downloaded from wikipedia [in German])

Posted on September 9 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : Berlin Special Operations police have had access to tasers sine 2001, and in Hamburg since 2005. No reports of their use (except police volunteers receiving discharges) in this wikipedia article. The federal police does not possess any tasers. (This is an edited google-translation: see original German text below the translation.]] In […]

CAYMAN ISLANDS – Taser ‘stun guns’ on the street (2013-01-28)

Posted on January 28 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENT: Tasers are coming to the Cayman Islands (pop. 57,000)- 36 are being purchased for US$71,000 – and a police officer takes a voluntary shock to show how it works (“ .. a cramp, imagine that times 1,000 – over your whole body”). A firearms instructor explains: “Taser is designed to give instant […]

USA – North Carolina: Former Salisbury officer cries foul following firing [after refusing to submit to voluntary’ taser shocks] (2013-01-05)

Posted on January 5 2013 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Kenny Lane, a 22-year police veteran refused to be voluntarily tasered during a mandatory training meeting last August. He had been told taser-users had the option of being shocked by the department-issued Taser. But when he arrived, he was told he had to receive a shock. He was later fired for insubordination, […]

USA – Richland, Washington police employee takes zap from Taser for United Way (2102-12-11)

Posted on December 11 2012 by admin

 [[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Woman police-officer offers to get tasered for donatiuons to the United Way charity campaign! At least it was only a 3-second burst. She squealed but said it was a small price to pay for something so important to the community. ]] The Coluimbian / Associated Press RICHLAND — Contributions to the United […]

CANADA / QUEBEC – Coroner to recommend more police Tasers: report (2012-12-04)

Posted on December 4 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: In a surprising and irrational jump of logic, the coroner in a double-shooting death says it would be better to expand taser use by the Montreal police. First, the man was in clear psychiatric distress and then “the use of a Taser would prevent injuries or deaths from ricocheting bullets” – so […]

USA – SOUTH KOREA: Taser, Taser, Taser! Wolf Pack Defenders – US military police – undergo training (2012-04-13)

Posted on April 13 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENT: Taser guns have been used worldwide by Air Force security forces members for almost 10 years now. This article describes training including classroom instruction, Taser familiarization, voluntary exposure and scenario-based exercises at the Kunsan Air Force base in South Korea. Whether the trainees were aware of US military instructions to avoid tasering […]

UK – The Taser debate continues (2012-03-16)

Posted on March 16 2012 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS : A British lawyers’ site presents information on tasers in the UK context and concludes with the controversy: use against healthy volunteers doe not show tasers to be safe with stressed individuals, nor do they account for the fact that subjects may have underlying medical conditions which could make them more susceptible […]

USA- Lodi, New Jersey, police chief tests stun gun’s jolt [“excruciating pain!”] (2011-12-03)

Posted on December 3 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Lodi Police Chief Caruso recently volunteered to be shocked with a Taser gun, as a video camera captured the moment. The 2 minute video embedded in the article shows the ofiiceer screaming: the pain is extreme. Also seen is the laughter by spectators – a taser demonstration in front of their supporters. […]

USA – Loved ones remember Tucson (Arizona) Police Department officer Henry Fung [who died of a heart attack 24 hours after being “voluntarily” tasered] (2011-11-30)

Posted on November 30 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The first known death of a police officer following “voluntary” taser discharges: a 43-year-old officer died two weeks ago, a day after “routine training, including being tasered”. He was physically very active but had a known “heart condition”. Most puzzling is that the family does not want an autopsy, does not seem […]

USA – Dallas, Texas Cop sues Taser after riding the lighting [injured following “voluntary” tasering] (2011-11-18)

Posted on November 18 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENT : Police “volunteer” for tasering seriously injured in 2009. Andy Butler, a Dallas police officer, filed a lawsuit against Taser International after being willingly zapped with over 50,000 volts of electricity during a Dallas Police Department training session. surgery to repair three herniated discs in his neck, where one was forcing pressure […]

USA – Waynesboro, Georgia, Police Officer Who Refused Taser Training – Still Off The Job (2011-11-04)

Posted on November 3 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS : Police Officer Curt Saint Germaine, with 22 years service, who refused “voluntary” tasering due to a heart condition known by his employers, is re-instated by the local sheriff after being fired for his refusal. As the local judge comments to the journalist: “If he’s not going to be tased, don’t carry it. […]

USA: Waynesboro, Georgia: Shocking Twist: Firing Of Waynesboro Police Officer For Refusing To Be Tasered Revoked (2011-11-03)

Posted on November 3 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY /COMMENTS: Police Department officer is still in shock, after he was fired for not getting tasered as part of a training exercise. But, a week after the officer was fired, Waynesboro’s Police Chief revoked it, and now that officer says he’s not sure what to expect. – This raises the whole question of the […]

USA – Salisbury, North Carolina, man remains in critical condition after being hit by Taser [to prevent suicide] (2011-08-06)

Posted on August 6 2011 by admin

[[ Summary / Comments The taser as a deterrent to suicide? In an apparent attempt to foil a suicide, (by aun upper-class art custodian accused of channeling various donations into his own account), police fire a taser which fails to incapacitate the victim who then turns the firearm on himself. ” But Bridges, sitting on […]

THAILAND – US, Thai militaries begin non-lethal training (2011-06-01)

Posted on June 2 2011 by admin

[[Summary / Comments : US Marines and Special Operations units provide training to Thai police and military in use of tasers and other non-lethal weapons, starting May 30, ‘strengthening military-to-military ties’ …]] Defense Video and Imagery Distribution Systems (DVIDS), Story by Sgt. Heather BrewerSmall III Marine Expeditionary Force Public Affairs Marines and sailors with Special […]

USA – Indianapolis, Indiana: Deputy who refused Taser shock has lawsuit dismissed (2011-05-07)

Posted on May 7 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: “A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by a former deputy who said he was wrongly fired by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department after refusing to receive a shock from a Taser.” The Judge stated: “Taser exposure “does not result in long-term damage and teaches deputies first-hand the effects of the […]

USA – Washington, DC: Police Executive Research Forum (PERC): “2011 Electronic Control Weapons Guidelines” (2011-04-22)

Posted on April 24 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: GlobalShock does not believe that new guide-lines are a panacea, but they can provide increased protection as long as the taser is in use.  The “PERF 2011 Guidelines” are, we believe ground-breaking,  from a widely-respected US forum (Police Executive Research Forum: PERF) – developed for and with the U.S. Department of Justice, […]

USA – Naming Colt Arizona’s state gun moves forward; Taser amendment fails (2011-04-19)

Posted on April 19 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: The Arizona State legislature in all seriousness debates which gun should be the “official state firearm”. The Colt wins out over the Taser. Defending the Colt decision, Rep. Eddie Farnsworth “rejected the idea that the weapon itself can be blamed for any deaths, whether justified or not. It’s the person who is […]

USA – Columbus, Ohio: New X12 Taser can strike suspect 100 feet away. Weapon shoots cartridge that delivers shock (2011-03-27)

Posted on March 27 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: This post is extremely disturbing, recalling the original hype that surrounded the adoption of the M24 and X26. It is likely to be widely picked up on police web-sites and by TASER Inc. “It’s incredibly accurate,” said Sgt. Matt Weekley of the new Taser X12, a shotgun that shoots cordless taser cartridges […]

USA – “Why Police Officers Get Taser Training Before They Use Them.” (2011-03-25)

Posted on March 25 2011 by admin

[[SUMMARY / COMMENTS: Author, Jack Krohn, owns ” Security Solutions””, an Internet business specializing in self-defense products such as stun guns. In this ezine article he presents the argument for training the police in using tasers for self defense. He repeats the TASER Inc. mantra: “It has been proven time and time again to be […]